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Found 2 results

  1. well this is just an idea i had and thought i should bring this up and share it but what i originally wanted from forge was to be able to not only make the map in any way but also be able to spawn enemies like the covenant and such but i dont want to do 10 or 15 at a time no i want to be able to spawn atleast 100-200 at a time a true challenge and testament to if you are a true spartan or not basically i wanted to be able to spawn armies of covies in forge and then play with a group and fight them back to an objective like i said this would be a great concept and id love to see it in an update for xbox live please feel free to add ideas to this and tell me what you think of my idea and if possible can 343 add this idea in an update to halo 4 and possibly any future halo games thanks solventdeath simply the idea is a massive combo of firefight but massive scale and forge so make as many enemies as possible and create the map to your standard i had a map built for the concept of maybe 12 spartans vs several hundred covies like 600 + depending on how long it takes because i wanted it to be set to keep spawning covies at a specific interval of time so like every 4 or 5 min maybe it spawns 200 more enemies untill you complete the objective but it would be a true testament of skill and true dedication to this game !
  2. The Flood. You either Love or Loath it. Many people loath it due to the library missions in Halo CE/Halo 2 as well as Cortana from Halo 3. I admit Cortana was tedious at times and the Libraries could become frustrating, but thats no reason for pulling one of the most dangerous threats (in theory) from a game where all the awesome ancient tech is based around combating it. The flood in the original trilogy was good, but after reading the books and terminals about it, the fungus zombies didnt seem to portray the unstoppableness-ness that overwhelmed the Forerunners and caused them to commit cosmic suicide. In game i think the flood needs to become scaryer. Slithering in the dark, ambushing you, literally tearing through allies. The spartan flood in the Infection gametype of halo 4 has a giant claw, so lets see it put to use. Another thing is the weakness of flood. In halo 3 you could almost dissolve combat forms with a nasty look. Halo CE had it right. 2 clips of 60 round MA5B ammo and the ******** can still hop up off the floor. Now in many topics Ive seen Deadspace fans gloating how their necromorphs are scaryer. And to be honest I have to admit the flood isnt as scary in game. But in concept the flood should be able to make Chief nervous. Im trying not to express my sadistic side, but i think non scripted marine deaths by infection forms in Halo 3 were amazing. Graphics and gore upated with modern software and you have a greusome yet amazing incentive to protect your AI buddies. If 343i made you respect your marines (rather than using them as meat shields and ammo mules, get them to give you ammo or help you in some way without the scripted cutscene like events so you DO want to keep them alive, even for just sentimental reasons) then when they are tron in half and eaten in front of you, you might exact revenge rather than laugh. I know I beat the crap out of Spark when he killed Johnson. -Imagine this. You are running along through Halo 5 with a couple of AI buddies [that arent in any way significant to the mission], theyve been talking to you, weakening and killing enemies, supplying you with ammo and generally being helpful [yes i am still taling about Halo marines here] when suddenly jimmy-bob AI is grabbed by a Combat form and torn in two, while the other AI is making horrible gurgling noises as an infection form burrows into his rib cage. This would make me go on a rampage. Why not make us care about our AI buddies, then have the flood come rip our bromance apart? Gameplay wise we need variaton with flood. Halo 3 should be seen as a concept point for 343i. Pureforms were a good idea but never seemed to be as big a threat as they were made out to be. Why not have a stronger flood force where most infection forms were tank strenght. Not requiring a rocket launcher to take down [thats just crazy] but making them bullet sponges. Force a player to fall back as a staggering wall of flood marches at you. Infection forms can stay as popcorn, its part of the games now and actually suits them, but noone seems to panic when they are around. If you have AI allies around these little guys should become your worst nightmare. Buddies now oozing with green slime and floodflesh turn and rip into you. Wall to wall popcorn is never a bad idea. new types? Take a leaf from Halo wars and have infected grunts/jackals in game. I know in the lore they are infected to become food and flesh for the hives of the flood, but we should get to see this. Flood growths could also be interesting. Halo 3 gave us the Mature spores that released infection forms but why not the stalks and tenticals of halo wars? the ranged pureforms could become stationary and allow for proper assault flood controlled areas objectives in campaign. Summing it up, scary and overwhelming is what it needs to be. With promethians and covenant requiring tactics and flanking to overcome, this updated flood should be the break from noobcombotakeoutthewatchersthenknights tactics and it should open up your inner Rambo. Tactical decisions would still be needed, but more along the lines of 'do i have enough ammo' or 'which flood should I avoid and which do i shoot at from range.' Another benifit of Flood returning would be the return of sentinel weapons. The sentinels in Halo 2 were awesome, and if you havent already you should look up the concepts for other in game sentinels. I can imagine massive fights between variations of flood and sentinel and promethian that you must navigate. It also means flame weapons can make a return. The bodies dissolving from forerunner weapons in game actually serves a purpose (apart from us thinking 'Ooh.... pretty...) by destroying bodies so flood wont infect them [this could aslo allow for a flood firefight- check out some of the other topics ideas on this, people come up with good stuff]. Story-wise i think the flood should remain as an extragalactic parasite. A biological weapon from the precursors? Thats kinda lame to be honest. I would prefer that when the precursors buggared off to the other galaxies to explore and do precursory things that they came across an entire galaxy that was consumed by flood. Not knowing what the flood was they were overwhelmed and consumed. Now the flood has the ability to travel the distance between galaxies ['cept the precursors sabotaged their engines to save life here in the milky way]. The flood manages to send one small cluster of spores and hive on a ship back to the milky way where the humans found it.... And the cannon story follows from there. This -and i know its a stretch- could be the return of the flood in Halo 5. A precursor vessel filled with highly evolved flood slips into the milky way after jul m'dama activates a forerunner device that could contact the precursors. The Ship offloads and starts a massive infection of covenant space. **** gets real and the Array become an option for the UNSC to wipe out the huge flood incursion. Promethians can get involved somehow. Everybody wins, original trilogy and new age fannon fans. Id Like to see your ideas on my ramblings and any additions/subtrations you would make to the halofanboy opinions i vomited in the essay above.
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