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Found 5 results

  1. On Sunday, February 23, I will be hosting a game testing lobby at 7 p.m. CST. This game lobby will involve one of my game types and one of my map variants. We will test map variants (that have Oddball support) created by members in the lobby with my new Oddball game type, and we will also test some various game types from other players. We will play six to eight matches, and then I will take feedback and criticism. I will then promote someone else the party leader, and will split off to Theater mode. It would be very appreciated if players are not AFK or joining and quitting during games. If you find game flaws or exploits, do not continuously exploit them. All members are welcome to join, and we will have a prep lobby. To join, just simply post your XBL Gamertag and the link to your game types and map variants.
  2. Hey I know there are a lot of clans out there looking to recruit, but a lot of people (myself included) like smaller clans that have more of a tight knit community where everyone knows each other and you are able to play freely. So I thought i would make a Topic where people could post their gamer tags or post recruitment opportunities so people with a love of the game and gererally smaller clans can come together and Just play Halo. GT: EnV Da MoNsTeR
  3. Welcome Spartan think you have what it takes. Join Palidon and test your skills. This team will do campaign, custom games, war games (from Infinity slayer to swat), spartan ops. So if you Think you have what it takes send a message to gamer tag FullerScroll or put your gamer tag below. Palidon runs on a ranking system. To view said system got to the Palidon website. http://www.i-m.co/siminoux/PalidonHq/ So join Palidon today and see where your carrier takes you! If you don't have a headset you can still join! Headsets are not a must and will not make us say no! All we need is YOU!
  4. I have been a halo enthusiast for a very long time now I played halo ce as a kid. I am a very competitive player first and foremost and I think that is important to consider with my review. I play halo 4 and I like the game but I don't know how much longer I will be playing it hopefully it grows on me. With that said here's my likes/dislikes vs halo 3 Halo 3 was simple and very halo for the lack of a better word. Halo 4 has adopted c.o.d. Policies and has the feel of unreal tournament. The major problems arise in the same manner as the recent election. When you end up trying to please everyone(Obama) u end up pleasing no one. Where's if you make the system or game competitive people get really excited and work hard/play hard(Romney). I hate politics but it made sense for this and I didn't vote for either so don't judge me. Halo 3 you had nothing given to you you had to earn it. Now you are given loadouts with 100 different options and 10 new reasons to camp (ie invis, bigger radar, promethean vision ect). Remember when you couldnt camp right out of the whole because you would get rocked by rockets ifnyou did. Rushing rockets and sniper was half the fun of halo. Now we just give those things to you for free completely unearned. This leads to not knowing what people have and therefore no idea what to prepare against. And sprint makes for a lot of chasing and a lot less fighting. There are also more weapons in halo 4 than it needs I mean 4 different long range rifles with be, Dmr, light rifle, carbine. I mean come on did we need an alien shotgun identical to a normal shotgun ? I just want halo to be competitive again. Don't get me started about ordinance packages that would take me 5 pages to talk about how dumb those are. The ranking system is a total joke and I could go on and on about other things but I would like to know what the community thinks about my review.
  5. CHALLENGE DEFENDER 7 Our clan is looking for some competition and other clans who would like to have a Clan Match or War. If you would like to challenge us, do so here on this thread. We are a small clan (as of right now) of friends that would love to have you as our competition. *Optional* In your post please specify the following: - When the match will occur - Map - How many players VS How many players - Weapons carried - Other specifications. We look forward to your challenge. Clan Record: 0-0 *Might edit a few things later*
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