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  1. I don't know Italian, but I hope Google Translate works... Benvenuto nel forum! Se ti piace Halo, sei nel posto giusto! Purtroppo questo è il posto sbagliato per presentarti. Qui è dove carichi le mappe di gioco. Puoi presentarti qui: http://www.343industries.org/forum/forum/53-introductions/
  2. Hello everybody! It's Maestro here with Site Poll 104! To recap the previous poll, not the one and only sight pole, everyone concluded that hype reached critical mass when 343 said the MCC would be ported to PC. Now that E3 is upon us once again and Microsoft finished the Xbox presentation, we got a new teaser for Halo Infinite showing off the new engine and setting the tone for the game, which can be watched here. It looks like it picks up a little while after the point Halo 5 left off, but I'm not supposed to theory craft in the opening post. So my questions for you are: What did you think of the teaser? What do you think will happen in Halo Infinite? And where do you think the series will go from here? I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this! You can also answer on our Twitter page. Maestro out! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. hi guys, Maestro's here with another sight pole, the 434st one actually. In the last pole, everyone concluded that it's much easier to slide up a pole than it is to go down and that licking frozen metal ones is a great way to have some wintertime fun totally unrelated, 343 dropped another big announcement late last night that Halo will be coming to the Playstation 4.5 and Nintendo Switch S Nintendo, ripping consumer and investor expectations. After emerging from a Cadillac SUV with blacked out windows in a weird-smelling cloud of fog somewhere in Vancouver, Frankie, Bonnie, Shigeru, green Mario, and some guy from Sony told my uncle's friend who works for Polygon that "the MCC will go wherever you want it to" and then asked for some Doritos. Yeah, that's a thing that happened. So My question for you is; what will happen to the XBox now that Fortnite's dying?
  4. Oh yeah, because so many people sent pizza to 343 after the MCC announcement, you can get a pizza skin for the AR called Last Slice if you play Halo 5 online starting today. If you wanted to destroy your foes with a pepperoni pizza, now's your chance!
  5. I don't think 343 should be worried about marketing the Xbox. That's Microsoft's problem. 343 has enough work cut out for them marketing their own products.
  6. Hello everybody! It's Maestro here with Site Poll 103! To recap the previous poll from what feels like ages ago, everyone agreed that Infinite will be released on Xbox and mostly agreed that it would be on PC as well. Speaking of Halo and PCs, 343 Industries made a HUGE announcement earlier today: the Master Chief Collection will be released on PC and Steam, and Reach will be added to it on all platforms! So my question for you is: How do you feel about this news? Are you excited for it or are you freakin' HYPED for it? I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts and opinions on it! You can also answer on our Twitter page. Maestro out! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. You can't go wrong with the Rookie. He's the only truly silent protagonist in the entire series which makes the experience in ODST truly immersive. Until you link up with your squad, you have no contact with other people in the dead of night. The silence heightens all your senses, puts you on edge when you hear the slightest sounds, and makes battles that much more intense because you're outnumbered at least 3:1 in most cases.
  8. I've loved Halo since I was a kid, but I think all stories must come to an end or else they lose their meaning. I'd hate to see the series become a soap opera, a tale that never ends for some reason. As a story-driven series, Halo deserves an epic finale and the Chief deserves to go out like the hero he truly is. They could make as many spinoff games as they want, exploring new locations and different time periods in the Halo universe, but the Chief's story arc must end somewhere. Along the way to that ending, however, I just want the story to be good, the gameplay to be fun, and the microtransactions dead in a hole. As for the actual questions, here's what I'm predicting: Number of episodes in the Reclaimer Saga? 4. Four episodes in this saga would mean the Chief has appeared in 7 games... and the number 7 has appeared throughout the series in many forms. It would only be fitting for his story to end in Halo 7. Final ending? From an artistic perspective, I sure hope so. But from a business perspective, probably not. The Halo franchise is worth billions, so Microsoft won't let it die unless it's no longer profitable. Surpass the original trilogy? Unless they can repair the damage from Halo 5, hell no.
  9. I pick Lasky. He has a unique and daunting challenge ahead of him, as he has to develop tactics to defeat the remainder of the Covenant, hordes of Prometheans, and rampant AIs who can predict his every move and effectively cripple humanity's computer networks and electronics. Despite all of this, he keeps his cool and stays levelheaded.
  10. I want the Halo Reach Concussion Rifle. Every single enemy and ally should have one. Make it Halo: Infinite Concussion Rifles. I don't see a reason for Reach-exclusive weapons to come back because the Covenant Armory would be in shambles at this point. But I'd like to see the Concussion Rifle, Plasma Launcher, Needle Rifle, and the classic Plasma Rifle make their triumphant returns. I'd also like to see Promethean weapons have different coloured bolts so you can tell which Promethean has which weapon you're being hit with. The power weapons and Light Rifles are easily identifiable, but Boltshot and Suppressor rounds are almost indistinguishable. Sentinel Beams would be pretty rad. As for human weapons, I do not want to see the Sticky Detonator. It was useless and could easily be replaced with proximity mines.
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