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Found 6 results

  1. Name of Map: COLD N' SCARED Canvas Map: Forge world Link to MAP (this is old new in my fs.): http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/juhani280/haloreach/fileshare/details?id=30839216 Link to Gametype (newer in my fs): http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/juhani280/haloreach/fileshare/details?id=31025257 Recommended Player Count: 16 Gamertag: JUHANI280 COLD N' SCARED This map and game is well balanced infection game. The map is dark like it was evening, and it has some small details and places for the humans to go (like a roof of a building, a cave, a cliff and a camp). Zombies are invisible but the non infected are slightly faster Map by: JUHANI280 (same post also in forge hub here)
  2. Hello people! So, recently, me and a few others were talking about playdates, and we realized there should be one for Battlefield 3. After all, it is one of the best games out there; I have never seen ANY other game that successfully creates such massive maps featuring such amazing, large scale gameplay that is both fun yet hardcore at the same time. So obviously, being the nice person I am, I decided to host one. How will it work? Well, the event has been decided as starting on NEXT WEEK'S [May 11] SATURDAY NIGHT 9PM EST. For those who still don't get what time it is, I'll list it out for you. Aussies: Sunday Morning Europeans: About 11PM - AM Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Middle East/East: ....Morning. America: 9-12PM or so. Saipan, Hawaii etc. areas: Afternoon This link should help you: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html In any case, continuing on, this will generally be what we do: Playing in a semi competitive manner, we WILL keep in mind that this game is on of the Trolliest, casual matchmaking games available, and as such we will also be placing C4 on Jeeps and Helicopters, flying jets into tanks, and generally having fun doing fun things. (Oh, yeah. I'm bringing my capture card We'll ONLY be playing Non-DLC maps unless everyone has a DLC map they wanna play on, and they all have it. Because in-game, Battlefield 3 has a 'Squad' system, we'll compensate for it using party chat - we'll generally remain in it but play online. If we're under 4 players, we'll all be in game chat, and if we're over 4 players, we form a party, and try to put everyone in the same squad as well. (Never tried, though. ) In any case, we hope you guys show up! If you guys KNOW you will, just leave a note below and we'll be sure to invite you when the time comes!
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you enjoy Team-oriented warfare? Team-oriented trolling? Team-oriented blowing-the-smitherenes-out-of-buildings gameplay? Well, then this is the zone for you. On April 18th, from 7pm - whenever (PST), I'll be playing all non-DLC maps on Battlefield, all gametypes, all fun. Whether you're a regular player, or just casual, come on down for some hilariously spectacular rounds of Battlefield 3. We can take road-trips in Jeeps, collide with Jets, go parachuting and so much more! I'll be hosting, so send a message to GryffinGuy007 to join the gamenight. We'll be playing with members from here, and HaloCustoms. Any suggestions for maps or gamemodes are welcome. ~RULES~ -No overly-used course language -No racism -No spamming -Have fun So, without further ado, gather your C4 and come on down to this week's Battlefield 3 gamenight! See you there! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------[COULDN'T POST IN CONTESTS AND EVENTS]----------------------------
  4. we are hosting a game night on match making if you want to join send me message
  5. Halo 4: Custom Game Nights! Introduction: Hey guys! It's Raxs Slayer here! I have been forging long and hard (No it's not funny!) and i have been producing amazing community maps for me and my friends and all of the community to enjoy, and now for the first time on Halo 4, i have decided to organize a massive public play day! (Update: 1st January 2013) Hey guys, If you missed out Game nights don't worry about it! You will still be able to add me and join in a game night on any random weekend! Thanks guys! Anyone is welcome, the general times are going to be as follows: - Christmas holidays: 18th December - 21st December _ Pre-Play days! For the community to add me and my friends and get to know each other! and play a couple of small games at random whenever we can. - Christmas Time! Here i will allow the community to just enjoy Christmas! December 22nd - 26th. - Official Play Day: From the 26th until the new year! Every day all day, is a chance to tag along in one of my big community plays! I will be on most of the day, and a lot during the evening, until 11PM on most days (UK Timezone) For America: I will be on most of the day, and a lot during the evening, until 6PM on most days (US Timezone) About the Maps: I have successfully created about 9 maps, they are as follows (In order of creation) -Eviction: Small Erosion based map, completely synthetic, asymmetrical map. Is great for Free-For-All gametypes like regicide. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (8.2) - Appearance: (9.1) - Compatibility: (9.4) - Balance: (8.2) -Refuge: Large symmetrical map, for all game types, based on Impact. Brilliant for all scenarios and players. Vehicles included. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.4) - Appearance: (9.6) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.3) -Cordinant, a massive dominion specific map with 3 large bases, and optimized ordinance drops. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (7.9) - Appearance: (9.2) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (8.9) -Autumn: An aesthetic map based on the pillar or autumn's interior from halo Combat evolved. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (7.6) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (5.2) - Balance: (4.2) -Vanquish: A Flood specific map based in a gloomy cave, all Spartans are equip with custom loadouts for epic gameplay values. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (8.9) - Appearance: (9.9) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (- -) -Vansion: A Tiny impact based map for close quarters and epic mayhem! Great for 2 V 2 for 4 player free for all. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (3.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Conservatory, a beautiful aesthetic map, great for team games like capture the flag and team slayer! (Symmetrical) General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.2) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (6.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Excavation, Currently a favorite, this epic halo reach quarry remake satisfies all big team battle lovers with amazing aesthetics and optimum gameplay, this map truly is a crowd pleaser with it's heavy ordinance and vehicle gameplay, maxed out budget and more bases, weapons and abilities you could ever hope to use! General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (3.0) - Balance: (7.7) -Holdout: This very recent map is a desirably fun, and possibly the most fun map i have made, it a gloomy dark map where the survivors will spawn in a house, with barricaded windows and custom classes, they must fight for ordinance and against the flood as they try to break into the house! General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (- -) (Newer Maps) Currently being Tweaked. -Compact: Awesome Interactions, great for team games of any description, this map a huge crowd pleaser with it's unique layout and transport. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.8 ) -Contact: This map is a full blooded rumble pit, with awesome close quarters action. Great for any number of players. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Longfall: This has to be one of the funnest maps. Man cannons everywhere, plenty of ordinance, and lots of action. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (- -) Being developed. - Balance: (8.1) (This Brand new map does not appear on the poster below) -Citadel: This epic Big team map is by far one of the best looking, best playing and funnest maps I've ever made. It's guaranteed a massive crowd pleaser with all of it's vehicles, structures and weapons. This map is the grand finale! General Map rating: (Out of ten) *HIGHEST RATED MAP!* - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.8 ) Guidelines and Rules: Every successful game night isn't complete with some kind and honest gamers. I wish to bring everyone together, make new friends, and have truly tremendous time! So i am going to lay down some ground rules: - First off, "Respect" I encourage everyone to be nice, not bully, teabag only out of pure comedy, and not to wind people up! - Next Up, "Try not to Swear" It would be really nice if we could control our language, i don't want anyone to feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or awkward, If you do swear i'm not going to 'make you sit of the naughty step'. just try to control yourself - Next up, "Try not to rage" nothing says "AWKWARD!" Like someone getting their rage on. We are all cool, trying to have a good time, don't be competitive, just have a nice time and it shouldn't happen, we all get annoyed sometimes, but why should you when we are just having fun! - Please "Criticize" I know it sounds weird but your opinions count! Only you guys can show me what could be better about my maps! - Finally, "Don't exploit!" If you find problems, glitches or issues with my map, don't exploit them! Tell me and i'll fix them within 12 hours. To Wrap up: While you wait please go ahead and add me on Xbox live! My GT is (With caps and spaces) "RAXS SLAYER". Please feel free to bring a microphone, we will all be in a party, having a laugh and commentating. If you like, you can use a capture card to record our gameplay, and if you like i will take in the footage, process it, and upload it to my channel! Thank you so much for reading! Happy Gaming! -Raxs Slayer / Chris
  6. Ryu wonders some amazing things sometimes. Welcome to TTTKMAAN Volume 3! I finally did it! By:Ryu Hayabusa Today's topics are all about trivial bad luck. Topic one is: My bottle cap. *Ryu drinks some Pepsi to start this off. Tries to put bottle cap back on. It refuses.* Ryu can never get his bottle caps back on the top on the first try! He always has to carefully put the cap on in the right position just to twist it back on! What kind of trickery is this? Ryu's mother pays good money for the Pepsico's products only for them to betray us and make it difficult to close our bottles! Ryu gets sad when he can't keep his favorite beverage fresh. Does the bottle hate me? Is it mad at me? This keeps me awake at night. Topic two is: A random in Reach who is too nooby. Even for his own good. *Ryu boots up the Xbox to have a good time. Gets a match pretty quickly. Pleased, Ryu votes. His favorite map is selected. Ryu has this in the bag, as he is usually able to put the enemy in the dirt. Skip ahead five minutes. The match is over. Ryu is angry. One player has gotten 34 kills to his 24. All by Gandhi Hopping, camping, grenade spamming, and weapon hoarding.* Ryu is sure he isn't the only victim. Why must players get into the red lift room with a shotty/snipe combo and stay back in the corner where you can only be sniped or chucked into meat to get near? Those type of players anger this one. It makes the experience that much less enjoyable. And poor Ryu! He either gets his head hollowed out, or his belly ground into chuck! This keeps me awake at night. And a special surprise! An extra/short topic! Mah shows! Do the TV channel folks hate me? All of my favorite shows are either off the air now, or just moved to a later time! Take Adult Swim's anime saturdays for instance. They let Toonami take over! Now the only decent shows left are Bleach and FMA! Ryu is sad now. How is this for bad luck? Poor Ryu and others are saddened by this turn of events. Oh the humanity! Why can't it be the Khajiiti? This keeps Ryu awake at night. Especially since he has to wait for FMA... ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading! This has been TTTKMAAN Volume 3 by Ryu Hayabusa! Yesh, the topic with an extremely long acronym is back!
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