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Community Answers

  1. Listen to Zanny. He knows his ****.
  2. Gamemode link? And why red vs blue? Why didn't you just use the Infection gametype?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T16fib4IhE
  4. Clean, simple. I like it. I'll give it a go in my next custom games lobby
  5. This is my 1000th post so I wanted it to be special. Does this matter? No. What better thing to post than the combined meme of 2 Halo YouTubers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdw4GKs2cZA
  6. I get that the natural stuff are the aesthetics, my point is that they're boring aesthetics. Nothing eye-catching you know? Just a bunch of trees and that really tacky and out of place whale. The one area that looked alright was the curve made out of rocks and at some point, people race under that curve. It's 0:22 of your video. Here's the playlist of my featured racetracks so you have an idea of what I look for in those maps. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBEmYuWHUx02i0C2IPw3geenHlkcjKgj
  7. Yeah my friend Yeti showed me your maps when I was looking for 4v4s to feature. I'm not as connected to the competitive forging community ever since I became an Infection kid But yeah I do like this one even before you updated the aesthetics. Gameplay wise, I enjoy Scorch Palace more but I've only played just those two maps. A feature can and most likely will happen but I wouldn't know when since I don't follow schedules on my channel.
  8. Well the track looks pretty smooth and nicely forged. But it looks boring as hell. Almost no aesthetics which is kinda of a no no for me. When I look at a racetrack, I look at the aesthetics/atmosphere and the forgework of the track itself.
  9. Now I can't decide if I like this or Scorch Palace better
  10. Forgot. It's off to the side. Idk I just remember disliking how it was forged. Looked tacky. It's not really a big problem though so I wouldn't worry about it TOO much. Just me nitpicking
  11. - Found some framerate problems in several areas. - I'm not really a fan of the blue glow on the entire map. - Call outs are tough because the map is symmetric, the aesthetics make every area look similar. Try to find a way where it would be easier for players to make callouts/orient themselves. - The death pit area with the rocks looks ugly.
  12. Looks pretty. I'll give it a look and come back with any feedback
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