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  1. i'm going to say this doesn't need the banshee... or the kill balls
  2. its still not complete. i have replaced the ugly shotgun building with a barn. it still doesnt look amazing but it looks better than the original building. i have also fiddled with other bits, but there is still a lot that needs fixing... i just ran out of forge juice though. i will get back on it soon and post the updates
  3. this needs a lot of work. this is effectively a base for a map in progress. it need structures and cover placing inside. i would also say the layout of the may needs changing as its far too flat.
  4. Monument A monument to all your sins (couldn't resist) A slayer based map but will have some objective gametypes on it. suitable for 4v4, 5v5, and 6v6 matches i made the base for this map in a few days but it needs some more work on certain structures. things i need to do -add decoration inside the buildings -redesign the shotgun building -place spawns -place kill barriers -do something with the small bunker in 12th picture (last picture) -do something with the building in the 6th picture -try and get some colour into the map. looks pretty drab right now notes -rockets do not spawn at the start of the game -the incinerator cannon does not respawn -teleporters do not become active until later in the match. having them active from the start would make the initial fight unfair -you cant jetpack straight up to the incinerator cannon as its too far. you need to stand on at least the fourth pillar in the center structure to make it Please tell me what you think needs tweaking and i will get on it.
  5. i have made a few changes. -changed the supports for the shields, it looks a little better -removed the random barrier near the teleporter and made some door things to provide cover -removed the 2 cover pieces and made the hallway curve a little. it looks better and still provides cover -changed the structure on top mid. now its just four 3x1 flats stood upright. looks much better -replaces sniper with shotgun, and replaced saw with railgun
  6. alright. i will fix all the stuff i can see. i always wondered what lazy cover was. now i know, i can avoid it as best as i can thanks for the help
  7. ahhhhh. so basically, most of the cover i make needs to have multiple purposes. guess i will start thinking about that in my future designs
  8. thanks for looking i will replace the dominion base covers with the bunker and see if it fits, not sure if i can make the shield cover look better, but i will give it a try. i will also play around with the power weapon spawns and which ones are on the map. "Also, some "lazy cover" is prominent, which along side inventive stuff like that "desctuctable" cover made with base shields looks a little out of place. I would suggest replacing them with more destructable cover pieces" not too sure what you mean by this
  9. hey. someone made a video a few months ago and i completely forgot about it.
  10. the overview looks good. i suggest posting some more pictures and putting some more time into the post. this probably wont get much interest with 2 links and a sentence
  11. i do agree with that. i never really enjoyed playing on sandbox, just because it didnt go well with my playstyle.
  12. looks good. i made a remake of this a while a go, it got ignored. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/29498-sandbox-remake-thumbnail-picture-lies/
  13. i would say the fan needs to be slightly more central, but the map looks great.
  14. had a look around in forge, its a very nice map. just not too sure on the middle bridge though
  15. i have had a quick fly around in forge and its a great map. love the layout as it forces the player to be aware of what is going on above and below them. i also love the 2 small alcoves that look out over the water. it may be a bit easy to camp on the yellow spawn though if you can, use one way shields to get people up the ladder, it looks better than a grav lift. obviously this wont effect gameplay, its just for visual purposes
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