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Found 5 results

  1. ARTIFACT Created by Maximus IL Map Description Layout: Outdoor / indoor map with an asymmetric outer perimeter and symmetric building interior. Game Types: 6 - 10-person FFA, infantry-style BTB, CTF, multi-team slayer, SWAT and 4v4 Slayer games. Ordnance / Weapons: (Note: All ordnance / weapon spawns are static.) Ordnance: 1 Sniper, 1 Railgun, 1 Sword, 1 Speed Boost, 1 Overshield. Weapons: 2 BR, 2 DMR, 2 Carbine, 2 LR, various grenades (8 frag, 4 pulse, 4 sticky). Vehicles: None. Comments: The map is larger than most of the 4v4 maps (Complex excluded), but less segmented due to the building having 8 entrances. It will play larger than most 4v4 maps, but not as large as Complex. It is probably best suited for an 8-player FFA, which is cramped on many of the 4v4 maps, and will have fewer spawning-in-harm's-way issues for FFAs. BTB should also be well-supported by the map size without the open-spawning issues on Complex and lack of multiple viable power positions on Settler. SWAT on this map plays similarly to Complex SWAT, but unlike Complex, there are fewer cross-map opportunities and the BR is a viable loadout choice. Map was updated on 16 Aug. Map Link ARTIFACT SCREENSHOTS: Overhead - Red Base at 12 O'Clock (top) and Blue Base at 6 O'Clock (bottom) Perimeter - Atop Red Base, looking clockwise toward Blue Base Perimeter - Approximately the 3 O'Clock position looking clockwise Perimeter - Outside of Blue Base looking clockwise Perimeter - Above Yellow Bridge at the 9 O'Clock position looking clockwise Building - Top mid Building - First floor Additional Player-View Screenshots: ARTIFACT
  2. Undergrowth An original map by Zombie Feed Download link Hello, it's me, Zombie Feed. Got another map here and unlike the previous Corrosion, this is entirely original. However it bears striking similarity to another map from another shooter (so close... ) Map Description: The trees were talking to me. I swear there is more to this place that meets the eye. 3-12 players (3-6 for FFA gametypes, 4-8 for RvB gametypes, and 6-12 for multi-team gametypes) This map is mainly a vertical map with a circular look, yet the oddest part is its symmetrical design and asymmetric spawns. Granted, spawns are more specified on CTF, yet all others are neutral. Anyways this vertical map has four levels. The bottom level consists of the near knee deep water that you can run through and the little gunning outcrop positions on the sides inside the rock walls. The second level includes the rocks that you can run around and the bridge that is the shortest route between the two sides. The third level is composed of the main building. Unlike other areas, this level is the only one that involves close to mid range battles with its interior setting. The fourth level is the sniping platform floating around the central structure of the map. This floor is deemed inacessable to humans in flood gametypes to prevent slowing down the action of games. The map proves its worth with its usefulness towards jetpack users. There are many shortcuts to be found that only jetpack users can use, so be creative with your routes. As for asthetics, all I can say (without blowing my own horn) is that it is pleasing to the eye and each of the levels has a different form of contrast to differentiate the four levels (Level 1=Blue, Level 2=Brown, Level 3 & 4=White). Backstory: 10 years after the events at Reach, a lone UNSC ship, forever known as the Endevor, wandered too close to Requium. The ship crash landed, and the survivors sent out scouts to find locations for shelter. The scouts came across a Forunner artifact made up of artificial structures held above the water by natural pieces. The survivors moved all salvagable materials and carved out defendable emplacements to defend themselves from the Forunner knights that constantly attacked them. Until the Infinity's events at Requium, the Forunner base went unnoticed by anyone, aside from the survivors themselves. Before the Infinity left Requium, scouts found the place, but there was no one on the grounds and notes were left stating how the survivors investigated deeper into the base only to find wierd goo that, upon contact, would slowly take over the host's body, driving them mad. Some say that they could hear the few trees calling out to them, before they went completly insane and lashed out at others. Some say that this was the birthplace of the Flood on Requium, considering their half plant-like structure. Others say that it was ment to keep out a more localized disease. But one thing is for certain, there is an undergrowth here, and the Forunners wanted to keep it secured. Compatible Gamemodes: Slayer (FFA / Team / Multi-team) King of the Hill (FFA / Team / Multi-team) Regicide (FFA / Team / Multi-team) Oddball (FFA / Team / Multi-team) Capture the Flag (FFA / Team) Flood Weapon Spawns: Light Rifle x1 (resupplies every 1:30) Rocket Launcher x1 (resupplies every 3:00) Speed Boost x1 (resupplies every 3:00) Random Ordinance x2 (DMR / Concussion Rifle / Shotgun / Overshield / Plasma Pistol / Magnum / Boltshot) The Rocket Launcher spawns at the bridge on the second level. Sadly people will have to risk going into an open location to grab a weapon of great power. The Light Rifle spawns inside the building on the third level, however it is not as useful being located in the close quarters environment. The final initial drop is a speed boost in the water on the first level. Considering the amount of time you will waste getting from level 1 to level 3, you may need the speed boost if you do not have a Jetpack. As for the campers in the stone bunkers on level 1, you will have to get out of there if you want to grab some good firepower as the speed boost will barely help you in your camping situation. The two random drops spawn inside the open crates on the second level. However some of the selection of weapons will not help you in the environment they spawn at. Balancing: Level 1: Only has speed boost and two rock emplacements for good cover, however the open area of the water and large area may leave you to rethink any close range ideas. You have three routes to the second level: two of these are average stairs while one is a ladder (grav lift) that sends you to the center of the circular route on the second level. You have okay sightlines to level 2 and bad sightlines to levels 3 & 4 Level 2: This level has a Rocket Launcher and two random ordinances. You risk getting attacked from almost all of the levels however if you're not careful. You have four routes to level 3: two are stairs and the other two are crates that you can jump on top of to get to level 3. You have good sightlines to level 1, okay sightlines to level 3 and bad sightlines to level 4. Level 3: Mainly consists of indoor areas and contains a Light Rifle among a group of baracades and crates. You get two grav lifts and a sloped platform to get to level 4. You have good sightlines to level 2, okay sightlines to level 4, and bad sightlines to level 1. Level 4: The floating circle of platforms at the top of the map. You get a great vantage point, but sacrifice any level specific ordinance, plus you may need to be careful should you fall down two or more levels. You have good sightlines to level 3, okay sightlines to level 2 in some areas, and bad sightlines to level 1. This map currently remains untested. Feel free to give it a download and test it on the gamemodes listed and provide feedback to help me improve any issues or glitches in the system. Other Pictures: Updates: 8/26/13 Moved the Rocket Launcher Spawn to the Bridge Replaced the previous Rocket Launcher Spawn with a Light Rifle, which resupplies every 1:30 Removed the Energy Sword from the random ordinance, replaced with a DMR Added horizontal covers to the third level that extend over the 2nd floor Increased Jersey Barrier count on level 2 from 2 to 8 to increase blocked line of sight in the center (barriers may change in a future update)
  3. GT - SUPER MOOSE93 Map Name - Metro Download link - Here Metro is a medium size, 5v5 map, designed for slayer and objective gametypes. the map is based on an abandoned Metro station. view of the map layout map proper weapons -shotgun -saw -carbine -BR -DMR -frag grenade -plasma grenade Gametypes -slayer -KOTH -oddball -CTF check out the map. any feedback is appreciated
  4. Gamer Tag: The Sigma AI Map: Conjunction Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, KOTH, Extraction, Regicide This map is a semi-large map based for 5v5 or 6v6 games. It can hold more or less players but it will either become unbalanced or too hectic with more or less people. This map is called 'Conjunction' because when I first started building it I had a centre platform with twelve bridges coming of from it. Even though the centre has all those access points the map still plays really well with little trouble. There are a lot of ways to get around my map including specially placed gaps in the floor to instantly drop to lower levels as a quick rout of escape. The gaps on the highest level are positioned close enough together so a sprint at full speed will let you go over them without a jump. This map is part of a set of three in the contrast map pack. This map was also forged and tested by me, The Sigma AI. Enjoy. Blue team initial spawn. Red team initial spawn. The under section of the map has less paths of escape, be cautious. Gravity hammer does re-spawn, however it won't always be in the same place. The under section gives a good sight line, however you are also part of it. Centre middle of the map where the twelve bridges connect, not a good place to be. Shotgun does NOT re-spawn, so use it well. There are two sets of gaps in the floor either side to drop down. There are also two snipers per side, so keep your heads low. This is the highest point of the map, it is covered okay but in halo anything can happen. Two of the many bridges to the centre platform. There is also a gap in the middle floor to drop to the under section of the map. Long sight lines along here but still easy access for escapes. Rockets start on the floating platform however the spawn changes once taken. The two sticky detonators do NOT re-spawn so put them to good use. I hope you all enjoy this map as well as the others in this map pack. Any feed back you have would be really appreciated. The Sigma AI
  5. Tor Piiri is a map for One Flag CTF (preferably with DMR's) by me, NONE YA BIZNUS <---(GT) DL: https://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/NONE%20YA%20BIZNUS/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30329411 FH thread (pretty much the same thing): http://www.forgehub....-tor-piiri.html It is a fairly large map, with an ideal player count of 8-12 players, being squad objective map. It consists of three main lanes, one in the middle, and one on either side. (I know, the originality here is just astounding) So here is the general overview of the map, highlighting the more important places: This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (791x589) The middle lane is naturally the highest traffic, but shortest route to the flag. It is essentially central "hub" building with one bridge going to each spawn, and another to the side. In this building spawns a grenade launcher, which is a pretty useful tool for the attacking side. However, it spawns neutrally, so it is a worthwhile target for the initial push on both teams. Also, the sniper rifle spawns outside the building on the ground level, also a useful tool, especially for defense. Anyway, here is the core of the map: This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (800x593) The flag spawns here, in the little platform just to the side of the defending entrance to the middle building: This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (794x590) The right flank is a good secondary path. Its most notable interest is the ghost, which is a great way to suppress the opposite team. It has limited access to the upper area of the map, in a way that makes it a little bit more useful to the defenders, but still effective for the attackers. Other than that, this flank is a good way to hit the defenders from the side or the rear, as one path leads to their initial spawn, and another to the side of the flag spawn. Here is what it looks like: This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (786x580) This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (788x589) On the opposite side of the map is what I like to call, "The Long way." This flank features a long path with lots of cover for the attackers, as well as a jump up to behind the flag to make a quick grab and run. However, it is a pretty roundabout route, and I've only seen it used as a last resort if the attackers can't push through the other two flanks. But it does also have some defensive value. From the farthest path, there lies an excellent line of sight into the middle building. If you are a defender and you have a sniper, I highly recommend bringing it here to cover the central lane. It is not without a weakness though, as the attackers could easily use the ghost-side flank. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I have of it, showing only the final area, leading into the defenders' spawn: This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (787x590) And last but not least, there is the attackers' spawn, and the bridge from there leading into the middle building: This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (787x590) This image has been resized. Click here to view the full image (793x588) That is all I have to say about this map, please comment, download, play, and enjoy! If you don't enjoy it, I would really appreciate a comment with constructive criticism. DL: https://halo.xbox.co...etails=30329411
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