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Found 4 results

  1. "The Metro is cold Atryom, but you know what is not cold? Beautiful Soviet Train. Explore the country side. Meet the wildlife. Then kill it." -Lenin Himself Who is going to buy? Any love for the series here?
  2. Metro 2558, infection map 12 players max. Based: Metro 2033 By: GhostStalkerG11 Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=GhostStalkerG11#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_GhostStalkerG11_f4f31d87-52f4-44ff-8ef2-7c45b6df7f91
  3. GT - SUPER MOOSE93 Map Name - Metro Download link - Here Metro is a medium size, 5v5 map, designed for slayer and objective gametypes. the map is based on an abandoned Metro station. view of the map layout map proper weapons -shotgun -saw -carbine -BR -DMR -frag grenade -plasma grenade Gametypes -slayer -KOTH -oddball -CTF check out the map. any feedback is appreciated
  4. Gamertag: NOBLE E 2552 Map name: "The Burrows" Game type: Standard Flood / "Biohazard" Description: [Recommended 8-16 players.] "During the siege of New Mombassa in 2552, the metro tunnels collapsed, trapping hundreds and cutting off the city's last hope for salvation." I've been working really hard on this map for the past week and I've finally gotten it to look and play exactly how I want it to. The Spartans spawn in the main atrium, which has a very creepy atmosphere thanks to the lighting. They usually hold out there until after the initial bloodbath, at which point they hold out in the tunnels or the maintenance shaft. The main problem with this map would've been the lack of LOS blockers, but I managed to solve that problem by putting down various barricades in the tunnels. The maintenance shaft is interesting because of the pipes, which are low enough to jump over, but high enough to not see over. Positions around the map are defendable, but not too defendable, which encourages movement. The crushed train also looks really cool. The Flood navigate the map via teleporter. Sorry for no link, Waypoint doesn't allow my version of Safari. And I had to use a camera for the screenshots, my capture card is black and white at the moment. My YouTube account is "creativegaminginc" if you're interested, but I don't have any videos yet due to my capture card. http://www.youtube.c...nc?feature=mhee And don't tell me to get a haircut, I got one today, haha. Update: "Biohazard" Game Type The Flood have the Overshield visual effect to achieve a "nuclear" or radioactive look, which makes it scary when you're in the train and you see the zombies emerge from the darkness through the windows. They have access to all three armour abilities and a radar, while humans have no radar, but do have Promethean Vision, so they mostly rely on natural awareness and it makes it all the more frightening when you turn around and find a zombie there. Humans are each given one grenade which must be used wisely. Rounds last seven minutes respectively. Update 2: I will soon be changing the name of the game type to "HazMat" as it better fits the game type what with the bright yellow armour that Spartans are forced to wear combined with the radioactive Flood. Biohazard will be used as the name for my upcoming map, which will be a nuclear mining facility. Really, another update? Alright, so it seems that 343 has finally fixed the dynamic lighting (THANK YOU!) so this map will soon be getting some upgrades.
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