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Found 13 results

  1. kowloon

    team objective

    I have koth, oddball, regicide and dominion are so close and I can only find regicide, oddball and koth in the rumble pit playlist and I suck at ffa. I consider that team objective should return it should be a 5v5 with team regicide, koth, oddball, and dominion game types on the maps that we barely see used from the map packs. One week is to short if you want to master all of the victories it should stay in for 2 weeks or a month and I know that we also have things to do and you might miss a certain number of days of that week to play or you just don't have a team or you get paired up with those that suck at the game and you keep losing because of them. 1/13/2014 should be the day of its release.
  2. Greetings everyone! I thought I'd share a map of mine I originally created in Halo: Reach (it's still there in my Reach File share I believe if anyone wants to see the original) which is called "Rockery". I'm hoping to get some input/advice on how the map plays and if there are any ways to improve it. I designed this map with the sole purpose of its aesthetic being completely natural, apart from the structure that the centre of the map, thus with all the rocks used, I dubbed the map "Rockery". Rockery's a medium to small style of map, the map itself is also a bit of a hybrid, as it supports Competitive Slayer, from Team Slayer to Free for All/Regicide, but it also supports Oddball and KOTH as Objective game types. And so onto the meaty business of the details with some pictures included: Map Name: Rockery File Share: Rockery File Share Gamertag: RECEPTOR 17 Canvas Map: Forge Island Last Updated: 05-18-2013 Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, Slayer FFA, Oddball, Regicide, King of the Hill Best Gametypes: Team Slayer, Oddball, Regicide Intended Team Sizes: 4v4 + 5v5 (Can do 6v6) Initial Ordnance: 2x Needler (180 Respawn) 1x Rocket Launcher (240 Respawn) 2x Pulse Grenade (100 Respawn) 1x Sticky Detonator (200 Respawn) 2x Frag Grenade (90 Repsawn) 2x Plasma Grenade (120 Respawn) 1x Gravity Hammer (200 Respawn) 1x Railgun (240 Respawn) 1x Concussion Rifle (180 Respawn) Random Ordnance: N/A Weapons on Map: 1x Lightrifle (60 Respawn) 2x Surpressor (90 Respawn) 1x Carbine (60 Respawn) Budget: 5570/10000 Screenshots: Rockery High Rockery's Base Map Flythrough/Overview Link: Rockery Runthrough Map Description: A RECEPTOR and Wetz original. Close-combat oriented Wargames are played out in this natural arena. The map is made Watertight via a Safe Zone cordoning off the playing area of the Map, along with Rock Walling, which blocks off the rest of the Island the Map is built upon. There are Fusion Coils also placed around the central base, to help ensure nobody controls the centre of the Map for the duration of the game. +*+*+*+ And that's that! I'd greatly welcome any constructive comments/suggestions on how the map plays and if there are ways to improve the gameplay etc. Thanks for reading and I look forwards to reading what responses you have! 17 out.
  3. Hello everyone! New member here who's been quietly forging away on his lonesome for the past couple of months. Just found this site and I figured I should get to know the rest of the Forging Community! so to start off my time here, I thought I'd share my most recent creation for you all to look over and pass judgement on, called Outpost 17: Map Name: Outpost 17 File Share: Outpost 17 File Share Gamertag: RECEPTOR 17 Canvas Map: Forge Island Last Updated: 05-18-2013 Tags: Forge Island, Slayer, FFA, CTF, KOTH, Regicide, Flood, Oddball, Outpost 17, BTB, RECEPTOR 17 Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, BTB, Slayer FFA, Oddball, Capture the Flag, Flood, Regicide, King of the Hill Best Gametypes: Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Regicide Intended Team Sizes: 5v5, 6v6 + 8v8 Initial Ordnance: 1x Scattershot (180 Respawn) 1x Beam Rifle (210 Respawn) 1x Rocket Launcher (210 Respawn) 4x Pulse Grenade (90 Respawn) 2x SAW (150 Respawn) 1x Sticky Detonator (180 Respawn) 1x Concussion Rifle (180 Respawn) 2x Frag Grenade (90 Repsawn) 2x Plasma Grenade (90 Respawn) 1x Energy Sword (200 Respawn) 1x Railgun (180 Respawn) Random Ordnance: N/A Armor Abilities/Powerups on the Map: N/A Supported Vehicles: 4x Mongoose: 2 per team (120 Respawn) 2x Warthogs, Chaingun: 1 per team (160 Respawn) 1x Ghost: Middle of map (160 Respawn) Budget: 9680/10000 Screenshots: Map Flythrough/Overview Link: Outpost 17 Runthrough Map Description: The 17th creation made by Infinity’s Wargames simulations team, with added input from S-IV Fireteams “Trident” and “Crossbow”. This is a medium to large inversely symmetrical map on Forge Island's largest "Great Anvil, designed primarily for Team Slayer and Capture the Flag, however Flood, King of the Hill (with multiple Hills), Oddball, Infinity Rumble and Regicide are also supported. It can play anything from 2-8 players per team, but works best in a 5v5 - 8v8 range, due to the size and scope of the map. You have the chance to play some close quarters combat in the centre and inside Red and Blue Teams' starting bases, or you can enjoy some long range battles utilising the verticality of the map and some of the more open areas, where Vehicles roam free to cause mayhem. *+*+*+* So, there you have it folks, please do provide any constructive criticism/comments on Outpost 17, all are welcomed! I have 2 other Maps ready to submit another time, so I'm not spamming you with my creations, one is a small close combat oriented map designed for 4v4 Slayer, Rumble, Regicide and Oddball, whilst the other is designed for CTF, BTB and KOTH once again. I also have one arena style map in the works too which I hope to complete soon! Thanks for reading! 17 Out.
  4. Map Name: Incumbent Creator: Did4ct Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, Extraction, KOTH, Regicide, Oddball, Multi Team Description: Incumbent is an asymmetrical medium-sized map with good lines of sight. There is no one position that dominates the map. The map consists of a group of large rocks in the center with passageways running inside of the rock walls beside the two "bases." There are key positions in high and low places. I put trait zones with 200% gravity along the top of the outer walls along with a bunch of soft kill zones making it impossible to escape (I couldn't find a way out). It is called "Incumbent" because there is a very noticeably large forerunner structure "leaning" against one of the back walls. This map is my favorite map I have made thus far and I think it's kind of reminiscent of the older Halo maps. The aerial pictures don't show but when you're in the map everything looks a lot bigger and is a lot cleaner. Supports 2-16 players. Plays best with 6-8 Video Vehicles/Turrets Normal Hog (replaced by Ghost in CTF) Ghost (2 in CTF) Machine Gun Turret Shade turret Initial Ordinance Rocket (Center) Sniper (Side) Concussion (Side) 2 Fragx2 (each by blue and red spawn) Random Ordinance Laser/Sword Shotty/Railgun Needler/Beam Rifle Saw/Binary Rifle Fuel Rod/Scattershot/Scattershot (Middle)
  5. ive been really frustrated with the way csr works in regicide. ive been stuck at 29. i place in the top 50 about 90 percent of the time and today i won three games in a row and it didnt bump me up one rank. also second and third(because they are top 50%0 should rank u up slowly but that doesnt happen either. it doesnt seem to take kd and kills per game into acount either cause even when i get second or third and 4th(very rare) i get the most or second most kills(usually). but the most frustrating thing is whn i join in progress and the king has 50-100 points allready. in that situation if u get third or aboveit should help somewhat. also i have a problem with the max bounty being 35 it rewards the losing players a little to much imo. anyone else having frustrating experiences with this playlist?or have reason why it works the way it does? my overall impression of the csr sytem is positve. its gonna be flawed but its hard to make a perfect measure of skill. i give props to 343 im just struggling a little cause my goal was 35. tips, advice?
  6. GT: DHG The Captain(Map made by DHG MELEE) Map:Assault http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/dhg%20the%20captain/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=031e7e29-1e91-4a5c-b107-72d28dc6a7b2 Game type: Slayer, Flood, Dominion, Regicide(All standard) This map is a mix of close quarters with some vertical advantages here. It has one tower with Sniper rifle for quick sniping at the center. It is filled with corridors and small towers for quick advancement on territory. On one side they a Scorpion with 2 warthogs and mongooses. There are two openings; main opening and a small back door(used for sneaking in on Flood). The main door has a shield with 2 turrets pointing directly at it. Outside the main door is a forest where there lies a warthog, a banshee and a few power weapons. Ordnance are scattered inside the base with both power weapons and common weapons for ammo. Flood spawn first outside base but later re-spawn inside the base. There are 4-5 Dominion bases. Mainly used for both Slayer and Flood.
  7. So, after extensively playing Halo 4 and Regicide, I've come to the conclusion that I'm sure many others have, Regicide is not free-for-all. I mean, it is free-for-all in the sense that you are supposed to kill everybody, but it's not because it boils down to everyone going after one guy, the king, therefore making it pointless to kill anybody else. Regicide frustrated me from the beginning. I do well the entire game, and then some guy kills me one time and automatically wins. That's not fair. Now, I think what 343 was trying to do with this was to eliminate camping, but I don't camp. I run around the entire game for kills. And even if I did camp, or the king was, you can't really blame them because what are they supposed to do when 5 people are all trying to get a piece of their anus at once? You're entirely screwed. Admittedly though, it is intense as it often ends in very close games but that's a mixed blessing as that's where a lot of the frustration spawns from. A major problem that's prevalent in Regicide is spawning. Take, for example, you as the king kill someone trying to kill you. They then respawn around the corner from you and rush up killing you while you were already one-shot. Now, I would think of this at first as a once in a while annoyance, but no, it happens all the time. (Especially on Haven.) Hell, one game I killed a guy who was trying to throw plasma grenades at me, and I had him spawn right by me and do the same thing three times, the third time he was finally successful. Well, yes that was in the past. Now, I was really excited when I heard the announcement of a Rumble Pit style FFA playlist. Finally! What I've been waiting for since launch! And... it's DLC only. Now perhaps they will change this later, but come on, that's pretty cruel. To have the only FFA playlist be incredibly frustrating and having the only classic FFA playlist be DLC only. And the reason I'm not buying the DLC is because, having learned my lesson from Halo: Reach, I'll never get to play it in matchmaking and if they're not going to fix the problems already in the game, why should I continue to support it? Those are my thoughts on the current state of FFA/Regicide in Halo 4. I'd love to hear your feedback and it would be my pleasure to respond. Thanks for taking the time to read my two-cents on FFA matchmaking.
  8. I couldn't find too many topics on team regicide (I didn't try too hard and I'm a new user) so i decided to create one. Post what your thoughts are of this new variant, good or bad. It wouldn't be much of a forum without my thoughts so here they are: My overall impression is that I really like it. I don't have too many XBL friends that play halo so most of the time I'm on playing by myself or teaming up with past performers, so team regicide is a variant I switch back and forth on. It isn't a very team based playlist, it can be played with a team and is just like any other playlist (besides FFA) that team play helps out a lot. But since I do not have a specific "team" to play with I enjoy jumping in and playing team regicide solo when I am sick of infinity slayer, slayer pro, SWAT, and the objective type variants. Team regicide gets pretty intense and there isn't too much sitting back and DMR'ing from distance. Team regicide on haven especially gets very intense, and I for one would like to see this playlist stay. Call me a noob or whatever, I think they should keep this playlist (unlike team snipers) and I would love to see more playlists arise like team doubles, MLG, etc..
  9. I really like the idea behind the Regicide game type, but I feel like there are almost not advantages to being the king. If you are king for a long time, meaning that you have been doing really well, other players get 35 points for killing you. I understand the idea, but since the king has a marker over their head, everyone is going after the king so whoever kills the king could very well just headshot them after someone else does all the work. Someone who "steals" a king kill from someones else doesn't deserve 35 points (or whatever the bounty is at the time). Also, attempting to remain king for a long period of time actually works against you, because if you have worked hard to get 2-3 kills ahead of someone else, they only have to kill you once to catch back up. It is almost a better strategy to die on purpose before your bounty gets too high. Another thing: by having the marker over the king's head, everyone goes after the king. This is a refreshing twist that prevents camping, but when you are the king you have to try and defend yourself from about 2-3 people at the same time. This would be fine, but it takes far too long to get any bonuses for being the king. It seems to take **forever** to get an overshield, and the overshield goes down on its own without anyone even shooting you. The overshield also does not give you much of an advantage at all because when 2-3 people are shooting at you that overshield is gone almost immediately. To recap, the things I would prefer to have changed are (not necessarily all, as changing one may nullify the need to another change): *** Remove or reduce king bounties *** Maybe implement splitting up the king bounty among players who dealt damage to the king (for someone who does 50% damage and someone steals the kill they get 50% of the bounty) *** Give the king better perks/power-ups more often. Overshield isn't that great and it takes forever to get reign of terror. Maybe getting a regular overshield in like 75% of the time it currently takes to get one, an overshield and reign of terror at 150-175% of the time it currently takes to get an overshield, etc. and so on.
  10. I'm not demanding that we remove Regicide, but where is the old FFA? One where we're all on an even playing field. I'm not sure how to upload my video, but it's on my file share, the only one that's a video. I get 29 kills and am killed just before the end by someone who I think is on 16 kills. He wins. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the idea, but when he can win simply by killing me all the time because I was king for pretty much the entire match, it gets really annoying. FYI, I won't be playing Regicide again unless it's fixed. I'm going back to Team Slayer.
  11. Really fun and has amazing scenery to match the gameplay abilities.
  12. Regicide on Adrift. I barely won with 30 kills. The 2nd place player was 15 points away from winning, and ONLY HAD 17 KILLS. I sense a problem. First off, what was wrong with plain Free For All? If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Trying to be "innovative"? I (and most of the community) would prefer balance and fun gamemodes instead, thank you. There is absolutely no balance. The state of the game is people purposefully trying not to gain the lead, but make a run for it in the very end, hoping the king is going to be handed to them on a platter instead of the other 3 or 4 runner-ups. That is called pure luck; no matter how much skill you have, it does not matter. Welcome to Regicide, the ugly beast that arose out of the corpse of our beloved FFA.
  13. Here you go guys, I managed to grab these off of The Halo Council's News page to share with you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Knee5wf5Pto http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=f_aopGlSnH0 Hope you guys enjoyed c: I'm hyped for Halo 4, are you? ;D
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