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  1. I think Halo 5 will die just like Halo 4 did, but NOT for the same reasons. Halo 4 failed because it was trying to be something that it wasn't, while Halo 5 will die because of it's severity in lack of content and shortfall of community features. Halo 5 is also the lowest selling Main halo game of all time, and In all honesty that should not come surprising to you considering it only supports a mediocre campaign, an incomplete multiplayer experience, and Warzone. I think Halo 5 has so much potential, it could have been a great Halo game competing with the classics. Yet again, because of its ignorance of content and lack of community features that is not the case. I know what you are thinking... 343 are releasing the December update and adding more Free DLC so its not big deal. I'd say your entirely wrong, just because content is releasing in the future does not mean players will stick around waiting for it in the present. It's the first impression that counts the most, and Halo 5 completely missed its window of opportunity to impress gamers. Everyone that already left wont come back for an update that contains more content because the damage has already been done and they moved on the other games that set that good first impression. I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say about this.
  2. A custom game browser in Halo 5 would truly benefit the game, making the custom games aspect of the shooter more popular, more accessible, and user friendly. Many people cannot fully experience the enjoyment of playing custom games because they do not have enough people to start a custom lobby. A custom game browser would make it easier for solo and new players to witness some of the coolest community game modes that they could have previously been missing out on.
  3. Hey guys its been almost 2 months since the last title update for the MCC. I'm starting to believe that they are abandoning the game
  4. We already know that Halo 5 Guardians will sell a heap ton of copies. My question is can Halo 5 garner the attention that the series once had in the Halo 3 days. Honestly, im a bit skeptical. Halo 5 is going to have tons of competition this year with the likes of Black ops 3 and Battlefront 3. I'm quite confident that the campaign will exceed our expectations and review scores will be great ( Shooter of the year possibly ). But, what about the multiplayer?For me it seems that 343 is taking the right step in multiplayer, but they could do more. Halo 1 was the beginning of halo and showed the masses that a console can have an awesome first person shooter. Halo 2 completely improved the combat functions of halo 1 and showed everyone that multiplayer and a thriving community is completely possible on a console. Halo 3 completely improved over the last two and added amazing community features like forge and theater mode. Which led to awesome game-types, including infection, grifball, duckhunt, etc... Even Halo ODST added firefight mode, which was actually relatively popular Halo Reach introduced armor abilities, ( which many don't like)The bottom line is, what will Halo 5 bring to the table? Really, to me it seems like Warzone fills that hole. But really, all I see is something that will not be played a couple months from release, as it looks to appeal to the casual audience ( Its not out yet, we will see). Can Halo 5 truly Excel like Halo 1,2 and 3 did ? Or will we see thread posts a couple months after Halo 5's release, discussing the low population of the game ? I also left a video with further discussion here. Check it out and overall, let me know what you guys think.
  5. Hey guys i have been working on a flight map and it is finally finished. In case you did not know, flight is a journey style infection game type where survivors must escort a bomb carrier throughout the entire map. Here is a video walkthrough link https://youtu.be/TaA1cQvKSYc
  6. Many have attempted to infiltrate the ancient citadel. 4-14 players. Hey guys, now that one flag and round based game modes are relatively working since the update, I decided to create a one flag map! Let me know what you think ! Video Walk through - https://youtu.be/enwEQiWqivw
  7. Most experts struggle to explain how this town became vacant. 6-12 players. Check out this competitive forge map that takes a theme of a harbor/island complex. This map is made for Koth and Team Slayer, respectively. Video Walk through Link : https://youtu.be/CEC_1YiKSKM
  8. Can you shoot the grenades and traps in this target practice map? See just how good you really are with the battle rifle ! Video Walkthrough here- https://youtu.be/eIRSlHl_Mf4
  9. Yes sir! sorry for the late response man ! Im new hear ! Here*
  10. Because of all of the exciting news regarding a Gears of War Remaster, I decided to put my skills to the test to achieve a fresh remaster of the famous map known as Blood Drive ! Check out the Video for a more in depth walk-through! This map is very fun played with competitive CTF Game Types! Halo MCC: Forge Map - Blood Drive Remake (Gears of War) Video Link Below https://youtu.be/FeXa3i44n-A Let me know what you guys think, this is my first time remaking a map so please be nice hahaha
  11. Hey guys check out this new that map that I made called Chopper Gunner. Basically, the map is comprised of a medium sized town where players play capture the flag game types. But, the CATCH is that at the beginning of the match, one player from each team spawns at a hornet and gets to help their team play the objective until they die. This was sort of inspired by the chopper gunner kill-streak in call of duty. To see a map tour and game play, check out the walkthrough video below... ​ https://youtu.be/Zww44VkWXzg
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