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Found 6 results

  1. Kynan Pearson and Lori Zawada give us an in-depth tour of the three beautiful Forge mode maps. Read below for more details Source: Gamespot.com Erosion 3 areas: Interior (empty room for grifball) Outside (Natural Terrain, Lots of hills, ramps, and caves, The Cave area (Turquoise water on the bottom, little lakes, Pillars) Ravine 3 areas Forerunner Structure Areas (Flat metal land) Rolling green hills areas The ravine itself Impact 3 areas Asteroid 1 (Contains the UNSC Base) Asteroid 2 (small flat area) Small UNSC base (3 levels)
  2. Hey guys check out this new that map that I made called Chopper Gunner. Basically, the map is comprised of a medium sized town where players play capture the flag game types. But, the CATCH is that at the beginning of the match, one player from each team spawns at a hornet and gets to help their team play the objective until they die. This was sort of inspired by the chopper gunner kill-streak in call of duty. To see a map tour and game play, check out the walkthrough video below... ​ https://youtu.be/Zww44VkWXzg
  3. Hello and welcome! My name is Joseph, but you can call me Aardvark or Broseph. I am here to introduce a collection of Halo 4 gametypes that I think truly recapture that competitive Halo magic again, while at the same incorporating some of the new features from Halo 4 that were done right! Before we get into specifics about these gametypes, let's talk about how this gametype came to be and how I want it to become a new platform for the competitive Halo community! Back in the Halo: Reach days, I was starting to really get into competitive Halo. MLG and AGL matches were absolutely sensational in my eyes. I loved them. When V7 settings came around in Halo: Reach, however, I didn't really like them that much. Not sure what it was that I didn't like about these settings, but I certainly wasn't a fan of them. It didn't stop me from watching matches or playing the game, in fact it did something better. It inspired me to make my own competitive gametype. Eventually though, I wanted something more from that, I wanted my own competitive Halo platform, with official leagues and tournaments for competitive players to compete in! Thus, The Kingdom of Hell Pro League was born! ... it died pretty early on though. For a lot of reasons, one of the most prominent being that, as you can tell, that was just a horrible name. I was young and had no Idea what I was getting myself into. I made a website using webs.com because I don't know how to program and that website was a disaster as well. The idea behind the website though was perfect. Give competitors and the public easy and quick access to full career stats and season stats for each and every competitor. Not only that, but I made promises of footage for every single match in every single season, to be published on the website and to YouTube complete with an entire archive of past matches organized by players, teams, seasons and brackets. Still, the website was poorly built and ultimately the entire project got nowhere. On the plus side, though, my gametype and its compatible maps made by myself made it pretty far on the most downloaded list, which certainly shocked me! Still, KOHPL didn't last. When I realized KOHPL had failed, I had a determined attitude. "We'll try again!" , I said confidently. And try I did, in Halo 4! This time though my cousin and I actually put some thought into the name. In the end we decided on Competitive Console Gaming! We wanted something simple, that didn't lock us down to one game but also was straightforward enough for people to know what it was right away. So with the name CCG fresh in our minds we set off to make a new website and competitive community. Still working in Webs, the CCG website was a tremendous improvement to the KOHPL design. It looked almost Halo Waypointish with dark-blue and black colors and had a far better layout than the past design. This is where we started to get more likely to succeed and we could feel the rush of excitement we would get before the finals of an AGL tournament! I've been working on the CCG gametypes for a little over a year now. I in fact thought that I was finished at one point and saved my "final" gametypes as V1 gametypes. It was time to spread the word! But then the unthinkable happened... the Halo community seamed to just drop off the face of the Earth! I was as if everyone just stopped playing, and stopped looking for Halo related content. At first, this was scary. I thought, "We don't stand a chance now!" But I did some digging around the internet, and I found that clearly, people still wanted Halo. They were asking all the same questions as me. "What happened to all the Halo content?" "What happened to AGL?" I then realized that I should see this as an opportunity. I made it my mission to help bring back competitive Halo, but in a new form. So I got back to work. However, after going back and playing the gametypes with my friends and my play testers for a few months we said, "This needs more originality!" So I said screw it! I decided instead of focusing on the website, and thinking of how to get my platform out on the Halo scene, I would focus on finishing the platform. I took my time with the maps I was making for the gametypes, I spent hours of my time in the gametypes settings alone, just analyzing everything and putting pieces together. I spent SO many hours play testing my maps with these gametypes. Now, a year later, It has finally paid off! FINALLY, CCG Settings are a truly competitive, unique, and fresh Halo experience! But there is still work to be done. There are still things that need to be worked out. First and foremost, I need you lovely guys and girls! I need the Halo community! I know the mother of all gaming communities still exists, she just needs to be awoken! That is what I hope to do with Competitive Console Gaming! Now let's talk about what makes these gametypes unique! Before I tell you anything, I should tell you that I think that the one thing that was balanced in Halo 4's Infinity settings were the armor mods. The weapons were horribly unbalanced and made the whole thing a wreck. The Tactical Packages and Support upgrades though, are a different story. They instead let the players decide on one situation they want to have an advantage in. Everybody gets two, but these advantages are not pocket shotguns, mini-sniper rifles, or map destroying jet packs. These actually allow the player to play the game their way, while still providing a fair and balanced experience. Through manipulation of the Halo 4 gametype options, I have made a competitive gametype in which everyone spawns with a Battle Rifle, 2X Frag Grenades, no armor abilities, and in most cases no secondary, but players still can have the tactical package and support upgrade of their own choosing. This means a couple of things. If you are like me and abandoned your personal loadout editor a long time ago, time to open that baby back up again! But don't bother editing their armor abilities or grenades (actually feel free if you like wasting your time) and just focus on the two armor mods that best suit your play style! One of the coolest things that these gametypes bring to competitive play though, is weapon skins! While the gametype forces all players to spawn with BR's the game still recognizes the players' selected BR weapon skins, so if you are a competitive player who loves your weapons skins and is sad that they never get any use, now they can! Pro Tip: if you want to see a super secret weapon skin and have the Champion's Bundle weapon skins, use some of those nifty Assault Rifle skins in your loadouts and see what happens! Now onto the more basic stuff, in CCG game variants each player does 15% more damage. This means that each precision weapon's shots-to-kill has been reduced by one. Additionally, players' radars only show ally movement and their ranges have been increased by 40 meters. Two gametypes are exceptions, however, those two being FFA and Ricochet where the radar functions normally and reverts back to its normal range. Now onto the maps. Even back in the KOHPL days, I wanted to include maps from as many different forgers as I could into the mix, not just shipped maps and maps made by myself, so I have compiled multiple maps to be compatible with CCG settings and I am going to list them here for you right now! Keep in mind, the map pool may grow and these decisions are not final, however, it is most likely that if a map is on the following list it will make it into the final map pool. Here we go: Cryptic by Sgt x Slaphead Acidic by aardvark09j Cyclone by aardvark09j Status Bloom by aardvark09j Treetops by MockKnizzle008 Angst by IKorlash Splashes by SE7ENGINE Townsville by aardvark09j Simplex by Big Papa SaLot Stigma by Squally DaBeanz You will be able to find some of these maps on my file share, but in the future I will have Waypoint links to these maps so you can download them there. My gamertag is aardvark09j And there you go! Shout out to all of those VERY talented forgers who made those maps listed above. Now for the slightly lamer stuff here are the shipped maps that will be thrown into the mix: Abandon Adrift Haven Now I have a question for those of you who are interested in playing CCG in the future. If CCG gets big enough I plan to eventually start holding online tournaments and events and possibly official leagues in the future. My question is, if I were to do this, how many of you would be okay with certain DLC being required to participate? I know it may be a little bit early to ask that, but I want to know what you guys think. If DLC were required, only the Majestic Map Pack and Champion's Bundle maps would be required. Keep that in mind when typing your responses down below. Currently, a CCG prototype website is being built using webs.com, however this is just being used as a temporary test site to see what an official CCG website might look like. Until then, you can get any and all info regarding CCG including news updates and game nights, here on the forums, or you can follow CCG on Twitter @CCGOfficialT . Stay here and hang on, because I've got a lot more incoming So there you have it ladies and gents! CCG is a big endeavor for me and hopefully for the Halo community as a whole. If you are reading this post and you're on board, then please, spread the word. We all want Halo to make a return, but it's up to all of us to make it happen. In fact, let's make #HaloComeback a thing! Tweet about it, tell all of your friends, get excited, and let's start playing some Halo! aardvark out! Halo 4 Life
  4. Hello Everyone, A lot of you may not know me but i am ELJefeWay and, well im trying to get my name out there with a new years resolution i have for forge. I make a lot of maps in my spare time spending countless hours in forge like most of you but, i am trying to make the ultimate map that everyone can enjoy. -------------Contest--------- I would like to Make a contest for people like me, the small time map creator poring hours into the forge. I want everyone to show off their maps you spent hours forging with me in an ultimate custom map night to have everyone, who has played the maps to choose the four maps to be deemed the 4 best maps in The Forge Resolution. Although i don't have anything to give to the winner but mad respect in this forum and to get there names out there! **Map specifications** -I would like people to submit up to two maps for the game night that work with the major game types: Slayer, OddBall, Capture The Flag ,and King Of The Hill (if your map doesn't work well with one of these game types due to glitches or problems with gadgets or fx that's ok) -One a big team battle map per person -One regular map that supperts a game of 4vs4 and,5vs5 per person all maps must be turned in on HERE by: 03/01/2012 **Map Submission Specifications** To Submit: Place Your map on this forum with the following layout -Demo Submission below \/\/ I will be submitting my map i created by doing this and doing that works great in team slayer and yada yada my map rocks Map: (Map Name) My GamerTag: (GamerTag) The power weapons that spawn on my map are: Rockets, shotgun, ScatterShot, and some ordance drops with weapons like (A WeaponList of common ordance drops found on this map) (Then screen shots if you have any) Here Are Some Map Testing Threads: http://www.343indust...ge__hl__testing http://www.343indust...ge__hl__testing http://www.343indust...91__hl__testing GOOD LUCK! -ElJefeWay P.S. I forgot to add you don't have to submit both maps to be in the contest you may choose to only submit 1 map Also one person has asked for this contest to be extended i wont extend it for only one person if enough peoples voice their concerns about the time frame then i will consider making it longer
  5. Hey guys, I just thought I'd come here, like I've seen quite a few others do, to announce that I've reached a milestone within the forum community. Last night, I got my 200th post and reach the status of "Trusted member". I know it's not really as impressive as other milestones reached recently by some fellow players (Chease Monster - Ryu) but still, I really just wanted to thank all of you who've help me reach my 200! Thank you 343iCF for being just so welcoming and enjoyable, I love sharing conversations with you in the shoutbox when I can, and following up with conversations and debates within various threads. I've checked out some of the other Halo forums and I must say that personnaly, this is one of my favourites! I would have to say though, that my favourite thing to do here on the forums would have to be sharing the maps I've completed in Halo: Reach. Although I have made quite a few, I've only seen fit to share with you all what I consider to be my best. So, if Forge Maps interest you, please check these out - they've been the pinnacle of my ascension to the rank of "Trusted member". Please leave me comments on the maps to give me your opinion and any feedback you can offer - all members are welcome, the more feedback, the more I learn! Thank you 343iCF here is my Halo: Reach Forge maps Portfolio: Infection Maps: "Skryim: Fort Dawnguard" "Tanker" Invasion Map: "LOTR: Minas Tirith" Mini-Game Maps: "[PB] Assassin's Creed" "Into the Sarlacc"
  6. Hey Guys! I have noticed a lack of planned events on the Community Calender. Although I'm sure the heads up touraments are great (I have never really liked one v.one or other few people games), I find that the community would benefit from a large custom games group, with both planned, (ie every friday at 6) and spontanious games, so that our community will not just have serious touraments, but some fun game nights every week. Forgers will be able to show off their maps and we can have a relaxed setting where people of all levels can play and have a good time. Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated.
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