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  1. Looking for some people to play on the Master Chief Collection with. I was hoping to play the Halo 3 ODST co-op with someone but sadly none of my friends have it, if anyone would like to play the ODST co-op on MCC then send me a message over Xbox. My GamerTag is D3ltaDude19.
  2. I think the ranking system needs to be improved. I have been getting matched with players who have a skill level far beyond mine, and why isn't there a public co-op? Where people could just go to multiplayer and host/join a campaign mission? About the multiplayer, I am very disappointed when I found out that we are not allowed to express our nameplates, emblems, and service ID's during multiplayer matches. What's the point of even having those if they are just going to be stripped away during a match? I don't want the boring swirl when I'm on the red team, or the lame spartan/sword logo on the blue. One of my favorite features in the Halo games made by Bungie was that they actually allowed players to use those items in any match! I loved seeing other player's creativity through their emblems, and proudly display their clan's designated ID on their armor in the middle of combat. This feature being taken away by 343 was extremely saddening to me, my question is, why would you even add those features if your going to take it away during a match? Why would a company give players the ability to unlock stuff they are not even allowed to use? Please give players back our freedom and give us the ability to express their nameplates, emblems, and ID's. This should have been considered before launch, I don't understand why something like this would even be agreed to.
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