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  1. Unfortunately support for Halo 5 ended a while ago or it's at least on life support. There won't be any more gameplay additions or updates for it anymore unless they bring the game to PC, in which there may be a slight chance.
  2. No unfortunately, just speculation based on how long 343 takes to work on things and what they've confirmed to work on and will work on. This is 343 we're talking about so it's hard to pinpoint anything.
  3. We're honestly not going to see any meaningful changes to the challenge system until they ship out that progression system they're working on, whenever that will be. Once that gets shipped out, then the challenge system will likely start get the proper makeover. However, this is 343, so anything could happen. Presumably something worse or controversial. Nothing big ships into a live service game without ******** off a lot of people with a bunch of unnecessary additions and/or restrictions. Seeing as we're in ANOTHER six month season, we likely won't get the new progression system until maybe midway through Season 3 and we're going to have to deal with the current challenge system until then.
  4. Almost to my ten year mark on this site!

    1. Zelda


      Same. My account will hit ten years next year.  Congrats! 😄

  5. Lack of shoutbox without any sort of announcement of it being taken out has me a bit peeved and sad honestly.

    1. Mothy


      I decided to log back on today and WOW lemme tell ya this place got a major makeover. I'm not a fan of Discord but I guess thats the only good replacement 

    2. Ranger Intel

      Ranger Intel

      Yeah the SB was actually taken down a good while back, and I wasn't happy to see that, but it was ultimately redundant with the use of Discord.

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