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  1. Hey, i'm looking to join a clan who not only knows how to fight, but also be able to work like a real team. Unlike like those wannabe pros who just camp in the middle (or steal vehicles that spawned at enemy base) or degenerates who demoralize they're own team with derogatory terms and unsporting behavior. My Xbox tag is (practically the same) MegaManNX1077. I play the MCC (and Infinite in the near future) via Steam. I usually play every couple of days, mostly long sessions on weekends (sometimes I play StarCraft II or Iron Harvest). I don't have a mic yet, but I'm planning on getting one soon (communication is vital to the squad). Here's my qualities: - I'm one of the best drivers you can get. I can pull off quick get aways and near misses instantly as long as I don't stop without cover. - I'm an expert in infiltration. As long as the attention is away, I can slip close enough without going loud. - I can handle defense with less manpower. Just need the right tools and I can down half a team without backup. - I'm an overall team player. As long as you got a good plan, i'll follow it...until an opportunity opens. - I'm also looking to do a bit of Firefight and the occasional Campaign co-op (for fun and PVE/Seasonal Challenges). My Discord is MegaManNX#2959. Send me an invite and let's win some battles!
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