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  1. This isnt halo, this is more of a RPG type game sorta like battle star or whatever. Sorry.
  2. Whats the quickest time youve ever had a vulture out in. My personal record is about 6 mins 15 seconds.
  3. Chuck Noris did a year straight playing nothing but Halo, once he finnished he could understand, speack and write sanghilli and can recall the order of every single marine's death and how they died.
  4. What is the correct grammar for many mongeese?
  5. I learned that on Reach if you are an elite and are wielding a plasma pistol, if you crouch its is so funny you wont be able to speak for 5 minutes
  6. Have you heard? Well people call it "The real world" and apparantly the gameplay is second to none BUT the graphics are a let down and theres no background music. Also, there are no cheats whatsoever. And there is no background music. Furthermore, it is so laggy you can't re-spawn, you stay back-screened for the rest of your life. And for the time that you are alive you have to work very long hours in a job you most probally won't like..... "Thats crap! Why would you want to play that?!" i hear you cry. Well.... Aside from all the negatives, come all of the possitives: It has a NPC population of over 7 Billion, all of whom interact with eachother and you can interact with them! The population is growing all the time due to the interations..... It has a hugely expansive map, so big infact it would take you YEARS to get from one side to the other, and even then there is no sides because is a spherical map! There is development to make it so you can explore the ocean floor and the heavens above. The weather effects are so reallistic, they will blow you away! It is possible to lead a copmpleatly unique lifestyle. You can fly in a plane and cross oceans There is absoutly no censoring If you can find it, the weapons variety is MASSIVE Thats all i can remember being said about it... Anyone got any ideas of any more, i lost the web link to the reveiws pages about it. All due credit to SpartanKIL Yours,
  7. RIGHT THE GUYS!!!!!! Any Brits out there! Get your kettles ready! you shall be drinking alot of tea whilst on these forums, i can say i have.... lol ANYWAY comment on here and vote in the poll !!!! Yours, Your favorite Brit (or at least most common to see)
  8. Right well im no going to give many details, but i will say that it is a "milsim." I have a very good knoledge of milliatry tac-tics and ranking systems and i will be taking this clan as if it is a real battaleon. I just need basic numbers for a rough draft list. Heres a basic list of what is going to happen: The first 10 people to official join (after christmas) will be founders and have the rank of Luitenant The next 5 people to join will also be co-founders and have 2IC jobs and will be known as 2nd luitenants after that all members will be just normal soldiers will start at "recruit" and rank up after various time frames and tests between ranks. I am working on the basics for the clan, hoping that it will be very big, these include a Facebook page and group, a list of members and regular meeting among the founders and co-founders to be passed to everyone else. So PM me if you are interested in this clan and if you wish, leave a comment. THE FOUNDERS POSSISIONS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!!!! But if someone does not wish to be a founder then their possision will be open to fill bu the next meber to join. Yours,
  9. Lol you have to be respectful to our alien enemy, we are technecly allianced with them now lol (the covie you fight in halo 4 is only a rouge group led by a terrorist)
  10. Alrighty then guys and gals, Name your own UNSC or Covie Starship. KEEP IT CLEAN! UNSC Hope On The Horrison Covie: Intimate Doom Get creative guys and gals
  11. Right, use a word to describe a word, then tel use what you do with the word you have described. Example: Code the code that is used to code the code. Then you have to uncode the code to uncode the other code to use the final code. Get it? GO!
  12. Chuck Noris can understand any language in the universe, even the Engineer's language from Halo.
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