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Found 9 results

  1. This forum, is not only a place of Fantastic News Articles Caring and Mature Staff Hilarious Friends Intellectuals of ALL Sorts The Almighty Twam Halo Events PC game events Events Galore! Prizes! Holiday's Gift Giving and more! This forum is a family. There may be fights. There may be bad times. But we make up. We make up because we are a caring community that helps all that ask, and those who don't as well. I want to say that being here for over two years now has really been so helpful to me and my life. It gave me a place to go and socialize if I was feeling lonely in real life. And then there were times where I found myself to busy to come on. Sadly I'd have to depart for a while, but then I'd come back and find old friends, and new as well! It was exhilarating. I've come back and forth every now and then, and for right now, I'm here to stay and now, as a grey, and dedicated member of the forum. Thank you, all of you. Pb.
  2. Hello all, my gt is ExG Ramshaw. I am a recruiter for my clan and we are a mature group that play with a code of ethics conduct and representation of our clan. We hold practices twice a week every week excluding holidays. Wed and Sat are practice days. Wed is map recognition (call outs), strat and social play as a team. Sat is customs/clan and social matches. Along with that we review your game play and try to work on weak points or we suggest a way to improve your k/d ratio. We do have a website that requires a sign in and a recruitment application to be filled. We also need our players to know the code of conduct of our clan and sign a reply with there gt. We are still looking for more members and we dont need the best players, anyone is free to come try out with the clan run a few maps with us and well get to know each other. Our website is http://executiongaming.enjin.com come by check us out and hopefully see you guys out there.
  3. Boom. 500 posts. I R so dedicated.
  4. I'm one of the many that are getting the message of death. "Halo servers are currently unavailable. You are in a default server. BLAH BLAH BLAH" I get set back to SR1 and my loadout is reset in matches. I'm loving everything else about Halo 4, but have 343 actually acknowledged that this is still an issue? Before anyone replies, I know that I am on a fallback hopper/server, I have tried resetting my console and modem multiple times (etc) and the issue is not on my end. This is now the 5th day of this problem for me and I can only play 1 game of MM at a time at best before it comes back. It would just be nice if 343 would at least admit to the problem and say that they are trying to fix it. Let know if anyone has heard anything.
  5. Decided to see who else feels they should follow the same footsteps as those being released nowadays. I think it will be better for a huge title like ''Halo'' and from my experience playing GOW3 on their dedicated servers sure helps out. No longer do i get all the bs games lagging everywhere. If you don't agree that’s cool but take note if you've had lag issues on a game like GOW3 in the past its either down to you having a ****y connection or you playing on their hosted servers which if you go and purchase the new maps you'll find it's better and that they stick you on the dedicated servers which helps a hell of a lot from what we all use to. So what do you think? and if no then please explain why...
  6. Hey everyone! Wow, so I finally hit 500 posts! It took me about 15 days, but it seems to have gone by so fast. (Oh wait, it did xD) I'm so glad to have joined the community, and I know I'll be here for much longer c: I want to thank some people Azaxx - Azy, you were the first person to greet me when I joined. Since then I have come to learn how funny and charming of a person you are. Like I said earlier today, I already consider you a good friend. I hope we can become even better friends over time Oh, and happy birthday Archangel Tyrael - Of course, I can't mention azy without mentioning someone else I'm already good friends with. Tyrael, you are an awesome guy and I've had great conversations with you. You've also helped me with personal problems, and for that I am very grateful to you. I hope to play Halo 4 with you soon! Minuette - I haven't known you as long as some of the others I mentioned, but I've grown to like you very quickly and I enjoy working with you on our current project. I'll be finished with my lines soon Ryu Hayabusa - My ninja buddy I'm catching up to you quickly, you know I wanted to say thanks for the conversations and insight. We're good friends already, and I hope to play Halo 4 alongside you soon c: Tallgeese - I haven't talked with you too often, but when we have it has always been interesting and enjoyable to me. You've also informed me of plenty of things I don't think I would have known about otherwise, so thank you for that Twam - It's pretty obvious, even though I haven't talked to you yet I have to say thank you so much for making and maintaining this wonderful site. You really have brought together an absolutely wonderful community of people that are a joy to be around into one place, and for that I will always thank you. Lastly I would like to thank all of the staff, former staff and moderators. You have all worked so hard to keep these forums clean and enjoyable and I thank and admire you myself. I have been a moderator, and I know that it is not easy work. No one should forget the time and effort you've put in to this site, nor should they disrespect you. I would also like to thank every member of this community, even if I haven't met you yet. This site needs you, and thank you for helping this fantastic community forum site strive. I know my list is kind of short, but forgive me for not being here long enough to know very many people well. However even I can tell that there are wonderful people here and that they're the kind I love to be friends with. Once again I'd like to thank everyone here, thank you very much for reading my post as well xD
  7. I have recently noticed Victory Elements topic on what he should get as his Unique title and people have raised an important issue. Should Unique titles be for EVERY dedicated Member or just those that prove themselves? I myself believe that the title's should only be given to people who have proved themselves as a great member of our community. This way the "Unique Titles" can stay unique. I would also like if only 1 person can have a title, so that people don't use others titles.
  8. The day has finally come now that i have reached 500 posts which means im dedicated. I remember the day i signed up i didnt even think i would get to 100 posts but 500 is crazy! I don't have anyone to thank except for everyone who has supported me and been nice. Thanks! -Anarchy
  9. After months of being dedicated to the site and posting in topics that I was interested in and making friends with many users here I finally have a title that shows my dedication... Along with a nice new award. So I would like to thank the moderators for being awesome and having great senses of humor but still able to enforce the law sternly when necessary and staff for doing what they do as well. Thanks to Twam for being Twam. Hail Twam you know? Special thanks goes out to: ZB for encouragement and being one of my closest friends here on the forum and being the nicest kid. adamj for being another great friend of mine it's great working with you on decoding 69086 archives, adam for news group ya'll! Spectral Jester for being a great mod and source of information other than Halo 4 which a lot of people don't seem to appreciate. One, Firen, & Zaguroth for commenting on my status encouraging me to come back soon (ZB and adam I know you were there but it wouldn 't be fair thanking you more than once haha). Choot'em for being awesome and I like working with you on decoding the 69086 archives as well. Doctor for being dedicated to decoding the 69086 archives with us you've got good theories. Killer K34 for being enthusiastic about deciphering the archives with us as well, we make a great team! GermanShepherdD for being magic as hell. miniamp for being a weird little dude that says funny things that I think are funny. Redstar Rocket, Kurt, & SuperIntendant for being cool dudes. Everybody else in the forum because I really do like all of you. Ever since I've joined the site I've felt like I've belonged on a place like this and I'm glad I landed on this forum over another one like Waypoint or NeoGaf. I really am going to miss the purple name but I'm going to get used to the silver one. Anyone who read the whole thing just let me know and I'll edit the post and add you into the special thanks just for reading it haha
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