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Found 6 results

  1. Chapter 1 Garria, 6:32 PM, 2542.(5 days after evac) Commander Reginna Kresky bent down and scooped up blood on the ground with her hand. The blood was about 11 minutes old, she grinded the pebbly dirt with her fist. There seemed to be a path of blood, small droplets, they led to a land of large bent and rusted pipes. Garria was falling fast, the sky grew darker, the heat from the covvie ships burning the planet was screwing with the spartan-III's HUDS, forming static and glitches. No one knew why the covvies were taking so long glassing the planet. ONI thought maybe they were looking for forerunner artifacts, or maybe something else.... Kresky turned her head to see a spartan shoot the last of the elites that ambushed them, shooting it's head, there were bodies everywhere.... The goal of the mission: a rescue mission, Kurt-051 had hope that they could find survivors, and train them to be the future spartan-IIIs. "Survivors could be hiding in those pipes, let's move, we don't have much time left." Kresky said. The soldiers scanned the area, their camo programmed in their SPI armor made them ghost in the harsh mini sandstorm. The SPI armor system they wore looked like a mixture of tank and marine armor, it was thick--but was kinda slender, to make the spartans move faster. The helmets had bulging wide visors that looked like fish tanks, the back and sides were armored however. This armor was designed to withstand plasma and bullets, in order to have a large army of spartans like these, the UNSC made cheaper armor then the SPARTAN-II mark IV. The blood spots got bigger....And bigger....And bigger....... "I think someone is injured, get the med kit ready." Kresky said. Kresky was on her third mission, and already she became one of the top soldiers, she became almost a legend. Not much is known about her life as a kid, she has forgotten for unknown reasons. All everybody knew was she was born on a planet called Shu'veha. Even with his glitchy motion tracker, a spartan got a few contacts. "Ma'am...."He said. "Move it." Kresky replied, examining a pipe. Covenant ships could be seen from the spartan's position, their plasma beams glowed red, and blasted the dusty ground. Kresky looked around some more, and her eye caught something....Two life forms snuggling, they were clutched up in a pipe. She got closer, her team followed. The things were kids, no older then maybe 6, 7, or 8? One was a mid-brown skinned girl, and the other a smaller pale tan red headed girl, she was shivering. "Hello? Are you ok?" Kresky said, and got closer. The kids had many cuts and bruises, but the black one was unconscious, her blood spread everywhere. The other one looked like she had a broken arm, and they both looked dehydrated. "We need to take them now, move it." Kresky said. The medics gently took out the fragile beings, and forced them to drink water, the red headed one drank some, but the black one was unresponsive..... "Kresky to Echo 423, we have injured civvies and need extraction immediately." Kresky said. "Echo 423 to Kresky, we have your location and are coming to you, over." "Affirmative." 6 minutes passed.....The kids were getting worse. Kresky for the first time Kresky could see the red headed one was barely opening her eyes, they were bright green. Suddenly, as if it came from midair, a plasma grenade came down on Kresky's helmet. "TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!" A soldier said. Things seemed to go slowly as she took off the helmet, she dropped it and her and the others flied from the helmet. Blue plasma shot up, and blew away glass and dirt, the spartans covered the kids. Sangheili spec ops surrounded the area, and opened fire with their bulky plasma rifles. The spartans took cover behind pipes, their camo helped confuse the enemy. 20 enemies died, which resulted 10 dead spartans, 10 were left... Kresky heard the engine of the pelican, echo 423 was dodging plasma, and got closer to the team. Kresky signaled the team to go on. The spartans and kids were aboard, the pelican was taking plasma hits which resulted in a shaky cargo bay. Kresky and a few soldiers shot through the almost closed pelican, hoping to get a few last kills. The cargo bay was a little chaotic, bulky spartans made it kinda tight, and medics were trying to help the kids survive, they were supported by IV drips. "This one is almost out...." said a medic speaking to Kresky, he pointed at the brown skinned girl almost motionless....."I don't know about this one commander........" Kresky took one last look at the kids. The red head was breathing very slowly.....Not saying a word....No one spoke, everyone's attention was on the two girls... "Hang in there......" She said as she rubbed their heads. She sat down, and clutched her hands in frustration, she sighed in emotion, the kids were on her mind... She waited till the long trip to Onyx was over.
  2. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Orange_H4 Gametype: Orange_H4 Player Count: 12 - 16 Alrightythen everyone, its time to lay this first map to rest. I apologize for reposting this map for the third time but I've made changes from time to time and now its finally completed. This map is made for an epic battle using dominion mode. The amount of players that I recommend doing is 16 players or 8 v 8 to get the full chaos out of it. Orange_H4 is semi symmetrical because of some issues I had to deal with like lack of budget and structure. I've put out more vehicles (wraiths and regular warthogs), changed up a few weapon choices for objective drops. "Orange" doesn't sound like a cool or original name for a map but the reason why I named it orange is because it was supposed to be a remake or tribute for this map http://gamebanana.co...om/maps/46051�� Orange maps are made not only in TF2 (Team Fortress 2) but are in many other games that have an editor tool (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Left 4 dead series, etc.) so its kinda like a tradition to have a Orange map so I brought it into Halo 4. Hope you guys like my first completed map, Have fun! Overview of the map Bases Middle Base ©
  3. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Orange_TF2 V1.6 Gametype: ORANGE_TF2 Edit: LAST EDITED 12/12/12 Thread is outdated, see newest here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/23392-orange-h4-final/ Here is my lastest update from my previous version here http://www.343indust...-tf2-dominion/. Nothing really dramatically changed, just some minor details for both bases and added team colors for walls, decoration, etc. Especially at C area, I've made the building and around it orange because why not? There is an added Bigscreen for second floor in C, and brought some of the colosseums and natural rocks together to avoid seeing gap holes. I swear no matter how many times I magnetize the wall colosseums that make the floor layout, they won't stay 100% together. Really, its one of the most aggrivating things about forge. A closer look at the spawn area. Finding a way to build w/o using grids makes me feel so much better about my forging skills, lol. Middle, C, however you would call it. 1st floor of C 2nd floor of C I really need some playtesters please! As always, look for it in my fileshare "Fraw Lawk"!
  4. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Orange_TF2 Gametype: ORANGE_TF2 (Dominion) THIS THREAD IS OUTDATED. SEE NEWEST HERE http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/21291-big-team-dominion-orange-tf2-v16-update/ Orange_TF2 is a tribute to one of the famous custom maps on Team Fortress 2 called "Orange". There are many different versions of the map but I decided to forge the original because of the budget and blocks that I could use. Since TF2 uses Capture Points to win, I decided to make it Dominion so it would look and play simliar. This map is meant to be played with 16 players because of its size and room it brings. The map is symmetrical (sorta). There are 5 bases to capture, both teams main base has Rocket Hog, Ghost, and Mantis. There is also a banshee on top of middle [C]. I was actually curious to see how big a dominion map could be with just forge pieces and not using the enviroment. This map only took about all of my budget 9995/10000 so I can't make it bigger or whatever :[. Comparison: A look at the 3 vehicles at one of the main bases (Red) There is plenty of room for the vehicles to drive around The Map and Gametype to download will be in my fileshare due to the fileshare search on waypoint not available. Search for "Fraw Lawk". This is my first official Halo 4 map so please let me know what you think, and give me as much feedback as you can. Thanks, and have fun! Also, that Spartan is a SPY! *snort snort*
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