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  1. I'd like to develop a Halo Game for the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad. I was wanting to know if there was like a permissions form or document I had to fill out. First I want to know if I have permission to upload it to the App Store and possibly sell it, or have like 50% go to 343i. I'm a young developer, and quite frankly, of all the games I've made, I really just want to make a Halo one. One day I'd like to work for 343, but until then I'm on my own. I just want some perms, so reply please telling me what I have to do.
  2. Yeah probaly. I'm just saying, Halo 3 multiplayer should stay on for a little while longer.
  3. I have friends who adore the game. I love the game too, there are achievements I need, and I want my kids to be able to experience the epicness of Halo, just like I have. Well, they better take down COD 2 multiplayer first, its a 2005 game.
  4. I've noticed something very disturbing lately. When I go to play Halo 3 mutliplayer, it is extremely difficult to find a match. It usually times out because not enough players join. I love Halo Reach and Halo 4, but I'm worried Bungie willt take down Halo 3 mutliplayer eventually. Halo 3 is a great game, and needs support. I don't want a repeat of CE and 2. I'm asking Bungie and 343 to support Halo 3, and I'm asking all Halo players that have Halo 3 to sign on and play a few matches. Thanks. Keep Halo 3 alive.
  5. Yeah, I agree. I hope they take their time on Halo 5 and 6. Halo 4 was awesome, but lacked the constant epicness of Halo 3. I said CONSTANT, it was still epic. I would like to work for 343, and hopefully by the time I can, I'll be able to help wiht Halo 6 and following games.
  6. Haha you have the exact same situation as I do. I did it on solo legendary. I moved, and for the week with no interwebs, I beat it legendary solo. No armor when I got internet. I feel that 343 trolled me because I fought really hard for my armour and for it to appear on my service record, i had the achievement and on the missions menu to prove it. They put it on my service record, but didn't give me the armor. It stinks. Luckily, I have my hard earned venator armor, but I want my Mark VI so I can equp it if I have to. 343 PLEASE FIX THIS. WE ARE LOYAL HALO PLAYERS, AND YOU SHOULDN'T TREAT US LIKE THAT SINCE WE WERE OFFLINE. IT WAS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE AND I DON'T WANT TO DO IT AGAIN, AND I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. PLEASE GIVE US OUR ARMOR. PLEASE. THANKS -Chris557478
  7. In Reach, the armor didn't cover enough of the body. It looked weird, I like Halo 4 armor better. The Helmets are cooler and have a bigger variety, along with everything else. I do like how in Reach you can buy specific parts, but it's not like you can see them, or anyone stops shooting you in a match just to look at your legs.
  8. Yeah, but read the books. It's a different campaign. I agree AIs are annoying, but it would still make a good game in my opinion. Maybe for Multiplayer, you could use your Reach Spartan
  9. If you’ve read any of the Halo books, keep reading. If you haven’t, stop reading, go buy all of them, read them, then come back. Or keep reading. First off. Contact Harvest: The beginning of the Human-Covenant War. SPOILERS TO HALO 3 AHEAD WARNING WARNING The book follows Staff Sargent Avery Johnson, and I don’t need to tell you guys who that is… r.i.p. It starts with the UNSC struggle against the Insurrection, but Johnson soon encounters the covenant. I think it would be a good game, and we’ve all wanted to play as Sargent Johnson. It would be a neat game, and yeah, a lot of people might not like it, but a lot of people like me would. It would reveal a lot of the story to people who didn’t read the amazing books. Next off, Halo: The Fall of Reach. The title speaks for itself. Everyone knows about noble team, and SPARTAN B312, but what about FREDERICK-104? Master Chief regretted thinking sending blue team down to Reach, thinking it was the easy task, but if you’ve read Halo: First Strike, you’ll find that all was not lost and glassed. Frederick, Grace, Lee, Kelly, and this other guy survived. The reason they weren’t glassed, is because the mountain where the Spartans were trained is host to a forerunner space-time warping crystal. The covenants are after it, and it would be great to play as Fred. The game would start out when Master Chief deploys blue team down to the surface of Reach. The Pelican in the books was severely injured, forcing all the Spartans to jump out. With 4 KIAs, the rest of blue team goes on to protect Reach. This would be an interesting game, I think. As long as it’s not like Halo: Reach, and you actually follow the plot of the books, all the way from the pelican drop to the destruction of the Unyielding Hierophant, it would be a spectacular game. I hope 343i looks into this. It would be really cool.
  10. 1. ARBITER- He could come back, as like the leader of the new covenant ( not evil ) and help the UNSC fight the forerunners 2. Hornet or Falcon. Just banshees are boring 3. Previous halo game cameos. 4. C12 detonative explosives, like in the book Halo: The Fall of Reach 5. Not trying to copy off of COD, since I'm all Halo and not a COD player, but a survial game mode against waves of flood, in different maps. To do this you'd have to bring back firefight and add it as a game mode for firefight. 6. Older versions of the Mark ___ helmets should be available as well. 7. Bigger forge maps, and they should be on requiem. All we have is impact (which isn't even like forge, its just empty) and ravine. 8. Make the game more "newbie" friendly, like set a matchmaking type just for sr20 and below. Also add training. Fix the regicide unfairness, you shouldnt get overshields for running around, like a lot of people do in 1v1, even in matchmaking. Make it so you only keep the overshields if you get a kill within about 20 second, same with reign of terror. or make it so the second place guy gets the stuff. 9. Get rid of the annoying person who sings in the main menu. Its kind of... Not halo and doesn't fit. I'm not sure. 10. Bring back the elites. 11(7). As I mentioned above, it would be cool if the Arbiter started a new covenant, and they have different beliefs and are allies with the UNSC. 12. FORERUNNER VEHICLES FTW!
  11. closest you get is borderlands 2. i have it, its great.
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