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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have just spoke to the Xbox customer service team and they have directed me to go to you. I recently bought an Xbox One, I bought the Halo master Cheif Collection Edition. As you know, this game is installed Via the xbox store. I did know that this could only be downloaded and didnt come with a disk. However, I wasnt aware that the game itself would use 60gig if not more of my storage space on the hard drive. The size is not the issue but the install is, My broadband internet speed at home is extremely weak as I live in an area that is immune to Fibre optic therfore the best speed I can get is just over 1mbps. Installing a game of that size over my internet is just ridicoulous. Would it be possible to get a Disk sent to me so I can install it that way. I have all the information and details to prove I have bought this game encase you need some type of verification. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can get back to me ASAP. Regards Im new here, can anyone help me? Im new here, can anyone help me?
  2. Hey, everybody. So, I got Halo Reach for Christmas, 2014. Surprisingly enough, it was an early copy edition, meaning they provided a redemption code for Recon. Anyways, I entered the correct code and it showed that the download was pending, but it didn't even start downloading for about a half-hour. So stupidly enough, I canceled the download and tried to re-enter the code to see if it would work again. But it said the code was already used. So if any employee reads this, (By some chance) please tell me. I will provide my redemption code and my account.
  3. Along with a couple of friends, we have come up with a great idea for a game or game type that I know all gamers would love. Before I let it out to the public I would like to speak (preferably video chat) with a couple 343 game developers. This is a BIG game type. It would involve 50-100 players on each team with a map the length of 1000 yards. We have come up with everything from New vehicles to New weapons and armor. Those are all the details I can give to this post. I do want to keep most of the details on the down low so we can keep the idea original. PLEASE I'm now begging I just need 5 minutes to speak with a developer. I'm sure the world would love this game. Again all I need is 5 minuets and I'm sure they will be hooked.
  4. If you’ve read any of the Halo books, keep reading. If you haven’t, stop reading, go buy all of them, read them, then come back. Or keep reading. First off. Contact Harvest: The beginning of the Human-Covenant War. SPOILERS TO HALO 3 AHEAD WARNING WARNING The book follows Staff Sargent Avery Johnson, and I don’t need to tell you guys who that is… r.i.p. It starts with the UNSC struggle against the Insurrection, but Johnson soon encounters the covenant. I think it would be a good game, and we’ve all wanted to play as Sargent Johnson. It would be a neat game, and yeah, a lot of people might not like it, but a lot of people like me would. It would reveal a lot of the story to people who didn’t read the amazing books. Next off, Halo: The Fall of Reach. The title speaks for itself. Everyone knows about noble team, and SPARTAN B312, but what about FREDERICK-104? Master Chief regretted thinking sending blue team down to Reach, thinking it was the easy task, but if you’ve read Halo: First Strike, you’ll find that all was not lost and glassed. Frederick, Grace, Lee, Kelly, and this other guy survived. The reason they weren’t glassed, is because the mountain where the Spartans were trained is host to a forerunner space-time warping crystal. The covenants are after it, and it would be great to play as Fred. The game would start out when Master Chief deploys blue team down to the surface of Reach. The Pelican in the books was severely injured, forcing all the Spartans to jump out. With 4 KIAs, the rest of blue team goes on to protect Reach. This would be an interesting game, I think. As long as it’s not like Halo: Reach, and you actually follow the plot of the books, all the way from the pelican drop to the destruction of the Unyielding Hierophant, it would be a spectacular game. I hope 343i looks into this. It would be really cool.
  5. I would really like to ask someone at 343 if it's possible for them to completely delete my service record. I understand that I may be asking for a lot, but if anything my account is really too shameful, for lack of a better word. I have 900+ exp on halo 3 and I have played 4000+ games, social and ranked. I really don't play halo reach or 4. 3 is the game I prefer. Mostly because I love classics and sadly 2 was taken off live. So if someone could respond to my post or even e-mail me directly at [email protected] My XBL Gamertag is EpicDistortion3. Thank you.
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