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Found 3 results

  1. Sniper0092


    From the album: Art

  2. You guys might know them as LiQuid BioniX, SykoWolf, Sarge, and Minuette but they all address each other by Caleb, Matt, Jake, and Mackenzie. Those names are listed respectfully. That means in order. Well in my first collective interview, ladies and gentlemen: The Podcast Crew. DD: "Hello guys, so I've gotta ask you guys just as I've asked the rest of my interviewees: Where do your names originate from?" S: "My name came from Red vs Blue, which I've watched since I was just a wee-lad. Let the record show I am not Matt Hullum (Sarge) please stop messaging me if you can be on the show xD" M: "My name originated from a background character of one of my favorite shows, named Minuette. I also picked it because it was French and it sounded really beautiful and unique to me." LB: "I play semi-professional paintball for a team called Team LiQuid, so I tend to put that prefix in front of all of my names. BioniX just came from nothing ;)" SW: "I created the name after I decided to stop using Razor Sharp, my original user name before i joined the site. My current username originated from the fact that im usually a lone wolf whenever i play Halo and other similar games.The Syko part came from the fact that when im angry i tend to become rather 'psycho" in my play style. It also kinda plays into my outside life, I prefer to work on my own, so that if anything goes wrong I know that It's something that I have done wrong, that being said I can work effectively in teams." DD: "So who came up with the idea of the 343i Podcast originally? I remember when the talks started and I remember I thought it was a good idea but how'd it all come together is what I'm really asking I guess." LB: "I'm gonna have to take credit for starting it I listen to a lot of podcasts, some are comedy but most are about gaming, and I thought that this site could use a little one. I know that I personally love listening to them, so I assumed many people would enjoy one, especially if it was focused on gaming AND this website. Basically, I just posted a topic in the General Discussion about starting a podcast, and the idea really took off. People were (and still are) really excited about it! It's also a blast to do, and all the positive responses we get keep us going with it!" DD: "I love them as I said earlier and I'm guessing this is the crew that supported it most. Do any of you have previous Podcast or VoiceOver experience besides listening?" LB: "I'm gonna let Mackenzie take this one ;)" M: "Aww how nice. I haven't been in previous podcasts but I've done some voice acting for projects before. Most of them were my projects since I don't really audition but I'm starting too, for a short answer. Yes" SW: "I've done a little bit of voice work, mostly on machinimas and such, but no podcasts. I hope to extend out and do some more voice work.I currently help Mackenzie in some of his work and plan on helping him long into the future so long as he continues lol" DD: "That's very cool, machinimas I'm assuming? I'm not entirely sure if you mean those or actual tv shows or a web series haha but still it sounds fun. I think it's a great idea to have members on the Podcast as guests, how do you guys choose your guests?" S: "Well for our choosing process we capture all of our could-be guests. Then, we bring them to a secret room within the depths of the earth. After they all enter the room we line them against a wall. The spiritual aura in the room will take over their bodies causing them to chant words from ancient Skyrim texts and fight to the death. The Podcast Crew examines all of their skills from behind a holographic image of Twam ( .) In the case the two or three contenders are unable to fight each other for the seat with the champions Burnie decides if they are worthy. In the case he deems one of the contenders unworthy he asks them one simple question as he stares deeply in his soul: http://www.youtube.c...?v=A732Cuuo2tI� That is how the official choosing occurs. You might ask yourself, hey that doesn't make sense they (or I) would remember that! My answer to that comment is simply do you really think we wouldn't erase your memory after all of that hmm?" DD: "So then this could mean that I could've been chosen to be a guest and fought other members to the death without realizing? That could explain a lot of missing members.. And black names could indicate that they're dead. So to all of you: What do you like to do most on the site? Besides the Podcast of course." M: "Browse around until I find an appropriate topic to respond too, and the conversations in the shoutbox." LB: "Besides the podcast, I tend to just lurk in the ShoutBox and post on the forums. I used to get all hot-headed when it came to Halo 4, but the forums have really made me slow down and I try to help other, newer members do the same. Every opinion is welcome (it IS a Forum, after all), but cool heads are recommended as well." S: "Browse around until I find an appropriate topic to respond too, and the conversations in the shoutbox. - Couldn't of said it better myself." SW: "I love the site, it's always been one of my favourite places to hang out since I was in school, and im sure I'll be here long into the future. My favourite thing about the site has changed twice. Originally it was the wealth of information and idea's provided by our many members. And currently, it's the members themselves. I love meeting new people and talking to the older members who I met when i first arrived here. This site has produced 3 very important people to me, that most of you know, so I owe alot to our wonderful community :)" DD: "Pretty solid, I think that's what most members do actually. So did you guys partake in the Majestic Map Pack Challenge? If so, what did you think?" S: "I actually do participate in the challenge and I think it's great! The only problem with it is I think I've only found one. :unknw:" LB: "I WANT to participate, but I'm currently in college and without an Xbox. I will soon have it back and will absolutely do other playdates and challenges then, but I don't have the option to currently. I have, however, participated in previous playdates and whatnot." SW: "I originally wasn't going to enter the Majestic Map Pack competition, but I decided I wanted to give it a try. To my surprise I pretty much had it decoded and answered within 2 hours. I believe I was one of the first 2 or 3 people to send in the PM, and while It was a bummer to not win anything I extend many congratulations to those who won,participated and ran the competition, it was a spectacular idea for a competition and I cant wait for the next one..this time though..make it hard ;)" DD: "So the artist behind the logo of your Community Podcast Sig: who is it and where did the idea come from?" LB: "That would be the one and only Insignia I PM'd him one day after the podcast really started to take off and asked him if he could make a little surprise for the crew. The image is there because, well, it's a good image (and minimalist). Insignia did a fantastic job and I love seeing it down there! I know that other people throw those types of things in their signatures (not just on this forum, but on others as well), and I thought it'd be really nice have the crew tag because the guys deserve the credit. Researching, doing, and putting the podcast together takes some time and we are all doing this because we love the forums and love games, and this is a special thing to show it off!" DD: "I shouldn't have expected anyone else. The beautiful artwork is a clear sign of Insignia's work . Now the Podcasts come out to be almost an hour if not more. How many minutes of raw sound clips do you think you have after recording before all the editing and posting occurs?" S: "Burnie might be able to answer it better, but hell I gave it a shot. Before all the editing occurs we usually have about 20 minutes extra material on each podcast which which Liquid or Minuette cut out. They cut this out in order to make it run smoother and family friendly." LB: "Sarge hit the nail right on the head. Sometimes some, say, inappropriate stuff gets said and we need to cut it out because this isn't an explicit podcast. Also, as we near episode number ten, I am going to do a little "behind the scenes" action, just to give people an idea about how WE go about recording and editing the podcast." SW: "Trust me, alot is said behind scene that would make people laugh, but some people tend to swear *cough* Jake *cough* Luckily, whenever we slip up in the actual recording, someone is always there to edit it out." S: "Hey! I only swear when needed, a great example is that Grifball episode I bet y'all had loads of fun editing out half of it because of your foolish remarks and my reactions about everybody's favorite gametype!" M: "I kept something special for the people who watch the whole way through in which I shouldn't have done but I said I would do it." DD: "That's pretty awesome! I hope we hear some of the stuff that got cut out, that could be really funny . You certainly make it sound interesting haha. You guys record the Podcast every Friday, does that ever become inconvient?" SW: "Not usually to be honest. Although sometimes my internet connection can become a little annoying, as you may have noticed lol, but other then that It's alot of fun being involved with the podcast and I dont see myself ever stopping my attendance, until I have to go away for Basic Training for 3 or 4 months." DD: "Ok guys the collective interview has been a fantastic success so I just have one last question for each of you to answer: What's your advice to members who maybe want to make a name for themselves like you guys?" LB: "Always keep talking! You want the podcast to try and flow a little bit or it becomes annoying and awkward. Also, make sure that you prepare ahead of time. The guys were making fun of me for taking notes during the PS4 announcement, but honestly, if you want to have good (and accurate) information, you need to take those notes and have ideas as to what you want to talk about. Also as I've said before, I'm going to do a little "behind the scenes" video that goes over some of the logistics/software that we use to record the podcast so that anyone interested in doing one can do so (for free). Basically, your podcast could have three listeners, but if you treat it and act like it's the best podcast in the world, then those listeners (and you) will be happy with it, and what more could you ask for?" SW: "It's not really that hard. All you need to do is be yourself. Be welcoming and helpful to newer members and just generally do what you can to keep the standards asked for all of our members. If your talented in ANY field, try to lend those talents to the site and the members if possible, Like Insignia has done in the art department, and Azaxx in his little "Protector of the Shoutbox" job lol" S: "My only piece of advice as Sykowolf said just be yourself don't try to be something that your not. That's the worst mistake you can make. Also, be friendly to everyone unless in some bizarre case they deserve your wrath. *looks over at sykowolf*" M: "I wouldn't really have any advice to make it like us, just be yourself and if you see a good opportunity take it, that's possibly all I can say/give you." Ok and that's all folks! I had a great time with the Podcast Crew, everyone please make sure to subscribe and follow all their work. Here's a link to their latest Podcast: Podcast 7. Thank you Caleb, Mackenzie, Jake, and Matt, and thank you 343industries.org.
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