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  1. Ill join if possible. I'm 14 tho I don't go on this at all so message it's leg on xbox. If I can try out or something
  2. I think and hope its like halo 3
  3. Timbit

    Spartan 4's

    I don't know for sure if I'm correct but if you read one of the halo book it tells you I think it's in glasslands
  4. I know for a fact it's in there everybody liked it in the beta and in reach its a newer game mode. It has only been in reach so I know they are going to bring it back. Put a poll up on this topic and see
  5. Your right, those people are anoying but it would be pretty hard to fix that wouldn't it?
  6. I still do to know why people are going on about this your right. 343i is going to do a godd job if people know a thing or two 343i are people from bungie that wanted to continue with halo
  7. Chances are it is going to be there if it isn't there in the beginning it will be there later on
  8. Not trying to be offensive but ban time isn't that long 10-15 mins, not so hard to deal with
  9. Totally agree 343 should make lots of cool armor items since everyone loved the costumization in reach
  10. I do not think it looks like a human skull if anything
  11. Then you should be the stronger player and not give up
  12. The banning is to teach people not to give up on there team
  13. I think it should it gives you more choice over maps rather than the same old maps 247
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