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  1. Hello 343 ICF, I have been away for a while my xbox got banned from online dont know why. Since i couldnt use it i started playing ps3 so and i just remember 343 Forum. Anyway im back hopefully permanently now. Yes i have a new username, why? well my clan really {Im The Joker Is Here if you have forgotten}
  2. Yes thanks for including me means a lot i hope that we can sort this out and get UNSC Spartan back as our leader
  3. Hello to Moderators and other Members, If the recent trouble between Blue Team and Shadow Team has annoyed you/concerned you, The Blue Team, has gone into Hiding for a while and will come back fresh calm and peaceful. Message to Moderators : I am sorry on behalf of the Blue Team, of all the trouble we have caused you, this will be the final Blue Team thread for now and if anyone except from you Moderators post in it i wish for the posts to be deleted, i have posted this to keep peace. So if anyone posts in this thread except from Moderators or Twam, can you delete the post please, thank you in advance. Now Blue Team will go into hiding for a while until this issue has been sorted out, after it has i will edit this thread and ask for permission for us to post and this will be our Thread from now on, any others please delete. I hope Shadow Team does the same thing and goes into hiding until all these matters have been sorted out. And i will say again i am sorry for the trouble that both teams have caused you. Thank You - Please do not post unless you are a Moderator Or Twam, if you need information please send me a Private Message - Thank You Blue Team will return....
  4. The Terminator: 1 Pbrabbit: 1 ShadowFiend: 1 Ranger: 0
  5. Happens to everyone no matter what rank your are and happens on Halo Reach and Halo 4 its a server connecting glitch
  6. Believe it or not, Guys who actually play with girls online in whatever game (Racing, COD, Halo, ETC) They will have a better time with playing with angry uncompetitive idiots that have to cheat to win
  7. Flappy Bird would replace it ...... What if?........ Halo servers got shut down........
  8. Windows XP is great but im using 2000 at the moment
  9. Well... that escalated quickly
  10. Right ok evolve ours into it and then save it but i need to see to see the one that you told me about before you started. Also i recommend JXZAW that you redo the roles in Blue Team for the people that are staying, Me, Shadow and Ruby Rose can be map designers we need a sniper/marksman, drivers, weapon specialists, frontline and a squad formation. I think it will hellp the team and it will reorganise the team so its a bit neater and then everyone know what everyone is doing.
  11. Starting to going to make Free Modded Maps for you all to keep Only for Blue Team and thanks Shadow il be ok il just pay for the xbox live il wait like the rest of the people around its only fair if you want to know how to make modded maps pm me and i will help Only Blue Team
  12. Cool id like to see it but unfortunatly the code you gave me ran out today and dad hasnt got enough to buy me full gold yet aergh Thanks i will show you the maps i have made you will know that they are mine as all mine have 343 in blocks somewhere but until i buy gold i wont be able to show you them unless i can find a code in the xmas tree doubt it though
  13. Thanks Spartan i hope to see you back soon and JXZAW are you going to be redoing the team manifest(team jobs) as i can make maps for the team
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