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  1. I and i'm sure i'm talking for a few of us when i say i want what halo 3 did for all of us halo reach was fun and a big step but halo 3 was huge for every one of us think were would we be without halo 3 ?
  2. mine would probably be sand box from halo 3 you could do anything on that map same as forge world on halo reach
  3. yes i will i still play halo wars and ODST so most likely seeing besides halo 3 that was my favorite halo so far
  4. Im assuming you guys have already pre orderd the game like i have but which one did you get
  5. say a creature object place and name. creature: grunt object: bomb vest place: starbucks name: david
  6. Do you ever wonder why were here? if you dont know what this is from you cant be on this website any more
  7. first off sorry because im sure there is already a topic like this but ... Dmr Shotgun Needler Assault Rifle Melee
  8. I forgot how to use the toilet please help.
  10. Once upon a time master chief whent to Canadia there he ment sue her roommates name was Kat from there Master cheif abandoned Noble team and fled Then Noble team died then Reach exploded the END
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