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  1. What do you think the development team got nervous and didn't want to release a game? Ha jk I understand what your sayin'
  2. I absolutely believe this.... "Ok we're gonna make blockbuster games, but make it only a 2 game series" Like com'on! They always stop at 2!
  3. So your saying to wait a bit after the game is released?
  4. Congrats on being a MoM....wow thanks fer spreading the info... Ha talk about yourself
  5. Dang this is sad to here.... I still appreciate all you've done... Especially with the awesome signatures you've created! Peace dude.
  6. ahhh I just came back after months being gone and this is what I see... ahh man well Goodbye wolf man!
  7. Im not sure if this is a "flaw" I mean it just happens. Your not always gonna find peeps with mics.
  8. Ha yea nothin you can really do about those kinds of teammates. You just have to deal with it and go total pro!
  9. I think the multiplayer is fine. Yea sure that part of the game may get boring and that could happen with a lot of games. You just have to find a way to make it fun or just move on to something for a bit.
  10. I'm gonna go cheesy and say Jurassic Park!
  11. This is a pretty sweet. Loved the map you were got the idea from. The aesthetics look great, how you blended the environment with the map. Great job!
  12. Oh yea definitively! I've been experiencing near every problem there is with the new update... yeash I hope it gets all sorted out soon.
  13. There is a specific section where problems in matchmaking goes, just go ahead and post that in that topic.
  14. There is an Off Topic or rather "Off Beat" forum topic but you can post it here...
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