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  1. Listen... I don't have a clue of what is going on in the story anymore, with AI Lives Matter, Hunt the New Plot, and Lego Set Eternal, but the community aspect is the main attraction. Ho no. Not THAT kind of community. I'm talking the "Pile 50 warthogs at the Hog Race finish line" kind of community. Playing Halo with friends is an experience that I don't see much in many other games. (Sure, there is Minecraft, but BZ1 blew up the roof and Gambol doesn't get invites from me, so basically eat me). From sweeping, or being swept by, enemy teams to ruining everyone's day in Action Sack, the game still doesn't disappoint. And you could say: "Hold up there Chief (haha), what about the few game modes and linear play? You didn't think about all the drawbacks of competitive play on casual people... And assumed my gender, but I'll send you PM ab"-- I'm rambling on here with a joke more beaten down than Glenn's skull. Looky here! Customs! Play the way you want, whether it's mere weapon changes to "what the hell, my frames are at 0.5, Vin delete the Billboards". Don't like the folks online nor boring linywhatever gameplay? To hell with them. Find some nice guys or gals to play with and have at it with crazy game types like "One in the Chamber", "Jenga City", "Fishy", etc... Blah blah, fun stuff. Ask Blue, he knows all this stuff. And FORGE. Forge lets YOU call the shots. Ruin a perfectly good Sentinel Beam (damage is fine... Very late Trigger warning) with Hydra missiles or have everybody drive a banshee melded to 4 mantises. The possibilities are endless! You can drop tanks on friends or fly an ONI Falcon (DAMN HELIOS PHAETON) with Shades on it... Sunglasses not turrets, never thought I'd have to make that distinction in my life. Thanks Halo. You could make a golf cart, but you can't really drive it... Make maps, gamemodes, and all that jazz for you and your Homie Gee McFlurry Twists. Sure that's covered... But... Uh oh... What's that? "Warzone has become Farm Simulator and there is little chance to get into a non-blowout game! What about that biznasty?" A wise fictional man that looked like Richard Castle once said: "From prey to predator". Got friends on Halo 5? Get in there and plow your own fields with your team of six (yeah six, fire teams changed, outcome did not) and get your own Achilles Armor... Or friend fun... Friend Fun sounds better. STILL hate people online, there's firefight... Still sucks alone. Better get the people you like and show Captain Hetero, Tank Master Rok (and second cousin Luk), and all those pain in the butt Prometheans who the real Baron S'arome is, damn it Fishy has level 9 Reqs already. Halo is doo doo when playing solo, unless you're that one Onyx in FFA. BUT I love it... Not... Solo... Is that the message I'm trying to deliver? Yeah, sure. Whatever. Friends = Halo fun And you're there like: "I get it now!" And then bought Battlefield 1 because you didn't read any of this. Thanks a lot, pal. Halo is dead. Mainly because of Poundtown.
  2. I wish to be swimming ecstatically in Mantises and dive into a pool of Plasma Casters and Whiplashes with the grace of a rubber goose. But more importantly... The Company... Play for the Company... Win for the Company... BREATH for the Company... Or something like that... A Phaeton would be nice, too. But really, playing with the bros, having the good times, and of course getting into a Wraith Turret, triple-capping, and destroying the core. Fishy, we're gonna empty that inventory.
  3. Looks a little bit like a Sandtrap remake...
  4. Honestly, very few of you. -Kumaru -Connor -Spyro -AnimeAddict -ShadowFiend -Twin -Fox I'm iffy about a few others, as I have no idea where we stand so I'm not going to jump to conclusions. The rest.... I would not want to meet, especially if they act in real life as I have seen them online.
  5. I volunteer to be switched to the New People Team.
  6. I actually might do this. Team Oldies but Goodies.
  7. Yo Samus Imma let you finish, but Master Chief was the best soldier of all time. Since we're talking dress up, y'all bring up solid facts about Samus's utilities, but here is where she falls short. Master Chief is a soldier, a SUPER-soldier even, and he has had the money from the wallets of Earth's banks, aristocrats, and middle class put into it, so it's doubtful that his equipment is exactly a half-arsed cosplay. But you don't need opinions, so we've brought cold, hard facts to the table. The Chief's external shell of armor is manufactured with durability in mind, hence the use of a titanium alloy as the basic protection without use of shield emitters, and can absorb a substantial amount of damage, varying on weaponry utilized. Underneath the primary shell, the body suit that covers most of John's body is more than your basic space-marine undershirt. Much like the exterior, the suit is synthesized with a similar titanium composition, but made more flexible to allow the wearer more mobility. It also acts against certain projectiles as well as keep the heat from plasma-based weaponry from fully compromising the wearer, very nifty for the Chief's line of work and trumps Samus's Zero Suit with it's defensive statistics. Underneath the suit, you have a coating of Hydrostatic Gel, it is added as a type of shock-absorber, to preserve the wearer from specific impacts, a factor that supplies the Chief with an upper hand in close quarters combat. Along with this, the Polymerized Lithium Nibocene Layer, one of the innermost layers, a crystallized compound that performs as a bonus sheet of muscle when electrically energized, adding to the Chief's already formidable strength. From the basic systems, the suit is outfitted with other pieces of cutting-edge technology. The helmet wields one of the most important pieces, something most refer to as the Heads Up Display. This aspect increases the accuracy of the wearer, assisting in pinpointing targets and telegraphing the opponent's movements with the motion-tracker, allowing for a more strategic combat. An average spartan can run the equipment with minimal friction, but when synergized with an Artificial Intelligence, it is a difficult combination to overcome. The inner padding of the suit supports said AI and allows it to view the soldiers vitals, especially to make use of the Biofoam Injectors if the wearer undergoes any deep or critical wounds, supplying as a temporary fix until a long-term solution can be found. With the AI, the soldier becomes a duo, with the primary human senses enhanced and paired up with a second person to supply extra assistance with reconnaissance of surroundings and even direction if needed. Since holsters were outdated and proved impractical at times, the magnetic strap system was implemented, making the Chief's current armaments easy to access without the hassle. If the projectile weaponry is not in the cards, the suit wielder's physical strength is amplified further by the Force-Multiplying Circuits, giving the wearer an unbelievable advantage in CQC. The Reactive Cicuits don't assist offensively, instead do wonders defensively, granting intensified reflexes to avoid having damage inflicted to the Chief. Fairly self-explanatory. That is not the average suit you can find at your local tailor, and is most definitely the prosperous outfit if going toe to toe with Samus. Her Power Suit may be formidable, though by the information we have seen, she is not capable of obtaining victory. Samus's suit does not meet the standards nor the technological superiority that the Chief is in possession of, especially in close quarters, where a SPARTAN-II is second to almost none. Weaponry-wise, the Master Chief has a wide selection, while Samus is granted the basic energy cannon that is much more difficult to aim with, let alone hit with, due to its slow moving projectiles. The power beam is not a major concern, as the Chief is more than capable of avoiding the projectiles, excluding few technicalities and oddball situations. Summing it up, the super-soldier will take the gold over the bounty hunter.
  8. I nominate Arbiter747 and Kumaru. The house speaker can be AnimeAddict.
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