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  1. LoL I'm shocked by the response because whenever I die, my killer almost always teabags me...
  2. So I was playing a new map I think it's called Settler and a couple times when I respawn I suicide? I'm not sure why or how but it happens lol. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. Halsey is bad even though she did good. She didn't do it properly but her ways were effective lol. Haha thanks! :]
  4. I should also say I feel it's useless on regular team slayer ( 8 people). I'm always out gunned byt people with dmrs/brs camping :/ I guess I'm just use to Halo Reach's slayer where everyone has an assault rifle lol ><
  5. Haven't played this game in a month. Last time I played I don't remember camo campers being this good? There isn't a scrambler on the motion sensor when you get near one? When you shot one their camo usually stops? I started playing again this weekend and all of that changed? No motion scrambler and when I shot one, they didn't become visible? Not sure if it's just me but that happened in a couple rounds and made me a bit mad. Anyone know if they increased the active camo ability?
  6. Well I know Halsey is a bad person but I still feel like hat she's done is sort of expected because of all the access and power that she was given? Spartan Palmer being a commander I feel like she doesn't really do anything? Also I feel it's strange that Spartans are in charge of the ops rather than being out on missions? And lastly I still don't get why Palmer is so mean to Halsey? I feel like it's because Halsey pretty said Palmer isn't fit to be commander which I beleive is true, but other than that I don't get why Palmer is a jerk. She was even mean to Halsey before Halsey entered the Inifinity?
  7. I feel that multiplayer is now all about long ranged weapons or who can make the best combo loadouts? Especially on big team battle rounds? If I try using the assault rifle it's sort of pointless because I can never get close enough to use it. I die by brs/dmr while trying to get close enough to use it on someone. Does anyone else agree with this?
  8. So its been a month since I've played Halo 4 multiplayer. I've just started again last week and I noticed the battle rifle is a lot stronger? Like I die within a couple shots and I don't remember the br being that strong? am I crazy or did they make it stronger? Also anyone else feel the assault rifle is a bit useless now in the sense matchmaking is all about range weapons rather than close combat?
  9. Personally I don't like her, I think she's annoying and does not deserve the title of commander. Anyone else agree or how do you feel about her?
  10. I posted this in campaign to talk about how this affects campaign play lol :s Don't really mind multiplayer mainly because I just need a dmr or assault rifle.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks it was extremely dumb to make the guns disappear within a couple seconds? It really makes playing on legendary a pain in the butt anyone agree?
  12. Yeah like Halo 3, I really wish they would make a mode like that in Halo 4 :/
  13. Hate them, but got to hand it to them, it's pretty hard using camo and camping, well atleast for me.
  14. Anyone wish there was a mode where the loadouts are preset and there aren't any skills or perks with them? Just an assault rifle and pistol and gernades? No br/carbine/dmr so that the game isn't about camping, more or so head on combat with the enemy team? If there's already one like this what is the mode called? o:
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