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  1. well i guess i'll delete my start to a highground remake.....lmao! Great job once again you big llama! I will be playing this in my hometown system link on June 1st and i'll have some video up of the action
  2. Ok so I tested this map and have to say it was aesthetically pleasing all around and was a lot of fun! However we found the best team size to be 2v2 or 3v3, anything else got a little chaotic. We were able to play a few games of Slayer, FFA, and Oddball. I'd put the max to 8 players. Some suggestions: Take away the Fuel Rod spawn because this weapon is much too powerful for a close range map like this. I destroyed a lot of people with that thing haha Also possibly make it only 1 sticky det spawn and in a different location, or just switch out the weapon for a less powerful one. If you are good with the sticky det on this map, no one can kill you! (maybe concussion rifle?) Is the map set up for FFA? We had 4 people and one of them spawned outside of the map on start in Infinity Rumble gametype. Other than that the map was awesome! Especially for 2v2 GREAT JOB!!!!
  3. Does this map lag at all with 12 people? It seems like a very vertically pleasing map and i am gonna love testing this out! How many teams is it set up for?
  4. Author: Jernst Reborn with help from TurbTastic Gametype: Ultimate Frisbee Map: Ultimate Frisbee Ravine Arena (more coming very soon!!!) Players: 8-16 Teams of 4-7 each work best. Just run around, jump, and use your grenade button to throw! When thinking of new mini-games a few months back, I tried to make an ultimate frisbee gametype because I played in college and still play in PADA and other tournaments around the country. I noticed someone else had created this gametype but it really didn't feel like Ultimate because the ball carrier could move, people could die, the scoring zone was only 1 point, etc... We have created a much more realistic version of Ultimate Frisbee using different feature in Halo 4! Teams start at either side and run to the middle where the frisbee(Grifball) will spawn. There is a soft kill zone in the very middle so people cannot camp this area. In this version the ball carrier cannot move. The ball carrier also gets a trait that lets him jump about 25% higher than everyone else. The object of the game is to pass it to your teammates until you make it to the scoring zone on the other side. The other team tries to intercept it and do the same. If you throw the ball too far and miss your target when no one is near, it will automatically reset to the starting point. The key for letting the ball carrier score at any point in the endzone is that he can jump higher than everyone else. Once you make it to the endzone with the ball, all you have to do is jump and then you teleport to the scoring point above the rest of the court! The new round will then begin with everyone in starting positions. Also the endzones are clearly marked by either red or blue light, so remember you are trying to score in the other teams goal If you do accidentally have the ball and happen to jump in YOUR OWN ENDZONE, fear not, we have a soft kill zone there so you will die and be spawned back on the court. Also if you try to throw the ball from up in this position it will reset. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Hope you all enjoy the map and gametype! DISC!!!! The Stadium Players rush to the middle to pick up the frisbee The ball carrier can jump slightly higher than everyone else, so time your throws right and aim a little higher than usual! Try to intercept when you can! Blue team scores in the red zone Red ream scores in the blue zone When you jump in the endzone, you teleport here and it automatically scores! If someone gets too close when you have the disc, you can punch them away. Also it will move you a little closer to where they are, which discourages camping the carrier near the endzone. Have fun! Use communication! Be Competitive! Let me know your feedback and I will also be posting more maps for the gametype soon!
  5. IN LOVE! Great job with everything!!! My only suggestion is that for clearer HD screenshots, go into theater mode and take screenshots, upload them to your file share, then go onto your computer and download them from halowaypoint.com
  6. Trust me, i know this is 343's forums, but I honestly don't care about bashing them here....they could care less about halo 4 and its fan base. It makes me sick to turn on the game and see like 50k total population at peak hours at most! They messed up in a lot of ways and the biggest way was not listening to the community at all! (Keep in mind in this Rant when i say 343i i also am including Certain Affinity since they are working together) Lots of us, especially forgers, wanted the game types that were in most of the other halo games...race, assault, 1-flag, all 1-sided game types, etc....but yet 6 months into it's release and they have said in multiple statements that the only other updates will be bug fixes! Forge sucks! When i spend 20 hours on a forge map i expect it to be beautiful! I expect there to be no lag, no lighting issues, no graphical errors, and to have completely smooth play. Unfortunately with Halo 4's forge I have not had this experience yet. If you build a big map.....it lags! If you build a beautiful map with amazing scenery that is big enough for a 4v4 game.....it lags! You basically have to use as much of the landscape and as little of your own blocks and especially windows as possible to create a completely smooth and playable 4v4 competitive map. Also quoted above i talked about some of the glitches that forge has........i have noticed some improvement with Forge Island but literally Forge Island might have taken them an hour to build.....no offense. Another thing is Spartan Ops. One of the big selling points of the game was that the spartan ops story line would be continuously updated weekly until Halo 5 came out, that way there is something always new to play.......well they straight up LIED! They have already said that spartan ops would probably not have a 2nd season or any more episodes for season 1. Which is kind of crazy thinking that only 9 or 10 episodes were released within the first few months and then they stopped making them.....what is 343 doing? Only working on Halo 5? Thirdly, the map pack was a rip off for them to make money. I mean isn't it always? But this time these maps were already created prior to launch...sure they hadn't been tested but the maps were indeed formed and created and even named before the launch of Halo 4. This way they didn't have to waste their time making new content while still trying to fix their broken game. Yet they didn't fix their broken game. I honestly don't know what 343i is up to, what they are interested in, and if they will ever listen to the community as well as Bungie did for so many years. All i know is that Bungie Studios is laughing their asses off right now knowing that Halo 5 will pose no competition whatsoever against their upcoming title "Destiny". Have you seen their GROGNOK world building tool? It could probably build the world of Halo in a few hours. I still forge pretty much every other day and play matchmaking and custom games when i can, but i have lost all respect for 343 industries and hope that one day they will learn from their mistakes. Sorry for the rant lol
  7. That is actually a really good idea Mr. Llama! I'll see if i can free up enough budget for some coliseum windows. They are freaking expensive on forge island :/
  8. Author: Jernst Reborn Map: Greenhouse Gametypes: Works with Infinity Slayer, Rumble, CTF, KOTH, Oddball, Regicide, and Multiteam! Players: 4-8 rumble, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, even multiteam with up to 4+ teams is fun! When I saw the trees in forge island I thought of the many things I could do with them. Then I came up using the tops of the trees sticking out of the ground as Mary Jane plants and built a map based around them! It sort of has a pineapple express feel to it, as there is the main growing area in the center, surrounded by different packing and storage rooms. I haven't really created too many aesthetically pleasing maps in Halo 4 yet so please feedback and criticism is much appreciated! Weapons: Sniper Rifle: 150 seconds Sticky Detonator: 120 seconds Needler: 90 seconds 2 sets Plasma Grenades: 90 seconds 2 sets Frag Grenades: 90 seconds Random: Overshield/Damage Boost/Speed Boost x2 Middle Green Sun Room Concussion Rifle/SAW/Railgun x2 Hallways near Red and Blue bases There are pretty much 3-5 ways to get into each room so the map balances out well and no one holds up anywhere. All sections are color coded for easy callouts. There is a lift and two drop downs in the back storage room as well as stairwells throughout the map to make it flow easily from 1st to 2nd floor and vice versa. We had a great time playing all of the gametypes on this map, and I am very pleased how it turned out I hope everyone has as much fun playing on this map as I did making it! Please leave constructive criticism at the bottom, let me know if weapons, spawns, etc. are alright!
  9. Authors: Jernst Reborn and TurbTastic Map: Aggro Crag Gametype: Aggro Crag Based on the previous race map Everest Cavern, this mini-game features the fun aspect of trying to race your mongoose up a rocky cliff while crates and barricades tumble down towards you. Just like in the show Nickelodeon GUTS, race against your friends to the top of the Crag to hit the actuator (in this case grab the oddball) while dodging falling debris. The actuator is sitting in the hand of the Giant Shmeef, so don't make him angry! We tested out many party sizes for this minigame and its fun all around from 3-16 players! The rounds are set to 3 minutes and there are 7 rounds, but with large parties the rounds usually only last a minute or two. Feel free to change it to 9 rounds or whatever you want. There is a teleporter system below the cliff so if you fall off of your mongoose you aren't totally lost! Trust me i've seen many people come from behind and win the round even after falling off the edge Also important if you do fall off your mongoose and can't reach your own (jumping is disabled until the top temple) you can fall off the side of the cliff and there are extras near the bottom. I hope you enjoy the track and let us know what you think! The Giant Shmeef, guardian of the temple.... The Crag... The starting line! And they're off! Watch out for the falling barricades, they're slow but pack a punch! More importantly watch out for the other drivers, they aren't on your team Gettin rocked! It's hilarious watching your friends get knocked past you Almost at the temple.... You made it to the Giant Shmeef! Grab the idol and win the round! Please leave your feedback! Thanks for playing
  10. coolest pic at the bottom right there lmao! looks like some fun 8v8 combat
  11. great looking map! interested to try it out also i think the rocks are fine where they are and don't look out of place at all!
  12. Awesome flood map! I like the eery effect the stupid mist on top of the water gives. Thank you 343 for not making the water graphically pleasing.....lol Anyway i was also wondering how the heck do you find the time to make so many maps?!? It seems like you're posting multiple per week!
  13. i checked out the map and aesthetically it has some awesome ideas! haven't had a chance to play it in a custom game yet so let me know if you get one going
  14. Nice looking map and I love the location! Too bad i'm at work all day and can't play it
  15. Love the concept for the three bases! I'll have to try this out when i'm back from vacation! Great aesthetics also
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