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  1. I've played so many consoles and hand helds that I have a hard time deciding... But I have always loved my game boys and my DS (especially for Pokemon ) Most recently I really like PS4, but I can say the people on Xbox, especially you all, is better. I just feel like the ps4 works better.
  2. Super excited to see what comes of this, not sure if I wanna crunch a map with the time left, wish I saw this earlier... But I think that some awesome creations will come of this and if any wants another hand to help test them I'm free most days!
  3. That's super cool! When I'm back to playing halo that'd be really fun to contribute too.
  4. This should be really exciting actually, i dont have fallout 4 yet but have loved the past ones... this may push me to get 4
  5. Welcome to the forums! Metal ey? I never understood that. Look forward to getting to know you and talking around the forums!
  6. lilsilmarillion


    Welcome to the forums! We are friendly... Usually Any questions? Just ask! Hope you have a great time here!
  7. What type of tarantula is that? My friend has a Pink Toe something, its really cool
  8. Welcome to the forums! Hope you have a great time here!!!
  9. It shouldnt be too much of a big deal, if you cant get it back from halowaypoint, as sikslik said, the only solution is to do it again. Dont be too disappointed, its not a huge deal, just rank
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