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  1. H2KU (Hard 2 Kill Us) was founded by [H2KU]White Wolf and [H2KU]Toxxik on the vanilla dayz mod on a server called survivor grounds., Then we moved to the overwatch server "Absolution DayZ". Since then we have grown to over 100 members on Steam, and now we have decided to start a Halo 4 Division. We have a military rank structure along with a command element. Skill does not matter we will teach you at your pace on your time. REQUIREMENTS 1. 14 or older with a mic 2. Must be active 3. Maturity 4. Teamwork skills 5. Must be able to take orders in-game If you are interested contact H2KU Toxxik via Xbox Live there is no tryout but there will be assessment in a public lobby just to see where you are skill wise. Thank you H2KU Toxxik Co-Founder of H2KU and Commander of Halo 4 Division
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