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Found 3 results

  1. Prototype Rendered Obsolete by New version. Link to New Thread. Never seems to be a thread about this or they really aren't that accurate to begin with. So i decided to make one. In this thread i will be discussing what I've gathered about the 4 main Spartan projects, not including sub-projects. It is my facts/opinion that i have formulated over the course of my being a Halo fan. The scale will rank the soldier from most dominant to least dominant. Keep in mind that some Stats in this thread are based on assumptions since many things are never directly stated. Probably because it gives the writer freedom to let the character achieve a physical feat without making it inconsistent with another Writer's ideas. My best guess. Spartan I Program(Project Orion) This was the first attempt by the UNSC to produce Super Soldiers. It augmented soldiers physically and mentally, but some scientists were concerned about the long term effects of the program even with its success and had it shut down. (Johnson will be the example of the program since he is a well know main character who is a Spartan 1.) Some physical stats of a Spartan 1: Reflexes quick enough to avoid a shotgun blast. Strong enough to jump what looks to be 25(7.62m) to 30(9.144m) feet with armor on that weighs him down. If your not sure what the means with Long jump, the current world record for Long jump is around 29 feet. That being said, Johnson was also weighed down by his armor which would also hinder the distance he could achieve. With those pictures being shown, i think it would be reasonable to come to the conclusion that most if not all Spartan 1's were of Olympian Gold medal quality, maybe even better in terms of physical composition. Spartan II Project The Spartan 2's were made from genetically perfect children who were trained for 8 years before receiving augmentations that made them into Super humans. Then to further increase their combat effectiveness, they were given GEN 1 MJOLNIR armor which doubles strength and speed, but also enhances reflexes by a factor of 5. It was said that the 2's would only get better as their bodies adapted to the augmentations. Stats of Spartan 2's: Chief was considered an average Spartan, but lived long enough for his augmentations to adapt to his body more. So, Chief will be the example since we have things to go by. Some Chief feats 27+ years after augmentations: In Halo: The Flood, Chief flipped a 7000lbs(3175.15kg) Warthog by the Bumper. This particular maneuver mostly utilized the biceps and Deltoids while also firing his pectoral muscles. The book never mentioned any sign of strain while Chief did this. Which leads me to believe he can handle more weight. In Halo The Fall of Reach, Chief ran at 62.5mph(100.5kph). In the Same book, Chief was able to deflect a missile with the swipe of a fore arm. In Halo: the Fall of Reach, Chief displayed incredible signs of intelligence while trying to calculate whether or not he was standing in 1g. As shown below. With those Spartan 2 feats out of the way, i can gladly say that the Spartan 2 is the true definition of Super human and is well beyond the success of the Spartan 1 program in terms of effectiveness and quality of the soldier produced. Spartan III Program The Spartan 3 program was developed to create super soldiers out of orphans who would be effective due to numbers rather than individual prowess. While the Spartan 3 program was effective, it doesn't have many "Solid" things to go by. Some Assumptions/stated facts: Due to the Wider gene pool of the Candidates, the results of the augmentations more than likely became inconsistent, but from what we've seen. In Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, Kurt stated the the Program would give them the strength of 3 ordinary soldiers and they can run at 18 mph(28.9kph). There reflexes were boosted 300%. The novel also stated that the 3's had speed and reflexes no Covenant could follow. They also managed pretty well in CQC with Elites. The 3's use SPI armor which does not increase the wearers strength or speed, but can camouflage them consistently for a great period of time unless damage is taken. The Spartan 3's may not have many feats to go by and may have been mass produced for successful one way trip missions, but they were still effective soldiers in large numbers, none the less. Spartan IV Program The Spartan 4 Program was meant to be the Culmination of the Spartan 2 and Spartan 3 program, by harnessing the Combat effectiveness of the Spartan 2's, while also harnessing the Success rate of the Spartan 3 program to create the 4th iteration of the Spartan program. No gene restrictions, if you have the service record, your in. The Spartan 4 program augmentations are never explained in detail, but we can make some educated guesses from what was given. In Halo: Initiation, Palmer states that she is able to outrun a horse. The average horse can run at 40(64.3kph) to 44mph(70.8kph). In Halo Initiation, Palmer states that her muscles are coated with a substance that lets them work harder. Studies have shown that the human body only uses a small percentage(roughly 20% to 30%) of its capable strength, which is also backed by super human feats in dire situations. Which would lead me to believe that the 4's can use all of their strength at will rather then in a dangerous situation. For example, lets say that an ODST can bench somewhere around 375lbs(170kg) or can curl 70lbs(31kg). After augmentations, the ODST can bench somewhere around 1125lbs(510kg), and can curl somewhere around 210lbs(95kg). Through the utilization of the Human body's capable strength. This is also backed by their bones being made much(15x) stronger(like the 2's), allowing the muscles to tense up tighter with out breaking the skeleton. Which, logically, is why the Human body doesn't always use all of its strength, unless needed. They were also given other augmentations like faster healing time and so forth. The spartan 4's already excellent abilities were magnified by GEN 2 MJOLNIR armor. Note: I knew this existed, but i couldn't find it until now. According to Frank O'Connor. An average Spartan IV in GEN 2 MJOLNIR armor, can "definitely" take on a Spartan II in GEN 1 MJOLNIR armor. However, out of armor a Spartan II would win. 1:15 - 2:10 members.shaw.ca/laird2/temp/derp/interview.mp3 Like the 2's, it was stated by jun that the 4's will only improve as they adjust to their augmentations. Thats about what we have for the 4's stats. My list from greatest to least. In terms of Dominance. 2=>4>3>1 That was my list of superiority of Spartans. Tell me what you think below. Do you have a differing opinion? If so please tell me what you think. If anyone wants an exact source rather than just the media title, just ask. Also, feel free to add a Spartan feat to the thread if you know of any.
  2. From the album: Tacos and what not

    Agent Locke drawing progress. That @joe_winfree thing is there because I'm too lazy to take a picture without it. Original Instagram post on my account @joe_winfree: http://instagram.com/joe_winfree

    © @joe_winfree on Instagram, Self Destruct

  3. Hey I had this idea about Halo's ranking system that made a lot of sense. And does a great deal of justice to the actual canon of Halo. I posted a thread on The Flood on bungie.net about it: Here's the link to the thread: http://www.bungie.ne...iewreplies=true But here is the premise of my argument: The ranks for the multiplayer system for Halo's mulitplayer should have been Naval since Halo 3. But they weren't, they were a mix of Army/Marine ranks with the only Navy rank being "Commander". However it seems as if the ranking system for multiplayer isn't even following the ranking system of Halo's UNSC canon in the first place. Spartans are technically Navy right? Created under the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), part of the NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND. I am mean why else would Halo's main bad ass be called a "Master Chief?" Here's the ranks for the UNSC Navy: http://halo.wikia.co...Navy#Navy_Ranks Here's what proves the Spartans are part of the Navy under the Navy Special Warfare Command: http://halo.wikia.co...2FNavSpecWep.29 So if 343i decides my idea is valid, I think the option I mentioned in my flood thread should be considered. "Another option they should add is whether a player would want to stay enlisted or become an officer. And have pros & cons for both choices." "Maybe something like enlisted are better fighters, officers get better equipment, or probably have some aesthetic differences at the least. Besides what Halo fan wouldn't want to have their rank be Master Chief." Also as a disclaimer, I am an enlisted member of the United States Navy. And as a Sailor I would rather see my 7ft. tall juggernaut Spartan who is suppose to be Navy have the correct ranking system.
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