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Found 9 results

  1. I bought the war zone bundle and it says it comes with 14 req packs. It finished downloading and I went to my req packs and there were only 2 there, not 14. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still nothing there. Someone please help me fix this.
  2. Hi, currently I'm collecting the Audiologs of ODST. While collecting the first 10, I realized that 3 of 10 weren't showing up. Number 2, 4 and 6 are missing - don't know why. Here is a picture with the numbered logs I tried this on every difficult. Maybe some one can confirm this or help me with this issue.
  3. I just experienced a major issue, during a multiplayer game I went to manage my controller settings and when I exited to return to the match there was a dialog box in the bottom right of my screen saying, "connecting to your game" however the match was still going and my Spartan was being murdered by the other team. And the only way I could exit the menu was to quit the entire game on my console and return to dashboard. I hope this can be looked into and fixed.
  4. As some of you know the latest map pack included some small/medium maps. But its seems unless you are in the majestic playlist, they never show up in the normal rotation of maps, regardless of what playlist I'm in.
  5. I'm having an issue with the 343i.org website. At any random time, a black screen will pop up and block about 80% of the page I'm viewing (not including the tile bar at the top). All I have to do is hit refresh and it will bring up the page without the black screen, but it is really annoying that it happens even while I'm typing up a post. Has anyone else had this happen?
  6. When I beat the Campaign on Legendary, I noticed that the Commendation 'Requiem' in the Campaign commendations, wasn't complete for some odd reason, even though it said I beat the mission and that I had completed the Campaign on Legendary. Just now I got around to doing the mission again on Legendary (Starting from point Alpha, AKA the beginning of the mission, the whole 9 yards) and yet again, no commendation completed. Has anyone else experience this and/or came up with a workaround? Thanks ahead of time!
  7. So last week i was finishing the campaign on heroic for halo4 and I'd found the last of 7 terminals yet i didn't recieve the achievement, I contacted microsoft and they said they couldn't do anything, so I'm now like wow thanks alot 343 for screwing me like a steam train. Anyone else had this or similar issues talk to me
  8. After me and a friend beat Halo 4 on Legendary, the Legendary Ending kinda bugged out... After Master Chief took off his helmet, his eyes didn't show.. At first i thought that it was supposed to end a mystery that in Halo 5 we would see his face, but when i went on Youtube and the Forums i realized that his eyes were supposed to show.. My brother tried the ending again with his friend and the same thing happened, no eyes.. I dont know if this is a bug in Co-Op campaign or what.. Please look into this bug 343.. Thanks BTW: Campaign was AMAZING!!!! Nice job 343
  9. I was thinking how I should approach this post and how I should get this point across... I considered going with ‘Spartans need more face armour’ or simply ‘Arrgggh!’ but then I realised that no matter what I do or how levelly I look at this it is going to get flamed to hell by a large chunk of the community once I insult their precious Battle Rifle... I’ve just had a game, one of many, in which the entire enemy team took to using Battle Rifles and backing away from every single encounter firing. Now some of you are surely going to say this is not an issue and just how the game is played... or rather, given the mindset of these people I’m expecting a lot of variously illiterate comments along the lines of: ‘LOL AM NOOB YOU?!’ The problem is, besides from being annoying, this tactic doesn’t really seem to really make any sense in this game. Most players who operate like this rarely seem to bother with a sidearm or their abilities... features which in their eyes may as well just be removed. So it has to raise a question as to the balance of the game when one weapon is utilised so heavily that not only other weapons but also key game features simply go unused. The other issue I have with this is that the primary way of beating a team doing this is to do exactly the same thing... which means the game soon becomes very solely focused and all semblance of tactics go out the window. On the face of it Halo 4 seems to offer quite a good degree of customisation which allows individuals to explore and develop their own play style. Armour specialisations, abilities, upgrades and weapon loadouts should create a great deal of variety in the opponents you face. However when one style of play defeats all others with ease it leaves people little option but to do the same. In short individual preferences go flying out the window faster than a grunt targeted by a fuel rod cannon... Now I am not going to suggest the Battle Rifle be nerfed, surely such a thing would be tantamount to heresy. I mean clearly the developers have decided that it should be able to beat automatic weapons at close range and that its ability to complete destroy armoured vehicles from across the map with its small calibre rounds is working as intended... but I feel as if one simple change could massively improve game play and balance issues. Reduce the speed at which you walk backwards. It’s that simple. The Battle Rifle can still be a flak cannon, shotgun and sniper rifle all rolled into one confusing bundle but just reducing the rate at which you can back peddle ever so slightly, I think, will make the game not only more balanced but more enjoyable. It would mean that when you have someone charging you down with the oddball they are actually a threat. It would make automatic weapons rightly more powerful in one on one close range fights. Most importantly it would just make sense. I mean as much as I’d love to see it there’s no 100m backwards sprint in the Olympics... Now perhaps everyone loves Battle-Rifle-back-peddling but when both teams are standing at opposite sides of the maps doing this it quickly resembles a game of duck hunt... The best games I’ve had were when both our team and the enemy used a variety of tactics and equipment. It meant you had to constantly adapt and weren’t sure what to expect next... that, ultimately, seems like the sort of game play Halo should revolve around. I’d dig out the box and quote it directly but if you recall, one of Combat Evolved’s main selling points was that you were the master of every weapon and that all vehicles were tools of destruction just waiting for a driver... it was not advertised as the ultimate ‘shoot each other in the face with a rifle until someone falls over’... game.
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