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Found 18 results

  1. Since ODST came out, people jumped on the band wangon about it. "Oh, Where's MASTER CHIEF ???" And "WTF ?? THERES NO MATCHMAKING" were the reason why people hated on it. Because there was no Master Chief and MatchMaking. So what ? For once were some tough ass Super Solider or Alien, were finally a normal human being. And admit it, walking around the map, all dark and scary, was really fun. I loved the Campaign, The Rookie is awesome character. People hate him because he never talks. Like really ? Link from Legend of Zelda never talks or the main character from BioShock or anybody else never talks, nobody hated on them. Yeah sure the dialouge was cheesy for some characters (Yeah well... here I am). But no mission felt the same and playing as other ODSTs was awesome. Then here's the big reason; There's no matchmaking. Who gives a **** if there no matchmaking ? Halo: CB didn't have matchmaking. Instead of matchmaking, we got FireFight a cool and fun game mode. Then Halo 4. Before it came out, everybody was super hyped about. Now look, everybody has mix feelings about. Some feel the Campaign was too short and the gameplay was different. So what ? We got the Sequel to Master Chief's story! And while playing the campaign, i didn't care the **** Chief goes through, all I cared about was Chief and Cortana relationship. And people were like "Oh, MatchMaking is broken" and it's not the same, I agree. I don't see why you rank up to get armor, why not just unlock in ODST and Halo 3 or buy it like in Reach. But I don't really care for the mutiplayer in Halo 4. I enjoyed the Campaign and I think it was a great Halo game. So what do you think is better ? ODST or Halo 4 ? For me, it's a tough one to say, and because I love these games, but I pick Halo 4, only because it's dark atmosphere and Chief and Cortana relationship. I know I'm missing alot of other reasons about these games that make them not bad games, but I'm lazy to type and my thumbs hurt. lol.
  2. Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack released on the 22nd of September in 2009. Launching together with the game, ODST’s soundtrack as well as the game was a completely different approach compared to Halo. With a new story and a new protagonist, Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori went for a more human sound. No cyborgs, and no mysterious choir. The Saxophone and the Rain you hear throughout the game are part of the “Noir” feeling O’Donnell was pushing for. With the Rookie alone in the rain trying to find his teammates in a deserted city this approach certainly worked. Halo Sheet Music: Scores of Halo – Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack Sheet Music
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Lemon, my favorite game is Halo 3: ODST. I was really exited to hear that ODST was coming to MCC, this is actually why I bought the xbox one. What a disappointment when I learned that firefight and forge would NOT be included with the game. I have to use my old 360 to play an old game with old graphics when my xbox one is there lying being useless ? It makes no sense. Either I play the original version and I'm disappointed or I play the new one and I'm disappointed. I understand that you are "focused" on developing Halo 5. But you just released MCC. You're making more instead of making the best."We are halo fans" that's what you said. So, when is Firefight coming to MCC ?
  4. New images have appeared of Halo 3: ODST's 1080p remake and the Relic HD remaster in Halo 2: Anniversary! Halo 3: ODST and Relic are fast on our heels, with a Spring 2015 release, and 343i has decided to tease our taste buds yet again after the Halo 5 tease with new images of both compensations. On HaloWaypoint.com, in a blog post, the wonderful Dan Ayoub released a few teaser images in which we see what is being working on. They confirmed that for Relic, community playtesters are working hard to iron out the kinks to make it akin to it's famed Halo 2 predecessor. The images show the true fine detail of Halo 3: ODST not apparent on Xbox 360, the new version is much brighter compared to the standard version. They show an action shot on Relic where a Blue Spartan with a Beam Rifle oversees a Warthog explosion, confirming that the Assault Rifle is on the map (as of yet). They also show a Forge World styled overview, which we see below. View attachment: halo-the-master-chief-collection-relic-establishing-comparison-remastere...-5bcb1516191748f3ac131b35dc6018a4.jpg View attachment: halo-the-master-chief-collection-odst-plaza-57e9952a83574ef8b87f5d19df5150ee.jpg I'm really excited for the future of other content being remastered for a paid fee, I'd love to see more Halo 2 maps added to the roster, imagine Headlong with the new graphics! ODST as a fully retouched game would've been amazing, seeing real rain drip off your VISR and such, but this is great too! What's your thoughts on the new photos? Let me know down below! Thanks a ton!
  5. Hello, Halo is my favorite video game franchise (ever since my old Xbox Live account) and I've had 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' since day one of its release which was November 11th. I technically had it even before the release date because I pre-loaded it well in advance but even though it was on my Xbox all the way up to now, I never launched it on my system because I kept hearing news from people (including my friends) that the game was 'broken' and 'causing glitches'. As a precaution in order to not damage my console, I didn't want to play it and risk 'causing glitches' if it meant that my Xbox One would be affected, and I also didn't want to play it only to possibly get a bad K/D, since everyone told me the issues were mostly multi-player related. I kept reading and hearing that 343 would fix the issues, but didn't hear about all the free bonuses (including Halo 3:ODST, the Relic map, 1 month Xbox Live Gold, exclusive in-game avatar and exclusive in-game nameplate, all for free) being given to players who played before December 19th, until I woke up and got on my computer on the 20th, one day after. As per the phone conversations I had with a few Xbox Support representatives, I'm addressing the issue here. I'm requesting an exception to qualify to receive this content because I had the same inconvenience of not being able to play this game and I would have played even the multiplayer had I known that would give me what everyone else is getting as compensation for the game's issues, which I should be eligible for since it's meant for people who experienced problems with the game, but I avoided using it in the first place to avoid experiencing the problems in the first place. Also, since I had pre-loaded the game since the release date, I would have still been unable to play it anyway. If this is not the right place to get support from 343 to solve my issue, I'll appreciate any information or input on how to proceed on this issue. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.
  6. The popular prequel to the hit Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, is coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection along with a remake of the popular Halo 2 map, Relic! I'm not kidding, I shivered with excitement when I saw this post because of my immense love for Halo 3: ODST and my love for Relic. On HaloWaypoint.com, Bonnie Ross revealed what's in store for fans who were disappointed with the rocky launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Some small bonuses are a month of Xbox Live Gold and a nameplate and avatar in-game. The bigger bonuses, if you've played Halo: TMCC from it's launch to today you can pick up Halo 3: ODST and the Halo 2 map Relic, both redone in 1080p 60fps, with Relic getting the anniversary treatment and ODST being up-scaled. No release date for either the map or the additional game have been revealed but 343i has promised more on the two in the upcoming months. The sad news, if you haven't bought Halo: The Master Chief Collection before this date (19.12.14), you aren't entitled to any of the aforementioned content for free, and might not be entitled to it at all unless 343i decides to sell it. On the subject of ODST, it seems to only be the campaign that's being ported as of yet. View attachment: halo-master-chief-collection (1).jpg This is fantastic news and is more certainly a great way to repay fans who were disappointed, I am extremely proud of 343i and Microsoft for putting resources into listening and giving us what we want. Are you excited for ODST to return, what about Relic? Let me know down below! Thanks for reading!
  7. Good news, 343 Industries are thinking about getting the loved Halo 3: ODST and the memorable Halo: Reach to Xbox One! According to an interview with Dan Ayoub, executive produce at 343 Industries, so many people asked about the two games that it's actually gotten 343 thinking about it. Neither are in development at the moment, but it's possible for both to return. Nothing was said about Halo Wars, although a sequel may have been hinted at in the 'Phantom Dust' Trailer. Do you want to see both games make a return to next-gen? Post your thoughts down below. Source: http://halo4nation.com/other/343-industries-are-thinking-about-bringing-halo-reach-and-halo-odst-to-xbox-one/
  8. I found this playing through the campaign, again, who knew that Bungie has been making the game that long!
  9. I'm not sure about mine. I really like Halo 3's OST, but I like Reach's OST also.
  10. This is a great problem for fanboys and a big step for players (ya, I differentiated the fanboys from players). Attachments is already in Halo not spontaneously, like the silenced and scoped SMG in Halo 3 ODST. Nobody could ever imagine about the SMG with attachments, but it was well-accepted... Nobody could ever imagine the Assault Rifle with attachments, but if in Halo ODST that weapon came with attachments, the fan public would accepted as well as in Halo ODST. The question is about prejudice, because isn't Bungie who is developing, but 343i; so the fanboys created an "unconscious disapproval" about anything that can comes in. The ideia is make these attachments spontaneous and free to set e unset. Attachments will expand the game experience, giving more possibilities & ways to play. Attachments will not unbalance the game, since the automatic guns needs fast shooting respond, so it needs a HUD or a close range scope; the BR and DMR needs aim. But, I don't want specific attachments, but free for all. If you want set a long range scope at Assault Rifle, be free, but you know that it will just disturb the gameplay.
  11. Through out this summer, I've played nothing but Halo. And I played and past Halo 3 and ODST solo on Legendary twice, Reach on Heroic solo, and Halo 4 on Legendary solo and I notice I have better skill and became a better Halo Player in MatchMaking. Now I'm good with precision wepons at long range, and I Snipe way more better then I used to. It's pretty shocking lol. I did plan to play Halo: CBA on Legendary but I'm exhausted. And I will NEVER play Halo 2 on Legendary... my god, that's like your in Hell and the devil forces you to play that forever lol. :'(
  12. What is your favortie easter egg from any Halo game ? There's so many of them lol. My favorite is the Secrect cutscene from Halo: CB when you beat the game on Legendary. Johnson and the Elite were just too funny xD "This is it baby, hold me"
  13. Hey halo community! I've just started playing halo 3: ODST a lot lately and i have still got some locked achievements that I can't do by myself so i need help from some team mates. I need all the vidmasters, and all the firefight score achievements This is not a clan just a bunch of people who like halo 3: ODST Also it would probably help if you are from australia/new zealand just because of connection issues Thanks for reading this, hope you have a good day and i'm looking forward to hearing from you
  14. Hello, guys. I bet you guys know about a game that came out after Halo 3 ended called "Halo 3: ODST". The game was about this particular ODST squad that got scattered during the events of Halo 3. As most of us know, the events of ODST also took place on New Mombasa(?) on Earth. Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but I wonder if we will ever see a what happened next after the ending sequence of ODST. Actually, wouldn't it be great if we could get a sequel to this gem?
  15. One thing I've always wondered when I get matched up against people in matchmaking, is exactly how long those people have been playing Halo for and what was the first game they ever played. It always brings back good memories when I think about when I first started playing and just rushed with whatever version of the AR there was, and thinking of what a noob I was. I personally first played Halo: Combat Evolved when it first came out in 2001, but at the time I was only 8 and thought it was stupid because I was so horrible at it, but I eventually got interested in it again when I got into High School and I regularly played Halo 3 with people from my school after school every chance I got. I guess to end it I just want to ask two questions... How Long Have You been playing Halo and what was the first game you played?
  16. In my most anxious antcipation for a certain game, I've come to realize that some of the most iconic features of this game, which is Halo 4 if you didn't figure it out already, have been altered drastically. Forge, along with all of the other modes included with Halo 4, were my most anticipated features included with the game. Sadly; however, Forge has been butchered. Horribly. But it's not all bad though. The new magnet and duplicate are very useful. But are a few features such as these worth four times the amount of loss compared to Halo: Reach's Forge mode? Back in Halo 3, Forge was the most astonishing thing to be introduced into the Halo franchise. Now, when we compare Halo 4 to it's last non-spin off title, it's amazingly better. Compared to Reach; however, things just feel...off. For example: There is now, no zoom in feature when in forge mode; the items have lost there glossy, stylish texture; and the map that represents Forge World isn't even half as large as the "Horseshoe Island" in Reach's Forge World. So many changes, yet the Cons and Pros seem to outnumber each other in value according to importance. Please leave your thought in the replys below, and let's see if we can get 343 to recognize some problems here.
  17. I'm sure many of you are as excited about Halo 4 as I am. To gear up for the impending Halo 4 release, my friends and I have decided to play some Halo and hopefully raise some money for charity. Starting Monday, October 29th at 8PM EDT I'll be participating in the Extra-Life Gaming Charity Event by streaming myself and some friends playing through all of the main series Halo games (no Halo Wars) in anticipation of Halo 4. We can't totally commit to the 24-hour marathon format the event suggests, but we're doing out best to keep the spirit alive. Each night we'll play through the equivalent of one entire Halo game until we've beaten them all. I say, "the equivalent of," because we're not going to be playing them in release order (so things get a little weird about halfway through). No, we'll be playing them in story order! That means we'll be playing Halo: Reach on the 29th, followed by Halo: CE Anniversary on the 30th. On the 31st we'll start Halo 2 until the end of the New Mombasa missions, then switch over to Halo 3: ODST to find out what happens after the slipspace jump screws up the city. We'll pick back up at the end of ODST on November 1st, and once completed we'll switch back over to Halo 2 to finish it up. Then, on November 2nd (the final day) we'll move on to Halo 3 to witness the end of the Chief's original trilogy. If that sounds like something you might want to watch, you can follow the twitch stream right over here: www.twitch.tv/ivorymoclips If you follow the stream, you'll get email updates whenever we go live, so you know exactly when we're starting. I'll also be posting updates on my twitter (and of course here in this thread): http://www.twitter.com/ivorymoclips And, if you want to give some money to the Extra-Life event, you can use my donation page here: http://www.extra-lif...icipantID=41125 All donations through that page will go directly to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center here in Baltimore. UPDATE TL;DR: I'm right in the path of Hurricane Sandy, and there's a very high chance of power outages in my area. If I'm knocked offline and can't stream we're going to push it back even if it means 24 hour or more marathons leading up to Halo 4's release. Check the twitch page and/or my twitter (in case I'm offline those are the easiest for me to update) in the coming days for any more news.
  18. I'm looking for a coop partner to play Halo 3: ODST firefight. My gamertag is wolfspartan360
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