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  1. To Me PvE is a strategy Base, On the surrounding Hazards of the environment or source of opportunity involving the hazardous environment. Nothing More
  2. I not saying Spartan Ops yet, and Firefight should be in Every HALO Game, PvE is my secondary pic, I like all these aspects! My idea, of what Spartan Ops should have been, didn't happen! I thought Spartan Ops was gonna be an ongoing Champaign, separate from the master chief's Champaign Main Objective. As far as PvE, I'm with Promethian Knight for the most part! I've even started making a Comic Storyline Based on the flood, and a toxic planet being harvested for Bio-Fuels which starts a fight between the covi's and humans, I haven't any images yet but I hope to introduce Acidic Artillery and Weapons. Here's a link if you'd like to read the story line: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/36905-halo-syoghost-haz-ops-comic-storyline/?p=328911
  3. The story takes place on a Bio-Hazzardous toxic planet in which the humans are trying to harvest fuels. As the planet is in a researching state by humanity, humans soon run into a problem with the covenant, with the same interest. As the covenant move in, on the humans 3 main, processing and research facility's, SyoGhost HaZ-Op Troopers drop from above space stations to combat the elite controlled cities they soon find. SyoGhost as themselves in there environment they have been training so hard to remain at an advantage. As the covenant attack and plunder many smaller city's, the promethium leaders, decide to sacrifice the loosing covenant on the planet with flood spores in order to destroy, what the humans have worked so hard on, with out the planets acidic technological breakthroughs, they will be crushed by the immense promethium warlords. The SyoGhost last hope is breach the 3 main processing and research labs and obtain, the technologically advanced weapons and unleash a mythical creatures DNA designed to rid the humans of there flood infected planets to keep the flood and every infection spore dormant... Until the creatures are extinct. Large HALO Military Base Buildings Structure and shapes Reflective Spartan Helmet Concept
  4. I Like the drawing, has great potential for a new enemy, you should make one as a flood infected enemy!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm here to discuss the option of having Different Loud Out pages for Different Maps! Here is a quick example: Light Loud Out- For every map type and game mode, yet on that page is would be Heavy Loud Out, witch in turn by selecting game mode. The Heavy Loud Out- would more consist of Rocket Launchers, Snipers, or weapons that do lots of Damage Another Nicknack for Armor and Armor abilities would be the" Armor Loud Outs " which was introduced in Halo 4 in a certain sense of what I'm trying to say. In Halo 4 you got to choose from a variety of special futuristic armors which gave you a special ability. As for my armor system it would be separated, into 3 Classes. Such as Light Armor, Heavy Armor, and a variety of light and Heavy armors pieces with specific places only light or heavy pieces can be placed. As far as armor abilities, I'm not for it in the least, Armor speaks as one purpose to me, witch is to keep you from taking as much damage!
  6. Hello, If you asked me if I liked ODST, I have to vote against the the unusual ending of the game.. All in all it had a ton of potiential, but the best thing about it was that you were dropped into a city, yea i know, yet another game with different graphics... Blah blah blah! I do certainly see a potiential to navagate different in a city than most other places, being that some roots could require a key card or access code! Even without key codes and that, just the option to take different pathways and overcome different obstacles along the way to a mission is one of the greatest aspects you could give a game! I have a story draft line to a new game similar to ODST, and I'm going to be ideally making, accessorys for flood armor and such for it! If you would like to read the story line draft please search this tag: SyoGhost Hope I'm not ruining your parade, just looking to see if any one has any input on my storyline idea! Thanks,
  7. Signature: My Jesture's are from the Ace of Hearts Avatar: ODST Personal member in lime green and yellow, on the left hand side Background: ODST City scape, center right Format: GIF Style: splatter and slime Font: Old English Writing: SyoGhost Sector 6
  8. Hello everyone! I want to start by saying ODST was one of my FAVORITE Games, why you ask?!?!??!!!?..... Just the SIMPLE Things Like the ENVIRONMENT! The simple city surrounding that hardly any other game has if the one and only HALO! To really sum things up, I'm going to make an all out Halo game of my very own version! Story Line, The story would start as usual, fighting jackals, grunts, elites aboard a UNSC Ship, or UNSC Military Space Station, while brutes beat the very life out of our city's on our newly sanctioned planet, but when the covenant come to the last place known to the human race on this dark mythic planet, they soon find Man has a newly discovered potential Allie! Now the covenant, not only has to retreat but avoid these dark mythtic creatures man has soul Hartley embraced! Mean while, In the elite homeland The Elite Philosopher or Elite Theocracy Council, envisions a Brute sacrifice that may end man kind and partake in destroying the dark mythic planet and its realm of fortitude from ever lasting life... Now the only thing standing left for man is Syo-Durzaina and the SyoGhost HaZ Op (Green Horns Hazops) wich must contain and stop the infection! Halo 2, Halo ODST, Halo 4 similarities into Halo SyoGhosts: 1). Duel wield 2). Supply Drops- Weapons Drops, Vehicles, ODST Infantry Squads( Via Halo Wars ). 3). Halo ODST Pistol, Halo 4 Pistol, and Duel wield Halo 2 Pistols! 4). Weapons and Vehicle Vaults! Objectives in Halo SyoGhosts: Green Horn extractions- Side Missions Spartan IV's as guides- Side Missions ODST Rescue and Commandeer Member/Squads- Certain Side Missions if kept alive! Items Pertaining to Energy and Health: 1). Medical kit 2). Helmet Energy Canister (Blue) 3). Canister Charging Station 4). S2(Over Shield) Canister (Green) 5). SyoCanister (Yellow, Green, and Blue) Items Pertaining to Key Cards and Passwords: Armory: Passcode Armory: Passcode Armory: Passcode Armory: Passcode Armory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode Infantry Zone Entrance: Zone Key Card Zone2 Key Card SyoZone Card Military Vehicle Entrance: Sector4-6: Key Card and Passcode Sector3: Key Card and Passcode Sector2: Key Card and Passcode Sector1: Key Card and Passcode
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