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Found 8 results

  1. djiknow119

    MC Swag

    Sup errbody. Be easy. I'm new here. I was watching "The Sprint" on the Halo Channel (insert freakin awesome show comments here) and saw what I assume to be a 343i employee with a sweet Master Chief Era hat on (ref S2:E04 time 00:53). Um, I need that. STAT!!! Anyone got any ideas on where to buy? Could it be that that was a custom order, image uploaded to New Era and embroidered specifically for 343i employees? Either way, neeeeeeeeeed Thanks
  2. Wam


    From the album: Fan-Made Photographs

    A squad of Elite ODSTs.

    © AhhOldWoman

  3. Main Archive and Rules thread: http://343i.org/2a7 Welly Welly Well! It's the moment that maybe some of you have kinda been wondering when it was gonna happen maybe... Um.... for.... Anyway, to restate the rules: Rules Your story must pertain to the given topic. If it does not or in a round about way gets far off topic and never comes back on topic, it will be disqualified. Each entry can be a maximum of 2,500 words. No more. We want you to take time to develop characters and build a plot, but at the same time we don't want to have to read for 3 days just to judge the months entries. You are allowed to submit your short story at any point in the month, as long as it is before the last day of the month. Anything later will be disqualified. Following ruling 3, if you see someone else's short story up before yours you cannot in anyway plagiarize a fellow members work. No partial entries. If you submit a piece, it must be complete, beginning to end. if not, you can be assured it will not be judged. No inappropriate stories or use of inappropriate language. Follow site rules as you write you story. All text must be submitted using the default fonts, colours, and sizes and without special characters (bold, underline, italic, strikethrough and mathematical symbols are alright though) to ensure that submissions can be viewed by anyone who wants to and to keep the focus on the content of the work, rather than its presentation. Place your entry in the member created works area of the forums. Post in this thread leaving the name of your story along with a link to your submission. Do NOT include your entire story in the post, only the link. The entries will be judged by: Cooliest BZ1 RSR And your's truly Judging will be based on Spelling, Grammar, Variety of language (or your Vocab, if you're "hip" like me) and Creativity. Now, we will begin taking submissions on SEPTEMBER 1st No Earlier! And will not take any past SEPTEMBER 30th NO LATER. So, now that all the formal stuff is out of the way, here's our topics: 1> The story of a Rogue Spartan on Reach during the Battle of New Alexandria. 2> A facility attempting to develop a new kind of A.I., more advanced than Cortana. 3> A derelict UNSC Ship is being searched by an S and R team, but there's no sign of the crew. So, that's all folks, pick ONE, Get writing, and good luck to you!
  4. So there is a very popular YouTube series called breaking halo 4 by nak3d eli, and we decided to be Mlg once again with this amazing video for all halo fans. FUN FACT: DID YOU KNOW 343i IS WAY BETTER THAN BUNGIE (definitelynotsarcasm) 343i<3
  5. Just wondering where you went for launch night, and what you got/what it was like? I went to the Microsoft Store near my house. Got there around 3 and ended up being 5th in line. Some guys from the 405th dressed in Spartan costumes showed up (I started a slow-clap xD), too. The first 20 in line got 1-month XBL Gold, 1600 MSP, and a "Limited" Halo 4 dog-tag, and a 10% off card for all future purchases. They also had a trivia/raffle for prizes. Everyone got 1 ticket, and they had trivia contests to earn more tickets. I ended up earning about 5 tickets which angered quite a few people there lol. They raffled a lot of small tickets like MSP, map packs, etc. I won the Grunt Funeral Skull/Master Chief Avatar (which I already had) and another 1600 MSP. They also had a final raffle for a Halo 4 console. Oh and everyone who bought H4 that night got a $25 gift card for MS Store which was real cool. So yeah, share your favorite moments from launch night! (if you have any)
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