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  1. Whoop whoop! Yay! I'm on the list thanks :3
  2. That sounds pretty cool maybe it could be like infection, when the players not in the mantis are killed they spawn in a mantis too?
  3. Halo 4 but this is pretty bias question being on a halo fourm and all lol
  4. >:3 welcome to the forums fellow monster rofl
  5. Thanks everyone . Nova, memories :') lmao. Vplus oh no you didnt! xD you're the spudface! xD
  6. It took me forever to get here, I never even thought I could get to 200 or even 50 but I done it .......and I'm brutal at speeches so yeah xD YAY!! Sorry couldn't hold that in any longer xD..... Im gonna say thanks to everyone I've had a chat with in the shout box or anywhere in the forums, I'm not going to do individual shout outs cause I don't want some people to feel left out or anything :3 so the people that are my good friends, they know who they are, here's an invisible shout for you xD :hug: SPUDS FOR ALL!!!
  7. I played the demo all the way through but I didn't really get into the game I'd would've loved to like the game but I don't lol
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