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Found 18 results

  1. SOSC Halo 4 Clan Ever thought about join a clan in Halo 4? Why should I join a clan? Well because getting together with other members and participating in competitions. Competitions can be the funnest part of our clan. We follow community rules in Halo4 and so does most clans. We have divisions Elite, assassins, and ECI. Elites are the most trained members of the clan. The Assassins are chosen from the Elites by the learder. They always go for the enemy clan's leader because if the leader is assassinated we win and take thier clan. The ECI is Enemy Clan Informer is a group that goes undercover to gain information about enemy clans and protects the SOSC leader during clan battles. We have website with a ranking and XP system. WEBSITE: http://haloswordsofsanghelios.weebly.com/ LEADER: UnsoundOrange7
  2. Hello! My name is Revengable and I am secondary leader of the Halo 4 clan Reach Spartan Survivors. RSS is currently looking for members to join. If you are interested in joining, contact Revengable over xbox. We are an xbox 360 Halo 4 clan, and we are always willing to show support as well as provide a challenge for our members. If you do not want to leave this page, Do not click this link. This is the RSS recruitment page: http://reachspartansurvivors.myfreesites.net/
  3. Hey guys ,i've recently been inactive due to me being drawn away from Halo, so here is me advertising myself for some random clan to find once again. The following has been posted before, i'm just copying and pasting what i wrote on an old forum because i'm practically still in the same situation, so here goes ..Halo 4 is getting boring. I haven't been playing for awhile. Not because i dislike it, but because i have no one to play with. I have a mic, i have friends (that don't have Halo), but there are so many aspects i am not able to enjoy because i don't have anyone to play with, ha. So, i'm looking for a clan, preferably a Military Clan. I'm looking for something that is not too entirely strict, but still takes things serious. I want to have fun and not be overwhelmed with things that don't exactly concern things other than whats going on in game. I want team work, and i would like something fairly organised, however not with an entirely massive population. But, even if i can't get this, beggars can't be choosers. I'm kind of willing to play with anyone right now as long as you don't sound like an infant and have a winning mentality. It's okay to joke around and not take things seriously sometimes, but if you're just in it for nothing, then i'm not interested. So, send me a request. Come talk to me, i really need something guys ! (y)
  4. The Anunnaki. We are a military-based Halo 4 clan. We focus on comptetitive customs and matchmaking, clan battles, and Raids. We are active. We have a Private-General ranking system which consists of several squads within 3 divisions. Within the squads we have a total of 30 jobs with different jobs and responsibilities. We have 3 levels of security and a Drill Team. We have many clan maps and we offer a training program with a very in depth curriculum for intense combat training. We are involved with other clans and create other events as well. We have meetings and Game nights each week. If interested in more info, contact me. G.T. Brent McKenley
  5. Hello again, Yes its me XGC Ghost Wolf and I am recruiting for XGC Titans Atlas Squad. I am a Lieutenant in the squad. We are an 18+ clan with the Xiled Gaming Community. We are a laid back easy going bunch that are not into competitive gaming. We like to get together to play and have fun. We mostly play Halo 4 but we also play other first person shooters. We do have gaming nights for various games that support multi player or custom games. So if you are tired of finding other people to play Games with then add me on XBL (GT is XGC Ghost Wolf) and then we can see if you like the group. I hope to see you then.
  6. This is a military based clan and we operate on an army ranking system. We are a very disciplined clan and we can assure you that your halo 4 skill will improve in every way. We are on duty from 6-9pm eastern time every day. You will be required to have a mic, be of at least age 13+ and mature, wear clan uniform while on duty, follow the chain if command, respect your higher ups and fellow members. If you have further questions, you may contact me on Xbox live. My GamerTag is xSEIPHx
  7. Dead Pixel Society is a new clan and is openly recruiting all persons from the ages of 14 and up. We are different from all clans, in the since that we aren't really a clan we are a company. We act as a corporation and treat members like the employees of a company. But all members are treated with respect and are treated equally. We do not judge members by there skill level all members are treated fair and nicely.We have a strict no drama rule, and to deal with in clan disputes we have a fully equipped Human Resource staff. If your interested in joining DPS or just want more information, you can message my GT: xDeadPix3lx All this week DPS is hosting guest nights where everyone is free to join, to get a experience of what its like to play for DPS. The hours of these events are all Eastern Standard Time. Events are being held on Thursday from 5-7 PM & 9-10, Friday 5-7 PM & 9-10, Saturday PM 5-7 & 9-10, also Sunday 5-7 PM & 9-10. Here is our site: dpsclan.enjin.com
  8. Hello Everyone, The Clan of S.P.I III is looking for new members, and we're searching to see who may be the right fit in our close-knit team! Everyone in S.P.I III is an important part to the clan and the team. While other clans have over hundreds of members, reaching the thousands for some, we are not the same. Our Clan, if you should choose to enlist, will become a unique experience if you feel that we are a home for you. If you are interested about who we are, what we do, and what we are about in more detail, come to our Questionnaires. Reply To Reserve a spot in the Questionnaires, where you'll meet other Candidates interested in joining. We will be having another Questionnaire session, on Friday, January 25, and Saturday, January 26, both will be from 4:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M EST. Reply by sending a message to Gamertag "TERMIN TER 360" to reserve a spot. Further dates will be available, just reply to the above Gamertag to find out when they will be. Thank You.
  9. As an "average gamer", and an "Ordinary Halo Player", I want to discuss an excellent trait that introduces people together, and tournaments, and games together. Clans. In Halo 4, will we be able to see a clan set up? Or will that be in a future halo performed by "343 industries" actions? Thanks for checking this thread out, and feel free to comment your personal belief about a halo clan operation / opinion. 1) Will Halo 4 introduce a clan "setup" or "operation" to successfully create clan games and clan operations with an organized board on current clans (best clans, ranked clans, Etc.? Will 343 industries introduce the first ever clan set up to create clan and ranked games? Will clans be able to organize a community of strategics and planning to be able to reach the top of the ladder and strive to reach a higher rank? If not, should 343 industries build this in their next halo? For entertainment purposes , please feel free to check out the link below (fan made halo 4 clan movie). (rick click, "Open link in new tab") for better use. Thank you, -LTD Velocity
  10. Hey guys I'm looking for a clan for halo 4 a good group of people who like to play have fun and pwn noobs I'm a good player if anyone's interested In picking me up let me know
  11. My clan inticom for short is recruiting. We are a governmental type clan. we have a bureau that controls all operations the clan conducts. Two councils with in our military and intelligence sectors. To learn more visit Inticom.weebly.com Enjoy or contact General joker69 over xbox.
  12. Hello there, Remember Halo's 3 Legends Clan? Well sadly they Stoped in 2010 due to the Death of Steve Marcus the White Spartan of the Clan. Me and Rebecca miss him loads, But now Rebecca has Kids to look after, I am a Lone Halo 3 Legend and want to restart its Fame and Glory on Halo 4! The new Clan name will be known as Halo's 4 Legends! W00t!! Ohh Few Rules... 1. No following Clan Leader **** 2. No 24/7 Halo gaming 3. No Team Planning All you need to do is play the way you Play.. (do give back up sometimes aswell) Soo yeah Wanna Join? Leave a Reply or XBL message xBVPx Zee will work on the website and Videos Soon.
  13. Looking for a good clan in halo 4. Any will be fine, just have good honest members and enjoy life in general.
  14. hey everyone add me if your looking for team mates to play 4v4 and know what there doing DARKSIDE480!
  15. A clan that is only available to Spartans with a 11_ tag and MJOLNIR armor. They also have to be a team player. This clan is open to all who qualify. Gamertag: womjom
  16. Hello to ya all. There were so many topics and after reading a few well most clans sounds more like a job then having a fun time. ( and as an affiliate marketeer i work enough behind the pc) i just wanna enjoy some gaming. I am looking for an active clan without or minimized rpg features simple because i am 22 and i don't care about all that. I just want to game together with players who Like TEAMWORK. So no lonewolfs. Ive been an hardcore gamer for more then 12 years seen enough did enough. Played a bit halo 1 on the pc but mostly started to play halo 2 on xbox. Sadly i got hacked in halo 2 and after that i only played once in a while. But i wanna come back good in halo 4 and stay active. After halo 2 i havn't really found nice teamplayers to play together like i used to in halo 2 and i miss that. I am no campaign player but a multiplayer type. Also i like to build maps so ill be spending time in forge mode 2. For the rest i am open for anything but i do prefer ranked games over custom games. Don't mind playing them sometimes but not day after day. I prefer a dutch clan since i am dutch myself but i don't mind to talk english. If you think your clan is the fit for me then please send me a message. If u wanna check out older stats then reach u can check out: Gamertag: Defens7 (halo2) Gamertag: WarfireNL (halo2/halo3) Gamertag: LopendDoelwitje (halo3/halo reach)
  17. The Halominati is a clan that was recently started, just for Halo 4. We are literally brand new, and I'm working on improving the site and recruiting members every chance I get. Our mission is to become noticed as one of the major clans/communities for H4, both competitively and socially. What we are looking for in our members: Dedication Competitive Drive Active Ability to recruit/expand True Halo fan Clan Divisions As a member, you are allowed to join/create different divisions of The Halominati. You can do this by accessing the groups portion of your profile. Although, division creations are only allowed with permission from an Admin. With this option, the Halominati will be organized in terms of teams/divisions. To check us out, visit our site: Google "Halominati" or http://halominati.com To join, link is here: http://halominati.com/register.php
  18. PROJECT DEAD We are a military based clan for fun and teaching people how to use team work and leadership skills Army Branches Infantry Corps: AR, BR, DMR, ROCKET, SHOTGUN, MG TURRET, Warthog, Mongoose (light vehicles) Armored Corps: tanks, and other heavy vehicles Green Beret: Snipers, Carbines, Marksmen Special Warfare Group(also known as Commandos): Carbines, Marksmen, Snipers, Light-Medium Vehicles, Stealth Airforce Branches Fighter Corps: (Banshee and other air vs air vehicles) Strafe Corps: (Hornet or Falcon) Transportation Corps: (Pelican, Falcon, Phantom) Paratroopers: (Thruster Pack, BR) Military Police Equipment Hardlight shield, Closequarters - medium ranged weapons ARMY AND SPECIAL WARFARE GROUP RANK STRUCTURE ENLISTED E-1:Private (PVT) E-2:Private 2 (PV2) E-3:Private First Class (PFC) E-4:Corporal (CPL) E-5:Sergeant (SGT) E-6:Staff Sergeant (SSG) E-7:Sergeant First Class (SFC) E-8:Master Sergeant (MSG) E-9:Sergeant Major (SGM) E-10:Command Sergeant Major (CSM) OFFICERS W-1:Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) W-2:Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CWO2) W-3:Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO3) W-4:Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO4) W-5:Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CWO5) O-1:Second Lieutenant (2LT) O-2:First Lieutenant (1LT) O-3:Captain (CPT) O-4:Major (MAJ) O-5:Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) O-6:Colonel (COL) O-7:Brigadier General (BG) O-8:Major General (MJG) O-9:Lieutenant General (LTG) O-10:General (GEN) AIR FORCE RANK STRUCTURE ENLISTED E-1:Airman Basic (AB) E-2:Airman (AMN) E-3:Airman First Class (A1C) E-4:Senior Airman (SRA) E-5:Staff Sergeant (SSG) E-6:Technical Sergeant (TSGT) E-7:Master Sergeant (MSG) E-8:Senior MAster Sergeant (SMST) E-9:Chief Master Sergeant (CMST) E-10:Command Chief Master Sergeant (CCM) OFFICERS O-1:Second Lieutenant (2LT) O-2:First Lieutenant (1LT) O-3:Captain (CPT) O-4:Major (MAJ) O-5:Lieutenant Colonel (LCOL) O-6:Colonel (COL) O-7:Brigadier General (BG) O-8:Major General (MJG) O-9:Lieutenant General (LTG) O-10:General (GEN) AGENDA Council meeting EVERY Friday (Council members are the leader of each branch and their officers) Branch training whenever the branch leader feels to train troops Clan fun day exercise every Friday after council meetings RULES: NO T-BAGGING YES SIR/MA'AM USED IN TRAINING MUST FOLLOW AN OFFICERS ORDERS IN CC OR MP DONT DISRESPECT CLAN MATES COUNCIL MEETING LAYOUT Military Police members guard High Councilers with their lives. each branch leader has a say in huge decisions. MILITARY POLICE MEMBERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO PULL OUT ANYBODY FROM THE COUNCIL MEETING THAT IS LOOKING SUSPICIOUS (ready to shoot or attack anybody) AND MAY PUNISH THEM BY KILLING THEM IF THEY KILL SOMEONE OR PENALIZING THEM IN A SAFE ROOM AWAY FROM COUNCILERS AT GUN POINT. SUB BRANCHES (you are still in your branch but you help in this branch) Propaganda Ministry Intellegence Ministry Architectual Ministry - leader: Jonny Rebble Army Training Protocol 1.Test seriousness and maturity 2.Take trainees to the firing range in a march 3.After the firing range score take them through the obstacle course 4.MAKE SURE THEY FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS AND SAY YES SIR IF YOU TELL THEM TO Air Force Training Protocol 1.Test flying skills in a squadron 2.Test evasive manuevers 3.Teach about the weakspots of the aircraft 4.Give a small dose of paradropping Special Warfare Group Training Protocol 1.You must be selected by an officer 2.You must go through various hardcore/elite obstacles Military Police Training Protocol 1.Test judgement skills and logical reasoning 2.Teach legionaries on how to use the hardlight shield properly 3.Tell them the laws of the clan 4.take them to the arena and test their close-quarters skills HOW TO GET RANKED UP IN THE ARMY 1.Recruit people 2.Follow orders 3.Respect clan mates HOW TO GET RANKED UP IN THE AIR FORCE 1.Recruit people 2.Follow orders 3.Respect clan mates HOW TO GET RANKED UP IN THE SPECIAL WARFARE GROUP 1.FOLLOW ORDERS 2.RESPECT YOUR PEERS SUBJECT DUE TO CHANGE DUE TO UNRELEASED VEHICLES
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