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Found 5 results

  1. Start -- Xbox Support Chat -- info: Privacy Statement You are now chatting with 'Judie'. Judie: Thank you for contacting Xbox Support. My name is Judie. How are you doing today? Justin: I'm good. Thanks Judie: Hi there, Justin! Glad to know that you're doing good. And thanks for the info. Judie: It says here that you want to get info about the community video game event, right? Justin: Yes. Judie: Alright. Just to verify, are you trying to host a party on any Xbox games? Justin: I don't own any Xbox games or systems as of now. But if I knew I could host this event, I would make plans on buying some. Judie: Alright. You can actually broadcast your game plays through Twitch. But for now, Live broadcasting is not yet available. So if you would like to broadcast your game plays, you will be needing DVR to record it. Here, let me provide you a link to check the features of the Live broadcasting using Twitch. Judie: Twitch on Xbox One Justin: Sorry, to be more specific. I want to rent the Youth Center and have games systems available for the community to play with/against each other. Judie: Oh, I see. If I may ask, what tournament do you have in mind, Justin? I mean what games will you be playing? Judie: Like some tournament of fighting games, I meant 1 vs 1? Justin: Depends on what system I can use and if I need the publishers permission to use their games. Justin: Right here I just want to know what do I need to do to use your system for this community video game event? Steps to take. Judie: Hold on, give me a minute or two. Judie: Sorry to make you wait, Justin. Judie: Justin, can you provide some more details about your planned activity please. Judie: Sorry for the questions, just want to make sure that we are on the same page. Judie: Like do you want to connect all consoles together and play the same game? Judie: Or like some kind of a sponsorship from Xbox? Justin: The plan is to rent the back of the Youth Center. Advertise to my town of a Video Game Event. People show up and play games against each other or coop. I want to have 2 or more gaming stations for 2 or 4 player games each. If unable to use Xbox consoles, I'll try Playstation next. Then finally try Steam OS Custom Built PC's. Justin: Or Linux PC's Justin: I'd buy everything. I'm not looking for assistance. Just permission. Judie: I totally understand, Justin. All you need to do is to contact the game developer of the game that will be used on your tournament. They will be the one to seek an approval or permission to use the system. I believe this is totally depends on you, you just need to tell them that you wanted to use either Xbox 360 or Xbox One for the tournament. Justin: Awesome! Thanks. And is the permission for how frequent this event is also up to the developers? Judie: Yes, Justin. You can coordinate with the game developers on how long will the tournament will run or how frequent. I can provide you some of the game developer's contact numbers. Justin: Yes Please! Thank you! Judie: Here: Judie: 2k Sports: 866-219-9839 Judie: Rockstar Games: 866-405-5464 Judie: CAPCOM: 650-350-6700 Judie: EA: 866-543-5435 Judie: UbiSoft: 866-824-6515 Judie: Namco Bandai Games: 408-235-2222 Judie: There you go. Justin: Amazing! Thank you Judie: It's a pleasure. Sorry for taking too much time, Justin. I just want to make sure that we are on the same page. Judie: Would there be anything else I can assist you with? Justin: What about Halo? Microsoft Judie: For Halo, you should contact: 343 Industries Justin: Great. Thanks Judie: Here is the link for the 343 Industries. It's their community forums. Judie: 343 Industries Justin: thanks Judie: You are most welcome. Hope I was able to provide you all the info. But if there's anything else I can help you, please let me know. Justin: k. Have a great day! Judie: Likewise and take care! Good luck on your event, Justin! Judie: Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support! To end your chat session please click "Close chat" above the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Have a great day! End -- Xbox Support Chat -- ---- So 343industries, Do I need your permission to use your games for these Community Video Game Events? I ask because I just got done chatting with Playstation and they're answer was: Jaime M.: Thank you for your patience Justin, alright as far as I understood you would like to perform a Video Game Event in your current town and you are asking us for our permission to use our systems on that event, and you will purchase those consoles. Jaime M.: Am I correct? Justin Richardson: Yes. Jaime M.: Alright Justin, let me tell you that since you are purchasing the systems , and also the games I don't see any kind of permission that we must provide to you, which means that you are free to go ahead with your Vide Game event! Justin Richardson: Awesome! Thanks! Justin Richardson: Now do I still need permission from the game developers as well? Justin Richardson: To use their game? Jaime M.: You are welcome Justin! And I don't see any reason why you should ask for that kind of permission Justin, in theory you are paying for the licenses when you purchase the game so you are free to use it Justin, you are not doing something bad.
  2. Nothing, though I read some other topics about players with the same problem, and know why. This is to warn those who happen across this topic, and to add a stone to the balance. I KNOW THAT THIS ISN'T 343i'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE. So... I was playing BTB, and I bump into some people from Chile. (They speak Spanish there.) They find out I speak Spanish too, because of my GT, and I end up talking to them. A whole day later, I get the voice chat ban. I found out you can get voice chat bans if the majority of people "vote" on it, not if you're innocent or guilty. So, basically, I got a voice chat ban for speaking in Spanish. There are no rules that say "Don't speak in anything but English." that I'm aware of. Halo 4 can be set on Spanish, too. (I have it English because I like the language a lot and because it also helps me to think in it faster.) I think that's it. For the slower ones... Person finds people that speak Spanish. Person speaks Spanish to them. English-talking players don't like that. Person gets voice chat ban because English-talking players don't like that. By the way, I am NOT saying that of all English-talking players. But most have problems with not understanding whatever someone else says. Be warned that posting any questions or arguments that the answer/debate to have already been posted in the topic will result in you looking stupid after people read your post and be utterly ridiculed. Thank you for your attention and reading this far, unless you skipped to this part or were told about this topic and then made a comment on how you smartly "found a loophole" in something as irrelevant as not getting some thanks.
  3. Are website is up now if your interested in C3K we are ready to take you in remember we are a Competive,Custom Game Forge,Clan. If you have an interest in theses give c3k ago XD [sharedmedia=finalCountdown:countdown:1]
  4. Like I said, we're all here because we love one thing, Halo. This new thread is a place where people can through out anything they want to say about anything Halo related. For me, the best part about Halo is the community, so I want to foster that, raise it, teach it values, watch it graduate, get a job, and become a juggernaut of online conversation. So what are you waiting for? What's your favorite thing about Halo?
  5. ***Mods, please sticky this for the community**** It is with great pleasure that right now, I declare the Official 343Industries.org Community Forum Teamspeak Server open!!! Teamspeak is a great way to communicate with friends and teammates, when console microphones are not available. teamspeak is also a great alternative to using the shoutbox. Each Mod, Admin, and News group have their own private chat room, where you can all discuss importannt matters. Now as with the chatbox and this Teamspeak, there are rules to follow... 1. Do not get out of hand with language. I'm no saint my self, but don't spam curse words for no reason, and please do not direct them towards anyone. 2. Be respectful of all members, and those members in a power authorative rank. 3. Do not spam flood the chat portion or voice portion of the server. Doing so will get you kicked and or banned, depending on the number of offenses and severity or the infringement. 4. Do not try to circumvent or otherwise challenge my security skills. YOU WILL LOSE! Also I log all IP addresses, fake or otherwise I can trace all connections to it's home source....so be carefull! 5. Please sign in using your web forum username, not another different name. All names are added to my sql database, and can not be used by anyone else once you sign in with it. This helps to protect your identity and reputation. So now that you know the rules, heres the info you need. Go to http://www.teamspeak.com and download the teamspeak client. Once you have that installed and running, here is the connection info... Server address: Server password: 343i For those in the leadership roles here, you are all added to roster with the highest security privilege. The only members yet to log-on and have admin rights given to them is John-117, Spectral Jester, Twam and Bob. Anyone with admin rights already, can assign them the admin privilege when ever they are on together. Well, that's it folks. use it and enjoy!!!!
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