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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 96. Twitter tore last week's poll apart, and there were some strong thoughts on the future of the Reclaimer Saga here on the site too. Many thought it won't all be about John, and will move on to someone else in the same saga. Others thought he's too valuable for MS to let him be killed off. Click here to view the last poll, 95. Who would replace John-117? This poll was inspired by last week's. Now Halo will either die with John, or continue to live with someone else (or other people) representing it. As iconic as the Master Chief is, unfortunately Spartans do die. Now assuming Halo continues to live without him, who would be his replacement? Spartan Buck? Could Locke come back in? How about another Spartan-II? There are many possibilities. It may even be someone completely new. Again, this is assuming Halo continues to live after Chief dies. Anyone specific you all have in mind? Or, would it not follow a single person? Would the future of Halo be a series of spin-off games, with someone different each time? That may be unlikely, because it probably wouldn't sell too well to newcomers. Thing is, there may always be an icon. Chief has been that icon for a long time, but if Halo is to survive without him, who'll take his place? Would it even be an individual, or a group of people who have their own series? Imagine if Alpha-Nine had their own series of games, for example. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. I believe that what follows will be the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. Be careful: this will be a rather long read. PROLOGUE: A mix of both trailers. It begins with the trailer that involves the Arbiter and Locke. Gameplay begins: You look through the cracked visor of the Master Chief, walking and all, when the Forerunner bird-like structure rises througn the sand. Chief grips Cortana's chip, and her famous quote, "don't make a girl a promise, you can't keep," flashes through his mind, followed by a blue frenzy in Chief's H. U. D. that causes the Spartan to fall to the ground. The screen goes to black. (Queue HALO 5: GUARDIANS title head) MISSION 1: Sanghelios Arbiter and Locke are walking through a line of Elites, talking about where Chief could be, when a Brute ship emerges from cloaking. Locke readies his MA5E (next-gen Assault Rifle) while Thel grabs two Plasma Rifles. (Gameplay begins) Co-op returns. Locke is player one, player two is the Arbiter, player three and four are the two Elites from Halo 3, aged and battle-hardened. The team pushes through a platoon of Elites to join the front lines. Brutes drop from pods. However, most are taken out by Sangheili anti-air guns. Others make it in and drop infantry. Players quickly drop these infantry, then fight wave after wave of enemies coming from the grav lift (esque of the Truth & Reconiliation level segment of Combat Evolved) until they can board the ship. The group clears out everything else, and a brief moment of calm is enjoyed. (Cutscene)As Locke goes through his sack, he finds a Havok bomb. Arbiter strongly protests, but is eventually persuaded by the two other Elites (they are now bots in campaign if not played as.) (Cutscene ends, gameplay begins again.) The players reach the control room, clear it out, and arm the nuke. The team now has 90 seconds to escape through a hole torn into the ship by an AA gun. Arbiter, Locke, and the other two jump out, and the screens fades to white. MISSION 2: 117 Chief gets up again, and grabs his MA5D rifle (outdated, I know) and aims it at the Promethean Overseer (bird-like thing.) (Gameplay begins) The Overseer can take a massive amount of damage, but when it attacks, it reveals it's heart, where it is weakest (I don't care if it's cliche) and can be "boarded." Boarding the Overseer offers a chance to deliver massive damage, but it spawns Crawlers inside to defend it. Finally, the Chief kills the Overseer, only to find even more Overseers ready to kill him. The Chief sees no way out, until a portal spontaneuosly appears. Chief goes through it, to a room of shifting blue platforms. (Cutscene) Chief looks around, but sees nothing. He checks again, and finds Cortana, his trusty partner, in front of him. Chief is baffled for a moment, but eventually accepts it after some explaining from Cortana. She claims that after the nuke exploded, Cortana disappeared into seemingly nothingness, until a strange hand-like figure grabbed onto her and lifted Cortana up. The A. I. saw a familiar face: the Librarian. The dead Forerunner held onto her, and repaired her at least some using advanced Forerunner tech far beyond even Covenant comprehension. Finally, John removes his necklace and Cortana goes into it, Chief inserts her into his helmet. He feels a welcoming sensation. (Cutscene ends, gameplay begins.) Going through another portal, Chief gets a familiar blue interference, this time weaker and easier to deal with. Chief asks where Cortana was leading them, but Cortana remains silent. Chief asks again, and Cortana gives coordinates to: Earth. More precisely, a ride to Earth. A Pelican lands after Chief and a squad of HAZMAT Marines clear an L. Z. from Prometheans. Chief boards the dropship, the screen fades to black. (Level ends) MISSION 3: Predators (Cutscene) Arbiter, Locke, and the two other Elites activate their Anti-Grav packs just before hitting ground. (Cutscene ends, gameplay begins) They dropped their weapons, so they are resorted to melee weapons (Combat Knife for Locke, Energy Daggers for the Elites.) Moving through the desert, the fighters come across a Brute pack on the prowl (5 infantry, and two Prowlers, with turrets.) The team kills the infantry, and steals their weapons (a new Brute weapon is introduced, the Lancer fires Spike Grenades that detonate on impact, effective anti-vehicle weapons.) After killing the drivers and turret-manners (destroying the Prowlers causes more to spawn,) the crew splits the vehicles, and heads back to the Sangheili city. (Level ends) Stay tuned, more to follow.
  3. Im sure im not the only one who actually misses playing Halo3 and would love to go back and play it but nobody does. My friends are too worried about CoD and halo4 just doesnt have the same Halo feel that you get from playing halo 3. We need to get the old halo community back not halo4s
  4. 117 GAMING HD BIO We are a military based clan that's has evolved from Halo 2 all the way to Halo 4 we are very competitive and fun at the same time, sometimes we have custom game nights where as other nights we'll be competing and beating other clans, we have our own military base where we can all hang out and chill and we'll create you your own bedroom and we also have clan meetings in the base, all in all the clan is a lot of fun and offers a lot of experience and knowledge about the game... message TanglerDangler on xbox live to join. RULES 1. WE ACCEPT ALL AGES BELOW 17, THIS IT DUE TO THE FACT WE DO NOT WANT YOUNGER MEMBERS TO FEEL IMTIMIDATED BY THE OLDER ONES AND AT THE SAME TIME YOU HAVE TO BE OVER 11, WE MAY MAKE EXCEPTIONS. 2. NO WHINING 3.NO SCREAMING 4. WE ARE A TEAM, TEAMS OF PLAYERS DO NOT ARGUE, BETRAY OR CALL OTHER TEAM MATES 5.ENJOY YOURSELF IMPORTANT INFO***** MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE TO JOIN, OR SEND HIM A FRIEND REQUEST IF HIS FRIENDS LIST IS FULL JUST SIMPLY SEND HIM A MESSAGE AND HE'LL ADD YOU http://117gaming.webs.com/
  5. From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

    My milestone 117th like.

    © No Copyright

  6. This is something I realised just yesterday o.O If you look closely on the upper left of Chief's chest, you can notice this: . . . . . . This translates to "117" in the Breille system! I just wanted to post this because it's kinda cool, I wonder if it's an easter egg. Maybe he missed the 117 painted on him on his Mark V armor
  7. This is a clan invitation to the SPIRITS OF THE FALLEN (KH28) we are a seriously huge clan in the halo world. Here's the reasons why we are so popular Official Clan Website Official Youtube Channel Official Facebook Fanpage Official Twitter Page 150+ Dedicated Members Both Females And Males Welcome 4 Leaders 1 Manager 5 Recruiting Officers 1 Video Recording Producer 2 Forge Map Creators 1 Councillor To Talk About Problems/Worries, Etc Honoring The Fallen (Deceased) Allies With 2 Of The Stongest Clans In Halo And Black Ops 2 Musicians/Beat Producers/Songwriters/ Machinima Music Producers No Trials, Just Dedication No Tolerance To Bullying To Racism/Ageism/Sexism/Disabilites Etc (Not Judgemental) Treated As Equals Every Member Is Seen As A Family Member We Know How To Seperate Fun From Seriousness (Know How To Have Fun) If you are interested in joining, first of all add KH28 to your Gamertag, and then send a friend request to VYPAxKH28xLEADA or STARxKH28xLEADA Hope to see you on the other side Kind Regards Vypa
  8. OK so my next topic: H2A firefight map. So there are lots of locations that are suitable for firefight like the Heretic Hangar or the Area right before boarding the scarab on Metropolis. but I want to here your Ideas!
  9. What do you think would happen if Master Chief was never found after Halo 3. Let's just assume he never escaped the Ark and died. What would happen to the UNSC without him. Would Humanity be doomed? Discuss and Answer in the comments below!
  10. Just a place to submit some of your fan made halo concept art.
  11. What do you think Halo 4 music should sound like
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