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  1. i agree just leave in sprint and keep the grenade indicator
  2. i think halo 5 will have mecicant bias or whatever his name is getting revenge on the didact by stealing his wife the Librarian and giving the chief clues like i hold the key to cortana and leads the chief to him where he meets him and gets cortana back. in halo 6 she will have deadly side effects and (turn into a man after chief f*** her) JK but she wont be able to remember crucial info just stuff no one cares about and eventually commit suicide or something.
  3. I'm surprised at that certain in game commendation are still in game. Such as the wraith or scorpion commendation. First of all the wraiths not even in the game since the update, while the scorpion still is it's only on longbow and its not played as often as other maps. Now lets get to vehicles why did they change so much makes absolutely no sense to me why they would only offer one air vehicle and not at least put the others in forge. Discussion.
  4. i hate how long it takes to lock on to a banshee it takes 10 seconds and the banshee always uses boost which means they can get away.
  5. I respect you stig i do. And i agree the warthogs are a little broken but can be fixed.
  6. i know its there first game but a lot of companies made there first game and they were great.
  7. they really should of thought of putting a beta in first
  8. wow no one really comes on here on like 10 people 3-5 days. 20 people max
  9. i have recently started playing halo again and am sad to say its still glitchy and unbalanced as hell. I remember when i first started playing halo 4 i loved it even though it glitchy i played through since it was new and my first multiplayer experience. But then people started playing exile a lot and it was unbalanced. The tank was basically lets face it owned by the red team since it was a sprint a way from their spawn. While the blue team had the Gauss cannon which could destroy the tank in 2 hits and since it had unlimited range this was not hard. People by luck got on the blue team and were thankful. Now lets get to ricochet about 1 year has passed since exile was like it was. Then a patch came around and fixed that up and now its more balanced. The first map i played ricochet on was haven and it was balanced. But then the next map adrift i found out that the blue team had a slight advantage and by slight i mean HUGE advantage. They could run across there hallway, get on a man cannon, and fly straight into your goal. I took them 2 minutes to finish a 15 minute match. I was outraged at the unfairness of the game. With these finding i discover that the blue team always seems to have the advantage over the red team. Is there somebody at 343i thats colorblind and hates red?
  10. 343i made some dumb armor pieces but these are good. i think the reason they havent added boats is because they mainly fought in space,air or land because that how the coives fight and they fought the covenant most of the time
  11. Nice ideas but what if in the next halo 5 the aircraft went down and could be fixed by spartans. 3 or 5 spartans defend the 2 people fixing the ride when it becomes operational you fly in used to be enemy pelican,phantom,etc.
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