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  1. Can any one get an 343 rep in here i have some ideas of how this would work?
  2. I was thinking like the forests in France during WWII
  3. The flood and covenant are gone but the covenant species are still living on their home planets and the Elites are Human Allies
  4. Tell this poll to your friends and tell them to vote!
  5. Make this a poll so 343 will include it in the game and i realy like the idea of drop pods but what about driveable scarabs and pelicans too
  6. I wish to join but im a little confused on how to get abord all this. Do you run a seprete server or just a custom game. I am Star K1LLER117 leader of the small clan known as the End Warriors we wish to join these wars but first i must give you infromation on my clan and myself. To start off I am a expert Military Commander in tactics and stategy, and if all possible i wish to be in the secction of command during battle.We the End Warriors need more members of experience i under stand this isnt a clan but if you allow us to use these wars to see how our troops fight and take orders, then i assure you we will remain 100% loyal to our supiriours in command. Please contact me for more discution. Star K1LLER117 (i can take orders but i sometimes consider a better order because of experence and knowlage, i study modern and historic battle stragety.)
  7. Who says in honor of the anouncement of Halo 4 continueing the story of Master Cheif and his allys that before Halo 4 is released 343 holds one last event in Halo 3 prepareing our selfs for what is to come!!
  8. I sugest that 343 make a flat map that is compleately filled with trees in a dence forest. Me and my friends want to make a out door forestry training map and severel other ideas that include having lots of trees. We have no place to putit on reach forge world and always dream of the dence forests in the out of bounds zone on reach forge world. If you agree that 343 should make a dence forestry map in one of the soon to be released halos then post here!!!
  9. The End Warriors clan is a clan for expirenced players and determend players. Contact Star K1LLER117 for more infromation on xbox live. :guitar:
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