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  1. I'm sorry if I appear a stick in the mud.But lately I've been noticing things very upsetting to me.I've been playing Warzone & Arena(Mostly Slayer) lately.I've played long enough to know I'm not going to win every match.Win some.Lose some.But it doesn't mean I have to lose EVERY match.Too many times lately when I've lost.It was EXTREMELY LOPSIDED.Which obviously means there are STILL BALANCING ISSUES.I thought this was supposed to be dealt with.I can't be the only one.I've heard other players complaining as well.I really enjoy WELL BALANCED matches against players of EQUAL skill.NOT the kind of matches I've noticed lately.Once again.I apologize.WHAT'S THE POINT IN PLAYING WHEN YOU GET DOMINATED ALL THE TIME.WHAT GIVES?????
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