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Found 24 results

  1. I got banned for leaving matches early, but the only reason I am leaving matches early is because I have weekly challenges specific to certain game modes, with limited amount of time to play. Example, and reason for ban. I had to complete 1 oddball match. I played for 2 1/2 hours, without seeing a single oddball match, had 3 capture the flags, followed by 6 slayers, followed by 2 strongholds. Then decided, ok, ill play a tac slayer, play 2 of those jumped back into quick play to another 2 slayers. I left those. then 2 strongholds. I also left those. Basically what Im getting at is, if you're going to make challenges specific to certain game modes, then you should be able to, 1:either leave the match without repercussions, or 2:have dedicated game mode playlists. I have literally only friday nights to get these challenges done, and man....I get close to finishing the weeklys every friday, but if you're going to make game mode specific challenges and then ban players because they get 10 plus matches they don't need and they leave early is a little unfair. Please make playlist for game modes. I understand, if you do that population in other modes will go down, if so, then don't make game mode specific challenges. Thank you, I enjoy the game, don't get me wrong. Just jilted I guess
  2. Okay, so I was playing Big Team Battle and I was doing well. I had sniper and was perched up high with a great view. Could not get better. I see sniper was going to spawn soon so I rush over to it and wait the last remaining seconds for the ammo. Well, my teammate kills me for it and gets away with the sniper and my spree. Throughout the game we face off as enemys until I boot him for repeated betrayal. After the match my game closes and boots me to my dashboard. I open Halo 5 only to find out im banned from ALL matchmaking. Arena, Warzone, Forge, Custom Games, and even CO-OP was restricted. Only the words "At least one member in your fireteam is not permitted to play multiplayer games" are available when I load Halo 5. I DO NOT quit, betray, or do any other unjust actions while playing Halo 5. I play fair and have played fair since Halo CE. Halo is the greatest game ever and I play with some of the greatest players ever (FaZe lKampy) Please respond and tell me how I could possibly get my account UNBANNED!!!! Thank you!
  3. Even though we lost this one I've completed 3 commedations this match and then this happens: I can consider myself a patient player rather than a quitting one, because even after this problem that occurs every single time I play Arena, I keep trying to play. This has been happening throughout january, thats why the ban time has been build up to 7 days. Even on my birthday when I thought I was going to play a few matches with my friends I also got banned, thank you 343.... After contacting my provider and microsoft, forwarding ports and asking for help on forums it's confirmed to me it's not my connection. I'm getting little to no help, but I still want to bring out the word. I know for a fact that there are a lot of players out there that have been through this and need some help like me. Here are two other videos out of the uncountable times this happened. Can somebody also explain to me how you can get banned for quitting a campaign mission? The same also happen when I played a match of warzone, I get banned In arena which I did not even play. I'm clueless. - -
  4. Hello fellow Halo fans, I'm getting banned by the loss of my connection to the server, when nothing seems to be wrong with my internet connection after having had contact with my internet provider. Because I never had with any other games, issues like this, it seems unlikely to me its my internet, it's an open NAT-type (See video please). This problem will find themselves virtually almost always after a played match and therefore I must sometimes wait inbetween matches for a period of time because I am afraid to be banned again. (not sure if that helped) It is therefore unfortunate that halo 5 can not distinguish between dropping out of the match or connection loss. The ban is becoming longer and longer and am afraid for my xbox live reputation / account. I've recently also got myself banned because of ending a campaign mission, how is that even possible? (see here: campaign ban) I've been posting and calling around everywhere, but get little to no help. I need help with this issue and I do not mean the xbox live support help page that makes me none the wiser. Let's hope this problem will get more attention when it gets around. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, JxGlenn Video Link 1 Video Link 2
  5. I just got Halo 5 today and I've been playing Warzone the whole time. Almost every single game I played had a connection loss, and it finally banned me after the last connection loss. I never deliberately left the game, it just booted me out automatically and banned me. This is an irritating issue.
  6. My son just got Halo 5, and has been playing multiplayer. He keeps getting dropped from games, so much so, that 343 banned him. I double checked with Xbox, my connection is stable, so it has to be a game glitch , right?? Any devs that are reading this, or anyone that can help?? He worked hard to save the $60 to buy this game, only to be banned for something he has no control over? Xbox also told me that this is the ONLY way to communicate with 343 regarding any issues. I do hope this is an effective way to do that.
  7. Hello, I was temporarily banned from EXP on HALO 4. I was wondering, does anyone know exactly how long, and if this is in the wrong place, sorry, this place is confusing. And before you ask, no its not the MAX XP limit, I've already seen that, and this message is different, and it's almost been 24 hours since I've gotten this EXP ban.
  8. Hello, I'd like to talk about a recent credit ban that I received today. I was playing some Grifball like I've been doing for the passed few days, and in the middle of the game I received a message, saying, "This console has been temporarily banned from earning credits" and another message soon after, "This account has been temporarily banned from earning credits" I have literally no clue as to what I have done wrong, and I need clarification on the subject. I have been playing over and over to get to the rank of Lt. Colonel so I could wear my dream armour set, and this has stopped me (All I needed was a couple more 10,000 credit loads and I would've been there!). Please, I just need an answer, ANY answer. I don't want to wait any longer! I have played and played and I have earned what I've worked for, and this handicapped system has gotten In my way! Ever since I got this XBOX 360 for Christmas, I wanted to get to Lt. Colonel (Like on my old account that I accidentally deleted and cant recover (Crumpet Juice) ) so I could live in my former glory! PLEASE! 343, you are my favourite company and I've loved your games, but this has been taken too far! If I did anything wrong, I'm sorry... So could I please be given an answer?
  9. My x box live account had a message pop up during a game of griffball stating that I was temporarily banned from earning credits, I was wondering as to why, and if there was anything I could do to lift this bann, I love playing halo and I hate cheaters and I would never try to boost points or try to trick the system, please 343 industries help me get this credit bann lifted so I can continue playing halo reach, and if there is anything I can do to get this lifted or prove myself to you please let me know THANK YOU FOR READING Also forgot to mention that my gamer tag is, A Body Piercer Also forgot to mention that my gamer tag is, A Body Piercer
  10. My Halo 4 Rank has Reset! Hello, I am here to share a very large concern of mine. My halo 4 rank appears to have been reset. I spent about 2 hours on Microsoft Games Customer support, trying to resolve the problem. After checking my systems, the only other explanation was either a Huge Glitch, or a Ban / Suspension. I have had no run-ins against Terms of conditions, i have always followed the rules, never boosted, never hacked, and have always been a respectful player, as i even provide hours work of forge maps to the community. I encountered the problem yesterday, i got on the Xbox, as normal. Played the new episode of spartan ops, did a little bit of infinity multilayer and then had a break while i let my little brother go on. After signing back in after a couple of hours i found the following: - In the lobbies my armour was black recruit armour, with the back dogtag emblem with the recruit visor and stance and SR1. - In the spartan Hub i have all of my loadouts and armour, as normal. - I cannot use my loadouts. - When i go into infinity there are only about 6 playlists, each one only containing about 5-10 or 200-400 players. - All the players, with an exception of few individuals, have the same armour defaults as me, with SR1, yet on their service records they have ranks up 60! - My Service tag is random in game. - I am unable to earn XP. - I am unable to play Spartan ops at all. - I can't view my challenges or Commendations. - When i turn of xbox live my stuff reverts back to normal, with the obvious exception that i cant do anything online. - All other live users on my console are fine and have no problems. The event has really upset me, due to the fact, i worked hard all year in two part time jobs so that i could buy A new Xbox (The halo exclusive one) and preorder from mighty ape for my favorite content (Which cost me a fortune). And now i cannot use the content or even play online which is massively upsetting after working even harder and maintaining a respectable rule guided player online. If anyone knows what my problem is that please post below. and if Any 343i Forum moderators spots this post please have a word with me about this issue. My GT is: RAXS SLAYER My Emails Is: [email protected] Thank you.
  11. darkmage2160

    Weird Ban

    So I just had a really weird 60 min ban happen to me. I'm not sure if i deserve it or not, but here's the story. I play Team Heavies a lot, and I like to use the Wraith when I can. I grab the Wraith first thing out of the gate on Exile, but one of my teammates is right next to it, so i wait, thinking maybe he wants to get in the turret. Nope, he plasma pistols me. And then his friend in the rocket hog next to me shoots with with the rockets. Thats a big NO-NO in my book, so I plaster the crap out of them with the Wraith and subsequently get the boot. Not a problem, I completely agree with getting booted. Next game, TH on Longbow. No Wraiths here so i go for the Incinerator cannon on the middle base ceilings. Got one, and then out of no where, out teams Scorpion blasts me half the map away when there wasn't even any opponents around me. Again, a big no-no in my book, so my next spawn i track him down and kill him. I get booted again. Not sure if i deserve the boot on that one, but w/e. So 2 games in a row i get the boot. No big deal. I start my third game, things go great, we crush, no betraying at all, and i have top score with 32 kills and 9 deaths. YAY. But I get out of the game, leave match making, and decide to watch my favorite TV show that just came on. FIrst commercial break comes, I realize that it's a rerun, and i decide to go back to playing Halo when a "60 ban" message comes up saying I have "quit too many games". my last game i played until the end and even won..... and i know i quit out of match making before switching to the tv channels. What happened??
  12. Today was the first time i heard of a credit ban. Im trying to figure out why theyre issued? And if i can get an idea of how long it will last or if it can be reversed? Please can an Admin help me. Thank you.
  13. Soo yesterday I played against this dude WingnutUSN. They practically slaughtered us and were dicks about it over the mics, but I was the only one having the same amount or more kills than him, so I teabagged him for being so arrogant. Next thing you know he says: "I'm gonna check that guy's account, I'm gonna check it and get him banned...yeah the usual" He then sends me a voice message that goes like this: "Hi, My name is Marcus Chet(?) I work in conjunction with 343, I was just in match with you. I'm noticing you are using a mod or a lag switch. I'm not sure which. But I will be investigating you're account hope to get back to you soon or later this week to get you banned. Thank you." He then sends me somekind of a serial code as a normal text message. Lol so I obviously don't have any of those two. I'm not even sure what they are.The point is if he really is a employer of 343, he's using his power in a wrong way because getting mad over a game. Have you encountered this poser??
  14. I got banned (unable to make any credits at all) on halo reach for about 15 hours ago and I am still banned. Does anyone know how to remove the ban or being kind enough to remove it? Please help me! My gamertag is: Sprucedisc32
  15. New Help, My Console and my Account was Temporarily Banned from receiving credits, I did not do anything other than playing online match making game, during the game I recevied this message " your account was temporarily banned from receiving credits." There is no information on why, I check everywhere e-mail xbox live, phone support/online support. and There was no reason for it either. please help resolve this issue for me. My gamer tag is Three Bullets now. Three Bullets
  16. Nothing, though I read some other topics about players with the same problem, and know why. This is to warn those who happen across this topic, and to add a stone to the balance. I KNOW THAT THIS ISN'T 343i'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE. So... I was playing BTB, and I bump into some people from Chile. (They speak Spanish there.) They find out I speak Spanish too, because of my GT, and I end up talking to them. A whole day later, I get the voice chat ban. I found out you can get voice chat bans if the majority of people "vote" on it, not if you're innocent or guilty. So, basically, I got a voice chat ban for speaking in Spanish. There are no rules that say "Don't speak in anything but English." that I'm aware of. Halo 4 can be set on Spanish, too. (I have it English because I like the language a lot and because it also helps me to think in it faster.) I think that's it. For the slower ones... Person finds people that speak Spanish. Person speaks Spanish to them. English-talking players don't like that. Person gets voice chat ban because English-talking players don't like that. By the way, I am NOT saying that of all English-talking players. But most have problems with not understanding whatever someone else says. Be warned that posting any questions or arguments that the answer/debate to have already been posted in the topic will result in you looking stupid after people read your post and be utterly ridiculed. Thank you for your attention and reading this far, unless you skipped to this part or were told about this topic and then made a comment on how you smartly "found a loophole" in something as irrelevant as not getting some thanks.
  17. So two days ago, I hit the level cap for players who didn't buy the Legendary Edition (70) and have continued playing regardless. I was playing Slayer Pro on Solace about 15 minutes ago and halfway through the game I received a message saying that I have been banned from Matchmaking for 7 days. I have never once in my life cheated, I never did the "Complex Glitch" people are talking about, I've never "boosted a challenge", and I never once changed my timezone or whatever it was people were talking about. It's not going to be the end of the world for me if I don't get out of this completely random ban, but I'd really like to know why I was banned in the first place. I spent $60 on the game to play matchmaking with my friends after all. =p For reference, my gamertag is AymacK. Any guidance, explanation, or suggestions would be very greatly appreciated(:
  18. Ok, I know you probably get a million posts like this, but can someone please help me? Yesterday my match ended, and it said "This account has been temporarily banned from earning XP. http://halo4.com/ban" If you go that website, it's a forum thread that's 32 pages of people with my problem and not a single administrator reply. I know this might sound like an excuse, but I was talking with my friends on Skype, and they both have internet so bad they cannot play with each other. i didn't really feel like playing, but i just let my spartan sit there hosting the game so they could play with each other. I was just doing stuff on my laptop talking to them and then i saw that message pop up. No one seems to know how long the ban lasts. Can someone at least tell me that much?
  19. I apologies for my posting. Hello to everyone that read this massage. This is not my fault that I born in FORBIDDEN Iran. I couldn't buy original games, Movies & etc. One of my friends gave me a halo 4 but I didn't know that it still not arrive to market yet. I realized this after banning and research. I hate copy games but in Iran I didn't have any choice. My father works hard get some money, Xbox console price is too much, so we can't buy another one, but because of ban I bought a new one that un-manipulated. I promise to buy and use original games, if I can buy. What can i do for unban my profile? I need it; I spend lot money for it. I think it's forgivable. I've spent much money in myself kind for my account. I need your kindly help I have created this post: My profile and console banned My gamer tag: Nima Khalili ID : khalili.nima Please help me!?
  20. I have been "credit banned twice" (read my 'Unnecessary Credit Ban' post) and I was just wondering if the credit bans transfer to halo 4. Or will it start all over because it is a new game. I just have a fear that I will get banned for no apparent reason like the last two times. Please respond 343, I am talking to YOU.
  21. Hello to all that might be reading this. I hope that i get a response from 343 Themselves.. I have experieced in the past a 24 hour credit ban from halo reach server (which is operated by 343). I didn't think much of it until I did some research. To typically recive a credit ban, the person most likely would be boosting and got caught. For example the person that is the primary player would get an insane amount of kills while the person that is playing split screen would be getting negative kills. Now one would expect for the negative kills to be in the -20's or -30's. I would have to say that the person in split screen getting at the most -2 sometimes, but usually 0 is NOT BOOSTING. I could care less about how much more kills i could get. The real situation is that my 4 YEAR OLD SON is playing with me. He asks me every day to play Halo Reach and now he can't because I have been banned for a second time. This time the ban was for a week. I have heard that if I get banned again, it will be a permenant ban on my console and my account. Since then I am much less excited to get Halo 4 because of the fear of getting a bologna credit ban from 343. Please 343... Re-Evaluate your "Credit Ban Polocy" and ban the guys who are really doing the damage. I have been a Halo fan since the first game came out, but now I'm starting to second guess this franchise/developer for a small-town cop who has a itchy trigger finger to ban anybody and everybody for the teeniest, tiny reason. Come on guys get a grip! Please respond so I can see that you actually care about your fans!
  22. Last week, I let a friend of mine play on Reach as my guest. He did terrible. Reach's poor AFK detection thought I was cheating and banned me from earning credits. XBox Live support was completely helpless on this issue. Is there anything that can be done to get unbanned? It should be obvious from any of the save films that my guest was indeed trying. Are they resolving this issue in Halo 4? If not, I would either have to be a jerk and tell my friends who suck at reach that they can't play, or I may just avoid the title entirely. Why not just drop AFK players from the game instead of having a ban based only on score? The current system was poorly thought out. Some people just can't get a kill when they first start playing.
  23. Attention 343 Industries: Please develop halo 4 multiplayer so that it will no longer be nessasary to quit/credit ban people who have paid good money to play this game. It seems unethical to sell someone a product then ban them when they can't use it correctly. Not only unethical just down right mean. I know of no other major game maker that does this. Multiplayer problems can be resolved without resorting to banning people. Thank you.
  24. As I've looked through the forums, most people that have these issues can be answered by referring to their "Game History" and seeing that they have been idle'ing games. I looked through the first few pages of mine and the only games i have with a score of "0" are my campaign games (Looked on my Bungie page). Are there other reasons for week-long bans? XBL: Tancosin
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