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  1. (I know this has nothing to do with the campaign) The Sangheili fanbase is HUGE! So why won't 343 bring back the elites in multiplayer! I always played as one and almost everyone on xbox that I have talked to have been disappointed that they are not playable in Halo 4 (including me). I really hope 343 will actually listen to us and bring them back. Even though I don't have anything against Spartans, I want to have a choice in what I play as.
  2. Will we have all of our 360 data put into the 720? I don't want to loose everything.
  3. 343 needs to add elites in halo 5 for certain, because so many fans are elite fans, they are great for machinimas, gametypes, having fun and much more. I just want some variety, I dont want to be a derpy spartan all of the time. I really hope that 343 turns it around and adds Elites, it will make so many more people happy and glad to buy the upcoming halo games.
  4. The flood were created on accident by the Foreunners
  5. Yeah, there are other rings, like in Halo 4, but, there were no flood on it. The flood will probably never return, they were destroyed. Also, no offense, it's a bad idea.
  6. Most of what you say is cool, but when you said "ship" it sounds like the Elites on Earth, which they are not on anymore are owned by the humans. Also, Jul 'Mdama hates the Arbiter, so anything is possible. *correct not cool
  7. Spartan ops is replacing firefight not forge, plus they even released forge world pics etc. I think that elites will be in custom and forge though, plus they are going to eventually put elite ops in halo 4
  8. halo 3 is a great game im going to play it more often
  9. yea im going to start playing halo 3 more often
  10. yea im interested my gamer tag is agent Iceland1 my game tag is agent Iceland1, im interested
  11. I would like my character put in the halo universe
  12. yea, I hope it's sandtrap to, I love that map.
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