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  1. Or they side against the arbitor They were kill bots in reach! They also hate humans but both sides of the civil war are willing to get help from the humans they are also in the intro
  2. So with Halsey against the UNSC who is Chief going to side with? Im guessing Halsey and that will hopefully lead to chief fighting Spartan ivs in the campaign!
  3. LoL The only words he knows are swears
  4. Lets be honest, Halo doesn't deserve a M rating it like giving it a R if it were a movie. I've been playing long before I turned 17. *sigh* the good ol days
  5. I feel like halo 4 has alot more like that to discover
  6. You know that they are a business right? Businesses have a right to make money.
  7. There are leaked screen shots out now for the majestic map pack. Im not posting them here because of the leaked info policy of the web forum
  8. It would be cool but I've never felt the need to change my assassinations. i think 343i time and money would be better spent else where
  9. No im talking about the campaign in the spartan ops section of the forum
  10. It can be done you said so your self farcry. Maybe the would have to overhaul the AI system (I would be surprised if they didn't even if it wasn't for this) or just give us the tools to set where they go or maybe it needs something entirely different but with the new hard ware they are going to have alot power to flex those creative muscles at 343. The more I think about it lots of games have this technology! It's far from impossible
  11. I don't care what they use but im excited to see what they do with the extra power
  12. http://youtu.be/ly9Gt8LDXLQ I didn't know where else to put this but wanted you to see
  13. I haven't been religous about beating the missions on legendary like I am with the campaign! and now im worried! I have to go back and beat the uncomplete ones now. Do you think 343 will have a legendary ending?
  14. Dude I wouldn't be surprised to see the flood at the end cut scene for spartan ops season 1
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