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  1. Why they never ask about the Arbiter.He is very important.I think is more important than Johnson.I always see on interviews how Q is asking one of the 343industries worker about Chief and things ....Yeah,Chief and Cortana are very important,but why not about the Arbiter....Only one question:Will the Arbiter return?
  2. I hope he will be back.I mean look how will sound Halo only with Master Chief and some freaked up marines...I made a couple of topics with this kind of things.....I noticed that the people wanna turn Halo into a game with humans...No alien races or things like that...Come on,Halo is NOT COD.343Industries are looking for fan ideas and there are too many people who want Thel Vadamee back.They MUST agree our wishes.They NEED our feedback.If they will not make anymore elites playable that dosen't mean the Arbiter is not good to return in Halo 5.Please,343,do it.I and many other fans want the Arbiter back.I could pay them.Please,343industries,make our dreams come true.
  3. Hi people.Today we are going to make a role play.We,players of Halo 4,will play as the children who want presents for Christmas(I know Halo 5 is not going to be released on Christmas) and 343 will be Santa Claus.I hope 343 will read it to get our wishes and put it in the game for feedback and audience. My wishlist:1.Thel Vadam(The Arbiter) will return on Master Chief's side because his land was destroyed by the Didact and his character could be playable on Co Op. 2.Promethen Sword Weapon-I would love to play with such weapon. 3.Promethen Watcher Friendly-This wish dosen't need reasons. 4.More funny Easter Eggs 5.Promethen Sprint This is my wishlist,343.Please Mr.Frank O'Connor,read it.First 3 wishes are very wonderful.Please make my dream come true!All I want for Christmas is this wishes Leave your wishes people!
  4. I don't know exactly,but if 343 don't bring back the Arbiter and continue this boring fight with Prometheans,Halo will not be the same.343 done a great job,but I was furious seeing they didn't meant the help of the elites at the easter egg called"Master Chief files" at the first mission.Come on,343!Please!
  5. I and much other people would like to see the Arbitrer back.
  6. I am the Arbiter. I hope 343industries will return our old friend back.He got a important role,but he is funny.Just look at his face...I can't stop laugh .Come on,343,Arby should be back
  7. They announced that it will be in January 2013.
  8. Hi people.I think I have something to share.In a normal day I played Halo 4 war games.I saw too much players with the Fotus armor and I decided to buy a DLC code of it from a site.I can't tell you its name because I don't know exactly if rules allow me this.I just love the Fotus armor.I mean,wow,that's a freaky Promethean Knight with a big spike on the helmey.So tell me if I made a good decision.I can't change it anymore because I already bought the Fotus DLC.But leave some replies if you would do something like this or not.
  9. Ummm...yeah...It seems like you people,aren't real Halo fans.Promtetheans will never change Elites.Sorry,but Halo without Elites sounds like another game type,not Halo. YOU'VE CHANGED,Halo fans!How do you want Halo?Like a COD?Maybe in future you will want enemy humans,and spartans shouldn't wear anymore cool armors.What do you wish?No Covenant,only some robotic aliens named Promethenas who are stronger and smarter?Don't know about you,but I preffer Wort Wort Wort than snapshots and watchers coming out of the knight's back.I like Prometheans,but Halo CAN'T be Halo without Covenant and Elites.Majority of people only played Halo 4,Reach and maybe 3 or Anniversary.But,people,I mean old fans,remember Halo 1,2,3 .The old times.I know they've passed,but Elites borned with Halo and you can't change that.
  10. Hi people,I love elites very much,I am a big fan of them,but I wanted to know your opinion in Halo Campaign without elites.My opinion is Halo is not anymore Halo without our snoozy silly Covy,our Elites.For me Halo without elites is like sun without light.Make your opinions!
  11. People,I didnt reffered as much at MatchMaking,I reffered to Campaign.
  12. I hope you guys,didnt meant Halo Campaign without Elites,if you meant this that means you are not halo fans.Maybe you got only Reach and 4.Here are allowed only people who got all halo games,because...haham..Halo without Elites is like Sun without light.
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