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    I am a Christian first and foremost. I am a writer, (in my spare time.) a good friend (so I've heard) and I love playing games and having fun with other clean and polite gamers.

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  1. How do you: Edit game load out traits for customs? In depth: How can I edit the custom game load outs? For example, individual speed, power, and so on? CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?!?!
  2. Awesome....Can't wait to see the elites up close!
  3. How would you guys want a halo movie to end? Give me your most epic ending. Try and keep it about Master Chief if you can. I'll start: Master chief just fought off the covenant and destroyed their base but stayed inside so the UNSC soldiers could escape. The ending scene is the camera slowly coming from the sky while the halo theme plays (the choir part). It zooms in on chief who is laying have covered in rubble, his helmet visor light flickering off and on. The screen goes black and you here Cortana's voice....Wake up John....The screen comes back only long enough to show his helmet gain full color...Black screen again awesome ending music, and credits.
  4. Ok, Yeah I have seen alot of movies based on games that failed. But if they stayed away from the game/comic book feel when making it and focused on the military part, I think it would turn out nicely....Thanks for your answer.
  5. So...I have this really hard math problem.....jk ​What are your thoughts on the forward unto dawn web series. Its cool, but do you think this means they won't actually make an actual movie for theaters in the future?
  6. I don't like them, they look to small and limited.
  7. I don't know if this has been suggested but I didn't want to search the entire thread... Physics: The physics of reach were awful. If I set physics to normal...I WANT THE PHYSICS TO STAY THAT WAY. Not change after a few seconds of being still.....and yes this goes for large objects such as buildings.
  8. Great story! I like your writing style, sounds alot like my own. I am also writing a book, its more along the lines of fantasy not sci-fi, but oh do I love a good science fiction book. Alot of people think writing a book is an impossible feat, it is tough, but not impossible. First you need a solid story that keeps you interested once you have that, make sure you want to spend alot of time with it. One page a day for a year is a very easy solution to writing a book. Just one page! That's all, it may seem unattractive, but truth is, books aren't written in a week. One page a day everyday is perfect for someone with a busy schedule. This is just a suggestion, but its what I'm doing. Thought I would tell you. Good luck!
  9. I know its short notice, but on Friday(the 14th) I will be hosting a custom games party! It is scheduled to begin at 9:30pm eastern time and we will play until 2:00am. (if games do not start at 9:30, remember I'm only human.) How to join: Type in Thwooping Eagle and click join game. (you guys know that right?) Rules: Try and keep the bad language to a minimum, I want to host a clean game. And don't ask me to promote you to leader, too many games have been ruined by that one guy with bad maps. Games: Assorted THFE maps and more. Infection, race, invasion, mini games, competitive, and etc.... I'll see you all there! Johny 3:16
  10. I would have to say Bugs Bunny, he would completely destroy the covenant by outsmarting them, and dressing up in funny outfits.
  11. Master Chief + 2 grunts = Johny's mind blown :crazy:
  12. I think this idea would be awesome...I had this idea a few weeks back, I guess great minds think alike.
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