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  1. That's your opinion. I'll stand by mine.
  2. Yes, only because they teased it with worlds being consumed in those terminal videos. Why bring promethians(flood exterminators) into this storyline without the flood being some kind of threat "darker" in the next halo. And I sure hope every species gathers together to reclaim the galaxy from the flood. Mainly humans achieve it, with help of the chief and cortana.
  3. They will be back, no doubt about it. 343i stated themselves flood will not be returning for halo 4, but they never said for the reclaimer trilogy. The whole plot for the reclaimer trilogy is humans taking the reigns of the mantle, which was once the forerunners task, who had a war with the precursors which sent the flood to see which species can stop the flood infestation once and for all, and they favor humans to do it. Precursors predicted all of this. Doesn't anyone find it strange that out of all the types of species that 343i could have introduced, they bring in a species that whole purpose is to combat the flood. I see a Human vs. Storm Covenant vs. Flood vs. Promethian vs. Arby's Covenant vs. ONI type of battle coming.
  4. The flood are the scariest species in any game or horror story. Their basically space zombies, but worse then zombies or The Thing, because once they form a colony, they become intelligent with one hive mind (GRAVEMIND). Even a destructive force like the Covenant can be overcome by the flood. I don't think there's any species out there, movie or game that can defeat the flood without a cure, except for maybe The Blob. Since 343i said the next halo is going to be darker, I predict a whole planet being consumed ( like halo wars ).Shenghelli possibly? That's something we haven't seen yet and can introduce new flood forms as big as a scarab. When I played a flood level in the past halos, I new I was in for a hard, adrenalin filled, scary experience. Flood scares me more the zombies simply because when you get bit by a zombie you get sick, you die, and then turn. When a flood spore latches on to you, it takes control of your nervous system and your still aware of your existence while it uses your body until your thoughts are consumed.
  5. Gravemind is just a form of the flood when it forms a colony. The only way gravemind can be wiped out is if every single flood spore is destroyed. Once it forms a colony like for example:consumes a planet, you have another gravemind. The name gravemind is just a word to describe the the flood is now a singular intelligent being.
  6. And so is Arbiter, I Hope... I also want to see brutes, drones, and engineers make a comeback. It just seems to me halo is about introducing new enemies into the gameplay, and that is what makes this game so great, variety.
  7. The whole reasoning of humans reclaiming the mantle is showing the rest of the galaxy that humans are the species to bring peace, law, and safe haven from the Flood. THE PRECUSORS HAVE PREDICTED THIS.
  8. That just might happen, seeing as Arbiter, Jul M'damma, and ONI are all having issues with each other. The Chief and Arbiter must meet again if were ever going to see an alliance between covy and humans. I think those two can bring peace.
  9. Did you hear 343 say that specifically? Because all I heard was that the flood will not be in halo 4. They never said flood will not be returning to the reclaimer trilogy. Get your facts straight and stop assuming things like your lead developer of this franchise. Your going to eat your own words when we see a mission that involves the flood.
  10. Did you even play halo 2 and 3. Because of Arbiter, there would been no temp alliance with the humans. Because of Arbiter, master chief is still alive. The prophet of truth is dead, because of the Arbiter. Please, don't just assume Arbiter didn't do anything when all true halo fans love him as much as they love chief and know he played a big part toward the end of the first trilogy. I want Arbiter and Jul' Mdama to meet so bad and have the most epic energy sword fight ever.
  11. Wrong, Elites have their own homeworld and are a primitive species compared to humans as said by didact. Ancient humans have probably been around before elites seeing as they had a war with forerunners.
  12. Either way, the flood is a test to humans wether they find a cure or not in the end of reclaiming the mantle. It's a prediction of the precursors. Who cares if people whine that the flood has a been there done that kind of vibe. All the species that have been in the first trilogy need to come back for next gen. When people see how they look graphically better, no one is going to complain, except for the haters that can't get past flood levels and find that enemy annoying.
  13. Well, it really isn't your decision to make as to wether the flood should return or not. 343 never said flood would not make an appearance in the trilogy. What Frank said was they would not make an appearance in halo 4. The whole point of the reclaimer trilogy are for humans to reclaim the mantle and protect/cure the galaxy from the flood. Not wanting the flood back is like saying "There were no brutes, drones, or engineers in halo 4, but we don't need that enemy either for the trilogy. Flood is a big part of the halo lore. Just because the Chief blew up a couple of halos doesn't mean they were destroyed. It just means the infestation was halted. What if Didact(since he's digitized) directs the storm covenant to release the flood unknowingly, just as a revenge to humans. Humans will need to find that cure like the precursors have predicted.
  14. That's just it, anyone that doesn't want flood back is because they find that enemy too hard and annoying. They were the hardest enemy in halo and put off a lot of people. I have a friend that doesn't even like halo because he couldn't get past the flood missions. I say the more variety of enemy's, the better. Covenant, Promethians, The Flood, Forerunner sentinels, bring them all on board.
  15. Like I said, Frank o'Conner said there wouldn't be flood in halo 4. He never said they wouldn't be involved in 5 or 6. Mark my words, Arbiter and Flood will be returning. Flood is not completely destroyed, there are still other installations that storm may find searching for artifacts. As for Arby, once he gets word that chief is alive, he will need his help to unite the human race with the covenant. Because something tells me Chief isn't going to agree with ONI's actions to shenghlious.Neither will Arbiter, and that's why he's going to need Chiefs help. BTW, the first 3 was not called the flood trilogy. It was more about the prophets and their delusions of grandeur. It never focused on what the flood can do to a Planet. Halo Wars had a planet full of flood, and I'd like to see that in a first person perspective. Halo 5 is going to be darker, so what better way to introduce the flood taking over a world.
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