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  1. I think it could add a fun twist to some game modes
  2. This would make a really cool Grifball map. Especially if you use windows for the floor
  3. Terrain editor, bots, flood-based stuff, all walls and blocks and stuff can either be clean, bloody, or have flood stuff on it, no salary cap, some sort of wiring so you can make doors open by activation a switch or something, auto-opening doors, all vehicles seen in-game (including ones that are not drivable, corpses, bot spawn areas (flood ones would be awesome), more variety in natural items (plants, trees, rocks, etc.), be able to decorate the interiors of rooms better and with more detail, multiple forge worlds, space ships (long swords and stuff), weather changing, snow, water, fire, be able to make tunnels and stuff like that (goes along with terrain editor), and being able to copy a whole structure.
  4. 12 players is only 6 per team. That doesn't seem like big teams to me. I think there should be at least 16, maybe even 20 or 24.
  5. I think that would make the game more balanced. People would actually want to use the smaller guns in order to get to the rocket launcher, or whatever powerful weapon it is, or to get to the good vehicles, or even just flanking quicker. If you give people with small weapons like say a 5% boost, then people with rocket launchers, saws, etc. should get a speed decrease. Like they already did with the mounted turrets.
  6. I have always hated how Reach's and Halo 4's ranking systems worked. With this system, you will be almost guaranteed to play among people of your skill level. I can't wait to play with this system
  7. The other day, my little brother and I decided to play MW3 for a little while. Someone hacked the game and was invisible. I reported him
  8. I would love to see alternate story lines in the campaign. It doesn't have to be multiple huge endings but it would give the campaign a lot more playability
  9. Since they are allies, in would make sense for them to train with the Spartans or even with other elites. Either way, I miss playing as an elite
  10. I really the look of these armor variations. I especially like the Nightfall or "ODST" one
  11. I would definitely like to see firefight instead of Spartan Ops. I just thought of a great idea for the campaign. My idea is that maybe they could make separate paths in the campaign. Like you could either kill an enemy or take him prisoner and these would make the gameplay slightly different. This would make it a lot more fun to play through the campaign many times. Weapon customization??
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