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  1. So you can keep them from other games and use them in warzone, it seems like you can't use them right at the beginning, thank god. But still, if I start a warzone and I don't have any cards, will I get rekt by people who stacked up cards ? If there is one thing in the whole halo franchise that kept me playing is the fairness of the game, beating someone because he suck with a controller is awesome, beating someone because you had more luck/cards/exp/levels/guns/money than him is not, not at all, and its even worst the other way around. The only reason I stopped playing titanfall is because of the rare burn cards, people just stack them, use them all at once and you have absolutely no chance, or at least a big disadvantage... I'm all in for a progression system with levels within the same game like any moba, you get more kills, whatever, you get the scorpion, but I don't want to be stuck with a ghost, even though I did well in the game while someone else got the scorpion because he saved the card for this specific game. Pretty much everyone disliked Halo 4 ordnance, why in hell do you think this is a better idea, its exactly the same, except you can keep them to use it in a later game, which everyone will do, so lets say you don't play as much as most people, or you didn't get lucky with the req packages, its just like ordnance, except people get to choose what they get and you are stuck with ****ty stuff. Please tell me I am wrong and its not how req cards work.
  2. Hmm, 343 doesnt look at this forum at all ? If not, I didnt knew, why not lol ? Isnt the community a very important aspect for the game developpers, either for free ideas or balance ? Well, I liked reach when it came out, but soon I realised that I was lying to myself and I didnt really liked it, it was the worst halo of all imo and its mainly because of the bloom.
  3. A playlist with the following: -no sprint -no RNG factors at all, like ordnances -no perks or abilities -1-50 ranks Yes you will probably say that I want halo 2/3, in all honesty, I do, I still play and prefer halo 3 over all halo's but the servers are laggy and the engine could be much better and there not much players left, halo reach was crap and you know it, the bloom was the worst idea in the history of halo, halo 4 was much better, I played a lot but finally gave up because of the lack of a competitive playlist.
  4. looks nice for big team I guess... but we want small maps ! bring back midship, lockout, citadel, countdown and zealot !
  5. the hell lol ? anyone know any good reason why they removed the most awesome medal ever ? and splatter spree
  6. yeah mybad lol, I said correct me if im wrong because I wasnt sure, still it doesnt change my point, the BR must be better than the DMR in close range.
  7. At the same time, I dont think they can fix kill wh*res for all playlists since CTF is really team-oriented and people who play alone, even if they go for the flag, will be penalized if they use the same system as I suggested for FFA throwback. There probably a different solution for team-objectives games though.
  8. Obvious troll is obvious... stop feeding him.
  9. So yeah, there one thing that bother me since halo 2, the halo community is divided in half in objectives competitive matchmaking. There are the good players who want to win, have fun and there the kill wh*res, who are as good as the other players, but just play to get kills and dont score any flag, oddball or koth points. This is something that will screw the fun out of FFA throwback for a lot of players. How to fix it ? its simple, when you look at someone service record, there should be a new tab named, FFA throwback and it show the percentage of your games that you finished first, second, third, etc, as well as your k/d ratio for this playlist, that is not counted in your overall k/d ratio. This way, everyone will actually try to win instead of just having the most kills regardless of the objective. Anyone who is a bit competitive care about their stats, especially the stats that everyone can see by looking in your service record, and the only thing that show a player skills right now is the k/d ratio, wich is totally fine for slayers, but not for objectives games.
  10. Yes, the DMR is harder to aim but when you dont miss any shots, its better than the BR, maybe the BR is better for most of you, but for good players against good players, its definately the DMR that is better, in any range. I can already see the MLG playlist being DMR only unless 343 do something. The DMR is better in long range and I totally agree with this, but being better in close range is not cool at all, especially that the BR is meant to be better in close range... The main problem with the BR is that it take 15 rounds (5 bursts) exactly to kill someone (correct me if im wrong) and with the small lag and randomness in halo, it makes the BR almost always a 6 shot kill weapon, unless in melee range or with the host. Here how i'd fix it, make it 4.3 shot (13 rounds), this way, it will make the BR always 5 shot and will make it better against damaged targets, making it a more reliable and better weapon in close-mid range.
  11. you can get 100games of double exp on ebay for 15$ just saying
  12. I prefer the BR by far, unfortunately, the DMR is way better....
  13. And dont forget about the grenade indicator thing, at first I thought it was a bad thing since grenades will be even easier to avoid, but thinking again about it, ''random lucky'' grenades will be easier to avoid too. I just think that they will be used mainly defensively like halo reach instead of offensively like halo 2/3, maybe that will change, I also noticed that grenades explode faster, maybe to match the faster-paced action in halo 4 compared to other halo's. I always been a big fan of grenades and it was of the main reason I stopped playing reach, hopefully they will make them right in halo 4.
  14. You're right, people wont be throwing them like mad now that they will be rarer. I guess ill wait and see, any other grenade trigger-happy like me prefered halo 2/3 grenades than halo reach by far ? I always liked grenades but in halo reach, I was only using them defensively instead of offensively.
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