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Found 2 results

  1. This is the tale of the little Grunt that could. Once upon a time on a planet far, far away lived a little Grunt. That grunt was named Oscar. So if you put his full name together he was Oscar the Grunt. Oscar lived alone for you see, he was a grunt that could never do what he wanted to do, as the Elites said. Oscar lived in the Elite part of the neighborhood. So when ever he would ask to play in the Elite games, they told him he was a too different than the rest of them and to go away. Everyday felt like it was time for Oscar the Grunt to just go suicidal. He thought about what it would be like to just run up to those Elites and just stick them with a grenade, but Oscar knew that was not the smartest thing to do. So Oscar quickly gave up on that idea..... Hundreds upon Thousands upon Millions of Ideas Later........( Yes my friends some time has passed by ) Oscar thought about what he could do. Since Oscar was old enough to drive one of the coolest vehicles on the block, a Ghost, he decided that he COULD try to drive his neighbors Banshee from the Halo Wars. So one night Oscar ran over to his neighbors house, assassinated his neighbor sleeping getting an achievement of some kind, and then took the banshee out for a joyride. You see, Oscar knew where each Elite that had made fun of him was, because Oscar was smart, because Oscar did not take no BULLS*** from any stupid Elite. So he spent the night Massacring Elite after Elite. In the early hours of the morning not a noise was made and not a sound was stirred. Oscar awoke from his bed to find himself pleased with what he had done. Oscar said to himself that he could do something one day. And He did. He killed a lot of people. Good job Oscar. Good Job. (This is where everyone should start crying for joy.)
  2. Hello everybody! I'm going straight to the point: ELITES CAN STILL BE SAVED! And by that, I mean 343 is still able to listen to a whole bunch of Sangheili fans, such as myself. Elites were playable since Halo 2, and were not playable only in Halo: CE. Even though Halo Reach did not have the option to play as elites in every gametype, we were still able to play as them in Custom Games, Forge and special gametypes. I have seen many topics regarding such a thing, and some replies to those topics were, mostly, not the most "appreciatable" by Sangheili fans. Of course, we, Sangheili fans, are fewer than the Spartan fanbase. And I know that you who bought Halo 4 expecting playable Elites and/or Elite Ops to be in the game were frustrated (that includes me!). BUT 343 can still release a game DLC in which we have Elite player models. Also, 343 has been updating H4 recently and frequently, so I'd be satisfied for now with at least one or another Gametypes with Elites (Invasion, Elite Slayer etc.). Well that's MY opinion. But what is YOUR opinion? Do you think 343i will listen to the Sangheili voice? Or do you think they will ignore our beggings and bury our voice with a filthy rock? Just to warn any 343 employee that might be reading this post: Please, we are begging you to bring back playable Elites in Halo 4, and you may lose a LOT of support from Sangheili fans!
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